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    Basketball Archive

    The Thrills thoughts from the Night With the Runnin' Utes scrimmage
    By: The Thrill, Tuesday 21 October 2014

    The Thrills thoughts from the scrimmage

    Posted By: The Thrill
    Date: 2014-10-21 21:42:13

    Bachynski - Same old Dallin, big guy, probably not aggressive enough, great backup 5. He'll start the season but Poeltl will be right behind him.

    Chapman - Really smooth, long for a 3, really stretches the floor. Didn't do much but you can really see a ton of potential.

    Connor - Great pull up shooter, moves without the ball great, you can tell he's a coaches kid. Would've been an off the bench threat 10 years ago...this year he'll be buried on the bench.

    Eastman - I swear this kid has been a Ute for 8 years. Give him credit, every year he's on the team.

    Kuzma - Very similar to Chapman, young, long, very aggressive and knows where to be. By mid-season I expect him to start with Chapman.

    Loveridge - Best player on the floor tonight. Loveridge shot looks great. He's improved on his deadly mid range shot, saw a leaner, a fade-away and a pull up all around 10-15 feet, plus his three's look great. Still gets lost in the key but he looks lean and strong.

    Ogbe - Smooth shot, still. He looked to know the offense more this year, I expect him to be a threat coming off the bench behind Tucker.

    Olsen - Love the kid but he looks the same as last year. Expect the same Jeremy, he'll have great nights and then he'll disappear.

    Poeltl - I really liked this kid. He moves like a 6'7" small forward but he's 7'0". Left a bit early on screens but he's so long it didn't matter. Needs more weight, big Pac12 5's will push him around but he's quicker than any 5 I've seen in a while. Really aggressive around the rim. Really happy he's a Ute.

    Reyes - Surprised me how big he was. From Lenz to Reyes is a huge upgrade. Not a bad shot, but he seemed to be in on every rebound. Utah needs that aggressive rebounder to clean the glass, Chris is the guy.

    Taylor - He's still undersized, didn't grow much. He still gets lost in the key from occasion and picks up his dribble too soon still...more on that later...Brandon knows the offense and runs it well, didn't shoot great but he's always been streaky.

    Tucker - Probably one of the most athletic players on the team, I'd equate him to Jeremy Evans on the Jazz. Pogo-stick legs and decent shooter just not going to do enough to wow you. He'll get solid minutes though all season due to his tenacity.

    Winder - Dude looks tiny compared to the army of 6'6" guys. He's quick and controlled the offense fine but he's a third option at the point as of right now. He could be a Dominic Artis type player in the future, minus the off the court troubles.

    Delon Wright - Looks smooth as ever. Took a scary spill into the chairs, ala Travis Wilson, but was fine. I was waiting to see this improved shot I heard he's been working on and I can say he did nail an open three...goofy ass form though but it went in. I don't remember his shot looking so goofy. Delon got into the lane with ease several times and finished the Wright way. With solid outside shooting from himself and others he'll be an All-American.

    Isaiah Wright - My crown jewel of the scrimmage. Kid is solid. His shot is one of the best I've seen, such a sweet and soft release. I don't remember him missing a three and he hit plenty. Big plus, he didn't pick up his dribble. Several times he'd drive the baseline and dribble out, ala Steve Nash. He didn't force many balls and usually hit the open guy, plus he moved without the ball great, spread the floor nicely. I truly believe he'll be the starter by Pac12 ball in January.

    Hunty - The stadium looked very much like a basketball stadium. The lighting was impressive. They highlighted the stairs on and off giving the stadium an all-star game feel. I really liked the dimmer lighting in the stands contrasting the bright floor, I hope that's how the season will play out. The curtains over the upper deck made the stadium more intimate, I'm sure smaller crowds will appreciate it...I'm talking to you Levrets. Sound was better, I could understand the PA guy. The floor was just as beautiful as I'd seen in pictures.

    Overall this team is big and athletic, one of the most talented teams I've seen on the hill...including '98. Miller and Doleac were by far better than anybody on this team but overall this years team is deeper and better.

    Miller > D Wright
    Doleac > Bachynski
    Mottola - Olsen
    Jensen < Loveridge
    B Johnson < Kuzma
    Althoff < Poeltl
    D Hansen < Tucker
    Caton < Taylor
    McTavish < I Wright
    Carlisle < Chapman
    Barratt < Reyes
    D Jackson < Ogbe
    Sluga < Winder
    Gooch < Eastman
    Dalton < Connor

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