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My thoughts about this game, at this time, on this day, at this moment.

Posted By: SforkUte
Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 06:36 pm

Once a Ute fan always a Ute fan.

It has been expressed already but I am disappointed in fans...disappointed to hear so many "boo" our own team. I am not a big boo fan, I don't boo visiting teams, I don't boo our team...but why so much animosity today? These guys are 19-20 year old the refs, boo the weather, boo your family but the kids on the team? Meh!

I took it as an opportunity to look my son and daughter in the eye and tell them "NEVER" boo your team.....then I smacked my wife in her hot ass.

We are a spoiled fan base- spoiled in a great way. Back in the depths of or football despair we would be lucky to win 6 games an entire season, we are n0w 8-1 with a great chance to go 11-1, I am fine with that. We will end in the op 25, we will go to bowl game and we will have a great season to look back on.

We won to a fast, strong, well coached #3 ranked team in the nation.....folks there is no shame in that. None at all, I have nothing but respect and well wishes for TCU. Hey, I lost $20 to my sales person in Texas....she will be getting her $20 in pennies. Eat it Dana!!!

Props to the MUSS....great showing today. When I was in school in the early 90's we would pick up one of our bud's and body surf him as far as we could get him in the MUSS section whenever we scored.......we were only able to get him about 20 rows up because it was vacant, he would then fall on the benches crack his cranium. Love you Dave. We have come a long ways.

Props to the pregame program, the cool big flag, the war vets and the lump in the throat that it caused. There really isn't a better setting to watch a game and feel good to be an American than at a football game at RES.

So onto Notre Dame....I am still excited, still optimistic and still encouraged that we will bounce back and make a great showing. We all know how Coach Whitt prepares for his games, and after a loss I am confident we will be fine.

We win at Notre Dame.
We win at SDSU...despite their resurgence they are still SDSU.
We win at home against the y.
We go to a bowl and win.

Do I wish we win? Hellzzz yes! Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I pissed and stuck in the doldrums of negativity and despair? No.

To the team, tough $hit just endured a good old fashion a$$ kicking. Re-focus, re- commit

So my friends, chin up, slap an ass, grab and boob and look forward to ND next week.

Go Utes!!!!!

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SforkUte icon NEW: My thoughts about this game, at this time, on this day, at this moment.
SforkUte - Top 25 Poster -- Saturday 6 November 2010, at 06:36 pm [ID# 1106251] [reply]
SoCalPat icon NEW: Posts like this help me cope. Great stuff. (nm)
SoCalPat - Top 25 Poster -- Saturday 6 November 2010, at 06:37 pm [ID# 1106254] [reply]
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SforkUte - Top 25 Poster -- Saturday 6 November 2010, at 06:40 pm [ID# 1106263] [reply]
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Cochoz - -- Saturday 6 November 2010, at 07:09 pm [ID# 1106357] [reply]
CarolinaUte icon NEW: So far, the best post of the night. Thanks Sfork. (nm)
CarolinaUte - -- Saturday 6 November 2010, at 07:32 pm [ID# 1106411] [reply]
Green Storm Ute icon NEW: sforky your in my top 5 posters this is evidence of it. (nm)
Green Storm Ute - -- Saturday 6 November 2010, at 08:29 pm [ID# 1106505] [reply]
ParanoiaDestroyer icon NEW: Is your boob available for a grabbing? You did sort of command me to grab a boob, there (nm)
ParanoiaDestroyer - -- Saturday 6 November 2010, at 10:00 pm [ID# 1106664] [reply]
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