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"Moral" Sex at BYU

To BYU posters: I appreciate you concern for my moral well being, but

Posted By: Proud to be a Ute
Date: Wednesday, 22 March 2000, at 4:33 p.m.

we can take care of ourselves. Stay on your board and worry about those in your own back yard first. There are Ute fans that are great people; i.e. the Prophet, many GAs, and on an on. There ar also some Utah fans that are downright jerks. I know some. The same goes for BYU.

Two questions - Why are you so compelled to tell us we do wrong? Who are you to dictate what is wrong and right? Sure, you have your own opinions, just keep them on your board.

I did not want to get into this but some of the serious moral issues at BYU are much bigger problems than swearing. What about "Moral Sex" that goes on at BYU. My brother, a Bishop at BYU, told me about how serious a problem this is. In other words two BYU students go to Las Vegas, get married, have sex for the weekend, get the marriage annulled and go home. Just worry about Provo.

There is nothing quite so irritating in Las Vegas.....

Posted By: Hod Sanders
Date: Wednesday, 22 March 2000, at 5:06 p.m.

as those damn BYU moral sex couples invading every weekend. I can handle the regular tourists with their big old shorts and fanny packs bumping around playing nickel slots and looking to make a killing on the Prime Rib Buffet, but the parade of horned-out zoobs slobbering up the courthouse steps every Friday is more than this local is willing to put up with. You know who they are--usually a RM with plans for law school in the future who has done a little scripture chasing and found no mention of "Las Vegas"---and a coed so desperate to get married that she has come to believe "annulment" is something to be done just prior to "temple marriage". Some arrive in groups--like the women of Raintree Apt 31A and the men of Raintree Apt 31C--and let the matches just kind of sort themselves out on the drive down. I've even heard of intra-weekend annulments with subsequent remarriage and re-moral sex!!!! I think that the transportation of these Coeds should be examined by the authorities as a possible violation of the Mann act--or perhaps transportation of livestock without the proper permits--depending on the load. Here's hoping we can nip this thing in the bud before these kids get into some REAL trouble--like drinking beer.

Take this for what it is worth.....

Posted By: #1 BYU Fan
Date: Thursday, 23 March 2000, at 10:48 a.m.

I dont think there is much to it. Has it happened? Sure. Has it happened with Non Mormons and people from all kinds of walks of life? Sure. Has it happened with kids from almost any other university? I'd bet so. The reason it gets hype here is the climate at BYU. Anywhere else they dont give a damn. (I swore just to prove my earlier point about AL Jensen....;-))

Bottom line. I am sure it is overhyped here, but it is because of the climate at BYU, and the self righteousness of some of the people that attend school in Provo.

... When I said overhyped, I meant that I don't think it happens as much or as often as some think. I really think that it is mostly ledgend stuff that is over grown. I would bet that out of the 30,000 students at BYU maybe 2 or 3 have done something like this. What I was trying to get across was that I dont think it is a BYU thing or MOrmon thing at all. It is almost a non thing. I feel like I am digging myself deeper. Anyway. I am sure that someone, sometime , did something foolish like this, and it has blown up and been retold to countless people, getting bigger all the time, just like some of the stories some BYU people tell about the U.

An urban legend it is not ...

Posted By: Proud to be a Ute
Date: Thursday, 23 March 2000, at 12:49 p.m.

I never said that it happened with 50% or even 10% of the students. What you have to realize is that in the Mormon religion it is a very serious offense to have pre marital sex. I agree. Now the facts. I do not have a specific number and obviously no one does. What I do know is that it was serious enough in Provo that all BYU Bishops were told about this including my brother. Do I know of anyone that has done this - no. But, I do know of Bishops that have had students that have done this. It is certainly more than the 2 or 3 per 30,00 that was estimated below. Outside of BYU or Ricks college this would be a NON issue.

My only point in bringing this up is that I am tired of BYU fans coming to this board and questioning the morality of any Mormon that chooses to be a Ute fan. There are so many more serious issues in life to worry about. I don't believe that God spends a second worrying which college team I support. Even if the coach swears.

What IS true at BYU -- Kava drinking

Posted By: zeke
Date: Thursday, 23 March 2000, at 3:04 p.m.

I'm not sure about the Vegas/sex thing, even though I've heard it plenty. What is definately true is that many students at BYU drink Kava (a Polynesian drink) to get drunk at parties, and think it is OK according to the Word of Wisdom. I'm not sure what Kava has in it, but it does make you drunk or high or whatever it you want to call the altered state. I've not only seen this but had friends from BYU tell me about how usual the occurance is in certain circles at BYU (ie football players, ect). I've also seen plenty of BYU club girls drinking beers when my U of U fraternity had a mixer with them. I'm sure the majority of BYU students don't do this stuff, but it is more common than people down there would like to believe.

Puzzled observations

Posted By: L.A. Ute!
Date: Thursday, 23 March 2000, at 11:47 a.m.

I know that things go on at BYU that would curl the hair of most commited LDS people, but I've always thought that's a function of the law of averages-- lots of human beings, lots of variations in behavior. (I will try to avoid BYU-bashing and charges of self-righteousness and so forth.)

Now, as to this "moral sex" thing, I've never heard a word about it until now. Call me naive, but I have to think it is a very isolated occurrence, if it occurs at all, and may well be just a folk tale. I'm no lover of BYU, but anyone who would engage in that kind of behavior would have to sink to such an amazingly low level of cynicism that the behavior would be have to be rare. Whatever else might be said about BYU students, I think the overwhelming majority of them are at least sincere. Wrong-headed and naive and immature, maybe, but sincere.

One of the biggest challegnes BYU has is its high standards. People being human, they're going to fall short. The school's PR people, however, trumpet those standards and hold BYU as a shining example (which, by and large, it probably is, fo rthose who admire the standards). Then, when a highly-publicized incident occurs, it gets a lot of attention in the press, which loves to point out supposed hypocrisy. Somewhat ironically, BYU then complains that it is always held to a higher standard than other universities. (Never mind that it is a standard that the "Y" itself set and uses for PR gains.)

Anyway, one of the unfortunate results of all that is stories like "moral sex." IMHO, such stories wouldn't be so juicy for all of BYU's detractors if BYU's standards weren't handled the way they are-- with much fanfare.

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