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    o Saw this quote from Keith Van Horn's twitter it's a gold mine....
    By: Crafty Ute, Posted on: Sep 25, '16 (Views: 527)
    o You think I'm joking? Allow me to expound...
    By: Kula Shaker, Posted on: Jun 29, '16 (Views: 540)
    o Dick Harmon asks Donald Trump about Big 12 expansion
    By: wannabeaute, Posted on: Mar 24, '16 (Views: 880)
    Green Storm Ute
    o LOL.... Never saw this! Love and miss them and the season!!!
    By: BaldHatu, Posted on: Mar 14, '16 (Views: 606)
    o Brilliant
    By: SubstiUTE, Posted on: Feb 22, '16 (Views: 867)
    o It's called narcissistic personality disorder...
    By: TheJuggernaut, Posted on: Jan 14, '16 (Views: 1528)
    o The game was not cancelled because of a punch or "player safety."
    By: BaldHatu, Posted on: Jan 11, '16 (Views: 1524)
    o Gonna miss this kid.
    By: H-man, Posted on: Dec 20, '15 (Views: 1884)
    o - Thumbs up -
    By: SforkUte, Posted on: Dec 22, '14 (Views: 2080)
    o Then suddenly, one of the prisoners stood up and said, "Let Wilson throw the ball!"
    By: DownhereUte, Posted on: Nov 6, '14 (Views: 2130)
    o And we have some fans that actually wish we would have played these out of control, head hunting dip$#!+s instead of Michigan.
    By: TheBaron, Posted on: Sep 22, '14 (Views: 2246)
    Ute King
    o The impact of the SLC radio media market on Utah fandom
    By: applesanchez, Posted on: Aug 19, '14 (Views: 2201)
    Ute King
    o It sure seems like a lot of former BYU players especially from the Bronco era are pissed off, bitter, and vocal
    By: Samak, Posted on: Aug 18, '14 (Views: 2242)
    o BYU has put themselves in a great position for an invite to the Big 12
    By: bcsboundcatz, Posted on: Jun 23, '14 (Views: 2231)
    o It is shocking just how stupid they can be.
    By: UteThunder, Posted on: Jun 16, '14 (Views: 2022)
    Ute King
    o Not sure what that feels like, but hypothetically, if I used weak smack talk against a swim team and simultaneously lost in football 75% of the time even though I cheated, well, then, if that's what a Zoob is and feels like, fetch yes!
    By: Hammer, Posted on: May 22, '14 (Views: 1760)
    o Can you guys tell me which one of these is Duane Busby?
    By: Folderdog, Posted on: May 21, '14 (Views: 1542)
    o Hanging with Andy Reid tonight.
    By: KCMOUte, Posted on: Apr 26, '14 (Views: 1352)
    o I never thought I would see the day where Utah State had twice as many players on NFL rosters than BYU. WOW.
    By: TheRealU, Posted on: Mar 17, '14 (Views: 1019)
    o BYU has never been to a final four?! Au contraire!
    By: TheBaron, Posted on: Mar 4, '14 (Views: 1052)
    Ute King
    o Why I go to UteFans.net and other websites too
    By: Rocker Ute, Posted on: Mar 4, '14 (Views: 980)
    LA Ute
    o It gets worse. The remaining teams are Texas Pan American, South Dakota State, Bryant University, Western Illinois, UCF, NDSU, and Arkansas State.
    By: Max Power, Posted on: Feb 28, '14 (Views: 1048)
    Ute King
    o My little vw suv hit a mildly interesting mileage today
    By: NarfUte, Posted on: Jan 7, '14 (Views: 1029)
    o BREAKING NEWS- Outdoor life has sent Jeff Benedict to write a story about the redemption of the Goblin Valley Heroes.
    By: Utes49ers, Posted on: Oct 18, '13 (Views: 982)
    LA Ute
    o The inmates at the state penitentiary are going to enjoy hearing the story about Hoffman's indiscretions MUCH more than Handley's
    By: SigEp Ute, Posted on: Sep 27, '13 (Views: 996)
    Officer Swoop
    o Have you ever noticed that it is ALWAYS beer that gets thrown/dumped/spit on BYU players/fans/coaches?
    By: Weenus, Posted on: Sep 26, '13 (Views: 1017)
    Ute King
    o You're just embarrassing yourself at this point.
    By: TheBaron, Posted on: Sep 19, '13 (Views: 1024)
    Ute King
    o Pac-12 blog links to the Trib story as follows:
    By: Silent Ute, Posted on: Sep 18, '13 (Views: 1024)
    Rocker Ute
    o Today My sis in law (Utah Fan) and her Husband (TDS Fan) Had a little girl
    By: BigREDmonsta, Posted on: Aug 27, '13 (Views: 1031)
    o The Love Cape
    By: Milton Vanderslice, Posted on: Aug 22, '13 (Views: 1022)
    o What this world needs is a bit more compassion
    By: utahute16, Posted on: Jun 11, '13 (Views: 1080)
    o I was invited to speak at the commencement of my daughter's Kindergarten class yesterday. I thought you might enjoy the transcript:
    By: Rocker Ute, Posted on: Jun 5, '13 (Views: 1230)
    Rocker Ute
    o Why we don't care if TDS fans downplay our PAC-12 tournament win, or any Utah wins, in any sport
    By: uteinlogan, Posted on: Mar 14, '13 (Views: 1231)
    LA Ute
    o I'm pretty sure I'm going to give up my Ute fanhood........
    By: ColoUte, Posted on: Feb 12, '13 (Views: 1218)
    o Jimmer highlight reel...
    By: Maji Man, Posted on: Jan 21, '13 (Views: 1208)
    Green Storm Ute
    o I like to think Coach Roderick's stint at byu went something like this:
    By: jamarcus22, Posted on: Jan 17, '13 (Views: 1151)
    o Hilarious tweet from Jake Murphy
    By: Agent47, Posted on: Jan 17, '13 (Views: 1135)
    o Hilarious tweet from Jake Murphy
    By: Agent47, Posted on: Jan 17, '13 (Views: 1118)
    o I can't.
    By: scratch, Posted on: Dec 20, '12 (Views: 1100)
    Green Storm Ute
    o apparently Jimmer played 6 seconds in the Kings Opener last night (yes 6 whole seconds). 9 thoughts:
    By: vUUdoo, Posted on: Nov 1, '12 (Views: 1146)


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