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    Basketball Archive

    Why we should cheer for other PAC-12 programs: A rising tide raise all boats
    By: Vegas Ute, Monday 18 March 2013

    Rising tide raise all boats...

    Posted By: Vegas Ute
    Date: 2013-03-18 09:17:17

    Being in a Basketball League which routinely gets 5 or 6 or 12 teams in the NCAA Basketball tournament and having multiple Sweet Sixteen teams means:

    ----A. More money for the UofU as the # games played determines a conferences payments, so you want more teams in and more teams advancing.

    ----B. Utah has a better chance of getting a bid in future years if the Pac-12 gets 5-6 bids vs. 3-4 bids.

    ----C. Seeding, If Pac-12 teams do well then those teams (Utah) that get bids in the future get better seeds.

    ----D. Utah doesn't just recruit vs. Pac-12 teams, they also recruit vs. BYU and MWC teams... Maximizing the Pac-12 "brand" is good for Utah recruiting.

    ----E. TV contracts... The stronger the Pac-12 is in any and all sports the more valuable the media rights are.

    ----F. As Bill Walton (the wisest man in the world) said "Basing your achievements on the failures of others is a recipe for mediocrity." The whole desire to be a big fish in a small pond is very Zoobish mentality, one I sure don't like to see from Ute fans.

    ----G. Ute fan could actually learn a lot from SEC fans... It is fine to root like heck against your conference rivals when you play them, but conferences are entities and every member in the conference benefits from the perception of a strong conference.

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