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    Basketball Archive

    We witnessed something incredible last night.
    By: Kula Shaker, Sunday 15 December 2013

    We witnessed something incredible last night.

    Posted By: Kula Shaker
    Date: 2013-12-15 17:16:29

    It happened at the end of halftime. The entire crowd was perched on the edges of their seats awaiting the start of the second half. Suddenly, something appeared on the scoreboard above the court.

    We saw a graphic of the Earth, which gradually focused on the North American continent. A Utah logo appeared, which slowly grew to cover the land in a sheet of red. This symbolized Utah's future dominance over the national basketball landscape and beyond.

    We next saw the Huntsman Center, sitting high above the Salt Lake Valley. Then almost out of nowhere, A red-tailed hawk came flying in and circled the arena.

    Swoop had arrived.

    We were next led inside the cavernous arena. Swoop came crashing through the roof and literally crushed the Huntsman Center floor with the weight of his fury. And that's when the confrontation happened.

    Swoop found himself face to face with a spinning BYU logo. He stood bold and showed no fear whatsoever. The BYU logo, on the other hand, just spun around and around like a dumb idiot. Every single person in the arena knew it was on.

    At this point, I glanced up at the large group of BYU fans seated above the marching band. A sheer look of terror filled their eyes. I couldn't help but smile smugly to myself and nod my head. In the background I heard another Y fan mutter "oh, $#!+" under his breath. He knew the logo was toast.

    And then it happened. Swoop summoned an energy from deep within his soul and focused on the logo with an intense glare. Suddenly, laser beams shot from his eyes and fixed directly on the BYU logo. The logo immediately was encircled in some atomic force field for a moment as the crowd sat in a stunned awe. Seconds later, the logo exploded into a million pieces!

    Swoop was not phased one bit. He stood heroic and strong as shrapnel from the explosion flew past him. The battle was over. And there was no doubt who the victor was. It totally kicked ass.

    Right on queue, the marching band kicked into gear and the crowd erupted in a shout of joy. At that point, I knew there was nothing BYU could do to win the game. Not that night. And not so long as Swoop has the power to shoot lasers from his eyes.

    Then for a moment, I thought of my father. He was a devoted Ute fan until he died of cancer two years ago. He lived through many great seasons of Utah basketball and never missed a game -- not even in the down years of late. He wouldn't live to see Utah climb back to the top again.

    But for a moment, as Swoop stood in triumphant glory on the stadium scoreboard, I felt Dad's presence and knew he was looking down with a big smile on his face.

    That's what Utah basketball is all about: touching moments that will last a lifetime. And Swoop's laser beam eye power.

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