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  • Rivalry: - Thumbs up - ...
    By: SforkUte on Monday 22 December 2014, at 04:51 PM

  • Football: I guess now is as good a time as any. The UFN Sub 4 Santa pics! Well, ladies and germs.... I don't know what more to say other than "hold on and thank you!" Christmas Eve day was spent wrapped in wrapping paper, scotch tape and lots of cussing and swearing as I tried my best to cover odd sized gifts with pretty paper. Thanks Monkey.....no I don't know how to wrap a damn toy broom! We loaded the van up, met Rocker and soonerman ...
    By: SforkUte on Monday 28 December 2009, at 09:15 PM

  • Rivalry: Sfork's first and last atypical rivalry week post First off, happy Thanksgiving to all of you...may you eat until your stomach aches, your eyes go blind and then may you eat some more. May someone in the family say something highly offensive just at the right time during the meal, it always makes for a good time. Many moons ago my brother and I hooked the garden hose up to the mouth of my other brother right after the annual Thank...
    By: SforkUte on Wednesday 25 November 2009, at 09:07 PM

  • Football: Puke, Band of Ice Cream dreams and other musings....... After a week of a self imposed sabbatical from the board I feel like I am a different person, a person with literally less to do in a day than I thought....a person who has a new appreciation for what we have at our finger tips. My son didn't feel good yesterday when I picked him up from school. At the intersection of Highland Dr. and 33rd South he sorrowfully looked at my fr...
    By: SforkUte on Thursday 15 January 2009, at 09:46 AM

  • Rivalry: The Haka must be stopped! It will destroy us. Seeing the pictures of our new DL from Texas in the midst of the passionate step of the Maori haka dance made me realize that this seemingly inane gyration, played out on many football fields the US over is in fact threatening to tear our society apart at the seams! Never before have we seen such admiration, ownership and favoritism played to this one type of ethnic dance. Anyone th...
    By: SforkUte on Friday 28 November 2008, at 10:49 AM

  • Football: Ute Brothers and Sisters....let the Sfork love flow. Lately we have been chippy, short and yes even cross with each other. We all have valid opinions, feelings and ideas in relation to our fine U. I believe we are living in the golden age of Utah sports, basketball is on the up and up, we are 7-0, women's basketball is humming and we can't say enough about our gymnastics team, well okay Vegas can say as much as he wants
    By: SforkUte on Thursday 16 October 2008, at 05:44 PM

  • Football: "why" football needs to start. It is that time of year that we all pine for. The moment the game clock of the previous year expires we start to look forward to the "first game of next year" ...the dawn of that day is quickly upon us. Fall is my favorite time of the year, it cools down,browns spawn, God paints the world with fall leaves and the days shorten into crisp fall nights. Fall days, football and the change in the we...
    By: SforkUte on Monday 18 August 2008, at 06:01 PM

  • Basketball: This is why we come here. Differences of opinion, different perspectives and contrarian viewpoints is what keeps us devoted U fans and keeps us coming back for more. If we wanted homogenized group think there are other boards in the same world of web that we inhabit that could fill that need. Isn't it interesting to note that we would rather be called every derogatory name in the book but as soon as someone dares label one of us...
    By: SforkUte on Wednesday 23 January 2008, at 09:27 AM

  • Rivalry: On my flight today.... Boarded my flight and searched for my seat...there it is 2A. As I heaved my carry on bag above the seat I notice my soon to be seat mate is wearing a Ute shirt, mature in his years and up to date with his fashion I thought"cool" , better than the lump of flesh with a festering, mucus filled cough right in front of my seat in 1A. After cramming my stuff in the overheard I hear from the lady across the aisle "...
    By: SforkUte on Thursday 1 November 2007, at 04:36 PM

  • Football: I am so damn sick of hearing about the Y..... ....anything associated with BYU. I don't care what the Y thinks of our team. I don't care what the Y thinks of our win last night against TCU. I don't care if they think we are average. I don't care about cougarboard....hell I don't care one pinch about that waste of internet space. I am sick and tired of posts about the Y on this board, this is the U board and we are not umbilically tied to the Y! ...
    By: SforkUte on Friday 19 October 2007, at 11:53 AM

  • Football: We only have until Friday before the Utes take the field and other ramblings on a Monday morning. Optimism springs eternal, even on a Monday. Having taken yesterday to fully thaw out, think and contemplate about our remaining season I have come to a few conclusions. We won a game, which is great, yes we should have beat them by more, and yes we could have played better but I think considering the circumstances we are fine. We...
    By: SforkUte on Monday 1 October 2007, at 07:50 AM

  • Football: Utah/Air Force tailgating from the eyes of my daughter...... So, my Dad took us to this parking lot today. He woke us up this morning with "Utah Man" and then made us dress in red and wear his U hats. We drove a long way and finally parked and then walked "forever", there were lot's of cool cars, trailers and funny smells, there was even some loud music and some men acting like silly little boys like my little brother and Dad sometimes. After a long w...
    By: SforkUte on Sunday 9 September 2007, at 01:02 AM

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