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    2019 Basketball Archive

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    docUte icon [Re: Utah/OSU 3/7/13] some nice things to build on from this game!
    By: docUte, Posted on: Mar 8, '13
    prestonmadera icon Jason Washburn is a class act . . .
    By: prestonmadera, Posted on: Feb 16, '13
    SeattleUte icon We must maintain the long and winding road to rebuild
    By: SeattleUte, Posted on: Feb 11, '13
    Vegas Ute icon I have been very critical of Chris Hill (I sure don't want to see another one of his one man search committees). But Utah has to get off the treadmill.
    By: Vegas Ute, Posted on: Jan 27, '13
    UtesRus icon I love the fact that people who don't know donkey about building and running a Pac-12 program wants the guy, who was the single most powerful force that built, to get canned.
    By: UtesRus, Posted on: Jan 25, '13
    concerned icon [re: 2013 USC loss at home] If the sun can come up for Tommy Connor, it can come up for the rest of us. Last night after the game
    By: concerned, Posted on: Jan 13, '13
    LA Ute icon A bad SoCal Ute Fan Day
    By: LA Ute, Posted on: Jan 13, '13
    77ute icon I hate losing, and these heartbreaking losses are maddening.
    By: 77ute, Posted on: Jan 5, '13
    RavenUte icon Raven calls it: The Runnin' Utes will be in the NCAA tournament in 2013-14
    By: RavenUte, Posted on: Jan 5, '13
    docUte icon Hope to see everyone at the Huntsman to watch the Utes versus UCLA on Thursday -- and to expect a win!
    By: docUte, Posted on: Jan 5, '13
    arizonaute icon Got to see the Utes in person last night vs. ASU
    By: arizonaute, Posted on: Jan 3, '13
    GarthUte icon Went to the game tonight, courtesy of LA Ute. (Thanks again for the tickets and it was good to chat for a bit). Anyway, a few random thoughts about the game....
    By: GarthUte, Posted on: Dec 28, '12
    UteROCK icon Coach Krystko is a pretty good dude himself. I have a story that has never gone public but I thought this should be shared too.
    By: UteROCK, Posted on: Dec 26, '12
    WebMonkey icon Courtesy of Nate Althoff -- 1997 WAC Tourney Champs
    By: WebMonkey, Posted on: Dec 18, '12
    jdart icon I had the opportunity to help honor Majerus last night....
    By: jdart, Posted on: Dec 6, '12
    horacetheute icon If I had any doubts about how much I hate BYU fans, the last week has erased them all
    By: horacetheute, Posted on: Dec 5, '12
    61_Shasta icon The best Rick Majerus story I've ever heard. And can fully believe.
    By: 61_Shasta, Posted on: Dec 3, '12
    o The most embarrasing thing, and then coolest thing happened to me at Majerus' b-ball camp. I remember all the kids sitting on the floor of the Huntsman while Majerus taught. He asked some question about shooting with confidence and my hand shot up
    By: Hammer, Posted on: Dec 3, '12
    stretchiute icon Rick Majerus Audio
    By: stretchiute, Posted on: Dec 3, '12
    UtesRus icon I Never Knew Rick Majerus...but Rick Majerus and Utah Basketball are the reasons why I am a Utah Man
    By: UtesRus, Posted on: Dec 3, '12
    utefansince79 icon My thoughts on Rick
    By: utefansince79, Posted on: Dec 3, '12
    runnutz icon Runnutz' favorite Majerus story
    By: runnutz, Posted on: Dec 3, '12
    o Rick Majerus Moments
    By: Hammer, Posted on: Dec 3, '12
    UtahUteGuy icon Letter to Rick Majerus
    By: UtahUteGuy, Posted on: Dec 2, '12
    SoCalPat icon Off the cuff and with certain knowledge I'm overlooking a few or two dozen, my Top 5 favorite Rick Majerus wins
    By: SoCalPat, Posted on: Dec 2, '12
    Ute Lew icon Coach Majerus
    By: Ute Lew, Posted on: Dec 1, '12
    89ute icon When "My Life on a Napkin" was published, we went to the Big Man's book signing. There were scores of people there, waiting for his autograph in their copy of the book.
    By: 89ute, Posted on: Dec 1, '12
    Red Five Standing By icon "I like people who like their moms."
    By: Red Five Standing By, Posted on: Dec 1, '12
    MeSoVanHorny icon Big Rick...
    By: MeSoVanHorny, Posted on: Dec 1, '12
    Rocker Ute icon My first memory of Rick
    By: Rocker Ute, Posted on: Dec 1, '12
    UtahUteGuy icon Just got back from my second Ute basketball game of the year...
    By: UtahUteGuy, Posted on: Nov 9, '12
    ColoUte icon Honestly, I think comparing Larry's recruiting to Boylen is a pointless endeavor......
    By: ColoUte, Posted on: Nov 6, '12
    docUte icon Basketball talent -- Boylen years versus Larry
    By: docUte, Posted on: Nov 6, '12
    docUte icon Night With the Runnin' Utes Report
    By: docUte, Posted on: Oct 24, '12
    Soft Jazz Coug icon Coach Kodiak at Young Alumni Speaker Series Today
    By: Soft Jazz Coug, Posted on: Aug 23, '12
    o I think we're going to have a good basketball team this year. There, I said it. Kiss My Ass. You can't compare last years team with this years team, It's a totally different group. The team actually has 4 serviceable bigs this year. and one of them
    By: Hammer, Posted on: Jul 26, '12
    Wakara icon The really good thing about Parker Van Dyke commiting to Utah is what is says about the program and coaches
    By: Wakara, Posted on: Jun 12, '12
    SoCalPat icon Ute hoops "checklist" ... or 5 things Larry can do to boost his goodwill tank
    By: SoCalPat, Posted on: Apr 25, '12
    FountainofUte icon Coach LK's case for Jabari Parker to become a Ute
    By: FountainofUte, Posted on: Mar 29, '12
    LoboMan icon I miss you my friends.
    By: LoboMan, Posted on: Mar 1, '12

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