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  • Basketball: Best thing about being at the game at the JMHC tonight, in no particular order 1. I wasn't subjected to weak trolls living in their mother's basement, specifically Ylife and UU Emeritus. 2. Seeing the Utes build and maintain a lead over a team that I believe they were a 6 pt dog to at home. 3. Seeing other players besides Clyburn step up. 4. Watching the Utes withstand a team's run to start the second half and maintain co...
    By: FlyfishingUte on Wednesday 19 January 2011, at 09:26 PM

  • Rivalry: BYU Independence: here's the recipe: 1. part ego driven A.D. 2. add in 65K "fans" that SHOULD be on antipsychotics 3. Have Utah receive PAC 10 invite and not even get a "courtesy call" 4. Proclaim you have a "national" fan base and will be the Notre Dame of the West 5. Make backroom deals with the league you intend to join hoping that those teams will view you as their "best" option to advance themselves. 6. Find a rube to dupe, enter St...
    By: FlyfishingUte on Friday 27 August 2010, at 03:08 PM

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