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    When I listen to KW talk about the Utes, he sounds exactly like most Ute fans - beyond frustrated with the offensive incompetence to the point he wants to scream and start smashing $#!+.

    by TheBaron
    2015-11-28 14:16:25

    The difference is that it's Ute fans' job to get drunk and have a good time, while it's literally Kyle's job to fix the offense regardless of whatever excuses are out there. He's clearly as frustrated with the offense as we are and yet he's been woefully incapable of fixing the offense. New year, same shit and he knows it better than anybody.

    That should piss me off, but instead it softens my perspective of Kyle. He really is trying his hardest to fix the offense and he's drowning like a quadriplegic in the Mariana Trench without a life jacket.

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    This is me watching Gionni Paul play football:

    by TheBaron
    2015-11-08 03:24:48

    What blows my mind is that when Norris is healthy, Gionni is probably only the second best LB on the team. At the same time, Gionni is probably a top 3 all-time LB at Utah. How in the Gayle "Clit Dozer" Ruzicka did we manage to get 2 of the top 3 all-time Utah LB's on the same team?!?!

    It's a crazy, crazy world we live in when Utah's strongest position group is LB.

    Our D-line is nationally elite. Our secondary is nasty. At the same time, our LBs are several steps better than both.

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    College Football Playoff committee? Pffft. Everybody knows that Weighted Win Paths is the only methodology America can trust.

    by TheBaron
    2015-11-03 22:28:54

    http://football.kislanko.com/2015/WWP_cur rent.html

    I'm pretty sure this utilizes the same methodology that God used to create the universe. Is there a math nerd on here that cares to break down the formula and give their opinion?


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    Bad news for the Utes - neither Juju Smith nor Adoree Jackson are eligible to declare for the draft after this season.

    by TheBaron
    2015-10-31 15:17:24

    USC is going to be insane next year if they hire even a half decent coach. They are mind-blowingly stacked right now. Probably the most future first round draft picks of any team in the country.

    It's criminal that USC isn't challenging for the CFP every season. There are probably a couple dozen coaches that could coast that Ferrari into 11+ wins most years. Hopefully USC finds a way to screw it up and hires another Sark/Kiffen.

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    For those unaware, you can stream the NWTRU jumbotron feed:

    by TheBaron
    2015-10-21 18:45:56


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    I visited a couple ASU message boards and cougarbored for what I call Schadenfreude Sunday.

    by TheBaron
    2015-10-18 20:29:05

    The buzzword on cougarbored right now? "Lucky".

    Most posters can't for the life of them figure out how Utah keeps getting so "lucky". Of course, if you watch every game with a sincere belief that Utah is overrated and that every opponent is clearly, undeniably superior to Utah, I can see why you'd think it's crazy that the inferior team keeps winning every single week.

    An intelligent person would realize that they had severely underrated the supposedly inferior team and be forced to admit to its superiority. A moron chalks it all up to "luck" and continues to repeat the same mistake week after week. BYU-P fans are mostly morons, so every other post over there has the word 'luck' worked into it multiple times.

    Of course, the two luckiest plays I've seen all season were close your eyes and say a prayer Hail Marys and both happened to involve a certain parochial school, in back-to-back weeks, against blah opponents that turned out not to be nearly as good as was assumed at the time. If it wasn't for some incredible, almost unheard of luck, said parochial school would have started the season 0-4.

    You have to appreciate the irony of the fans of arguably the luckiest program in the 2015 college football season pointing their fingers at arguably the #1 program in the 2015 college football season and shouting luck. It's a classic case of psychological projection; also known as every damn day on cougarbored. All you can do is laugh at these ass clowns and keep it moving. 0% chance they will ever get it. That fan base is a black hole of cognitive dissonance.

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    Just walked to RES with dozens of Ute tribe members. More than half were wearing drum and feather gear that clearly wasn't purchased this season.

    by TheBaron
    2015-10-17 19:39:21

    Sometimes liberal white people need to stop trying to decide what's best for the rest of us.

    Freedom. 'Merica. Ute proud.

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    I hate... loathe... DETEST when religion is shoehorned into college football.

    by TheBaron
    2015-10-09 15:47:17

    I'm not talking about the Mormon choir singing "Utah Man" (although I do find a choir of teetotalers singing a drinking song somewhat amusing), but rather the response it elicits from LDS Utes, non-LDS Utes, and the zoobies. It's unfortunate - understandable, but unfortunate nonetheless - that a large number of people around the state can't just listen to it and say "that's a very talented choir singing an interesting rendition of 'Utah Man'" and move on.

    Instead, it makes some non-LDS Utes think "Oh, great. Another log on the bonfire of misconceptions about the demographics of Utah." It confuses some LDS Utes into falling for the zoob trap of mixing football pride with religious pride. It leads to gnashing of teeth from the zoobies that see it as a slap in the face for their choir to support such a filthy, vile "anti-Mormon" university.

    Why can't football just be about football and religion about religion? Is there any other place in the country where religion constantly gets shoehorned into secular places and events that it has no business being shoehorned into?

    There is one thing I am certain we can all agree on - all the blame lies with BYU-Provo and its horrible fan base that takes every possible opportunity to shoehorn religion into %^#@!ing EVERYTHING. If we woke up tomorrow to news that BYU-P and all of the zoobs had been wiped from the face of the earth, the mixing of religion and football would disappear with them. Utes of every creed, color, and conviction would be better off for it.

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    As I type this, Coach Krystko is discussing basketball recruiting in an hour long forum at the Hinkley Institute of Politics.

    by TheBaron
    2015-09-16 12:08:48

    The U is streaming it live on periscope. Click the link below to watch.

    https://www.periscope.tv/w/aMmljjkwODE4Nz h8MVBsS1FSYnJSbFpHRRusRY0hKhe0Q5vBjcoo2t4 g -zYyDCfoFJ6JKli6zuAF

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    If you consider all positions to be of equal value (obviously, they are not), Norris is probably the best player on the team.

    by TheBaron
    2015-09-11 20:35:53

    This game is turning into one of the most costly in a long time, and on top of that we are playing slow, dumb, and timid. WTF is going on?

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    We look terrible.

    by TheBaron
    2015-09-11 19:56:11

    Thankfully there are still 3 quarters to turn that around.

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    The ratings are in for the opening week of CFB.

    by TheBaron
    2015-09-08 12:31:18

    In spite of Utah/Michigan being on FS1 and BYU-P/Nebraska being a national broadcast on ABC with no competing split or mirror game, UU/UM still outdrew NU/BY. One game was an all-time record for its network while the other game drew less than half of the ratings drawn by the same time slot last year. The "national fan base" must have been napping.

    http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2015/09/c ollege-football-ratings-espn-fs1-michigan- utah-overnights/

    http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2015/09/c ollege-football-ratings-abc-byu-nebraska-e spn-tamu-asu-nascar-xfinity-nbc/

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    I like Utah football.

    by TheBaron
    2015-08-07 16:52:32

    I like rewatching last season's games as the new season approaches. I like breaking down all of the plays in slo-mo and critiquing various aspects as I see fit.

    If you like to watch Utah football, utahman3431 has created a torrent archive of dozens and dozens of games, including every single game since we joined the PAC-12.

    Visit http://uofu.bobsonlineworld.net/
    and use password: utevids

    Send utahman3431 flowers (but not through ProFlowers.com) and a nice card to let him know how much Utes everywhere appreciate him. If flowers aren't your thing, there is a donate button at the top of the page where you can donate via Paypal.

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    An unexpected update for anybody that remembers my breakdown of the rules surrounding full cost of attendance stipends and how BYU-Provo is beholden to the WCC due to Title IX:

    by TheBaron
    2015-06-11 14:02:31

    I think this is my original post on the subject if anybody doesn't know what I'm talking about -

    http://www.utefans.net/message.php?id=163 5317#message1635317

    Everything I wrote that wasn't a prediction was and still is 100% accurate. BYU-P is totally and completely beholden to the WCC when it comes to adopting P5 measures with Title IX implications, which most definitely includes COA stipends.

    I recently had a chance conversation with a WCC AD, so naturally I took the opportunity to talk to him about COA stipends and the WCC's plan. Unfortunately, he told me the WCC voted a couple of months ago to allow member schools to pay COA stipends at their discretion as long as Title IX requirements are followed. (After which BYU-P promptly did that whole "$4,500/yr" PR blitz.) His school doesn't have the budget to simply pay all athletes in all sports, so he's planning on paying COA stipends only to men's basketball and to the equivalent number of women athletes in order to comply with Title IX.

    He said they are "very much aware" that BYU-Provo plans on paying all athletes in all sports and he agrees that it will give BYU-Provo additional competitive advantages in any sport that schools in the WCC decide not to match, but he said that ultimately he and the other ADs decided they'd rather have BYU-Provo gain an advantage in some minor non-revenue sports than block all COA stipends and let "the entire country" get an additional advantage over the WCC in men's basketball. Essentially, the silly idea of keeping WCC men's basketball "competitive" with the P5 sealed the deal for BYU-Provo being permitted by the WCC to pay COA stipends across the board.

    Some WCC schools are planning on paying COA stipends to a lot more than just basketball, but some are going bare bones, which will keep costs extremely low. (Just 13 men's basketball players and 13 equivalent women's scholarships = 26 x stipend amount.) All WCC schools are planning on paying COA stipends to at least men's basketball and the Title IX equivalent.

    I have to say that he seemed frustrated when I brought up BYU-Provo and their many "advantages" over the rest of the WCC, but he did what you'd expect an AD to do and claimed he has "some exciting plans" to keep his department competitive. I got the impression that BYU-P frustrates the WCC ADs, but ultimately the WCC benefits enough to make their smug entitlement worth it for the time being.

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    PSA of the day:

    by TheBaron
    2015-05-20 12:49:41

    I've seen multiple posts today about the BYU fraudsters (redundant) that refer to their alma maters as "BYU and BYU-I" or "BYU and BYU-Idaho". In the future, I suggest calling them "BYU-P and BYU-I" or "BYU-Provo and BYU-Idaho". I recently discovered that referring to The Zoo as BYU-P or BYU-Provo drives nearly all zoobs absolutely bonkers, like you made a sexually explicit comment about a messy three way with their wife and mother.

    I am going to make an effort to start adding "P" or "Provo" to the end of BYU every time I type it and I suggest that all able-bodied Utes do the same. It just feels like the right thing to do. We wouldn't want any confusion about which location of BYU the person attended, seeing how BYU-Idaho and BYU-Hawaii are equal partners in the BYU university system.

    As far as I can tell, it drives zoobs nuts because going to BYU-P is about feeling "better" than everybody else; especially the plebeian LDS that "couldn't get in" at BYU-Provo like God's chosen did and therefore are forever second class for going to BYU-I or any other university. Calling it BYU-Provo implies some level of equality with BYU-Idaho and BYU-Hawaii, and nobody goes to BYU-Provo to feel equal, gosh darnit.

    Going to BYU-P is about the LDS community knowing that you are special; you are chosen; you made it through the absurdly inflated admissions requirements and received an average undergraduate education at the world's largest and heaviest chaperoned 4 year speed dating event, where every participant has been pre-screened to ensure that they share your religion, your recessive genetics, and your enmity for independent thought.

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    All of the cougarbored links posted today inspired me to read a few threads and drink some cougar tears.

    by TheBaron
    2015-05-06 21:19:41

    After browsing for awhile, it's clear that none of them understand how the new full cost of attendance stipends work. They clearly think that every athlete in the country currently gets the same amount of money and these stipends are basically "extra", so a larger stipend equals a larger monthly check than schools with a lower stipend amount.

    They are crowing that they will "pay" athletes $3,000/yr "more" than USC. ($4,500/yr full COA stipend at BYU vs. $1,500/yr full COA stipend at USC.) What they don't seem to understand is that after full COA stipends go into effect, USC athletes will still get quite a bit more cash every month than BYU athletes, largely due to the cost of living gap between Los Angeles and Provo.

    BYU will be adding $4,500/yr to the amount that athletes currently get paid at BYU and USC will be adding $1,500/yr to the amount that athletes currently get paid at USC. When you add $1,500/yr to USC's current scholarship amount, USC athletes will still get a significantly larger check each month than what BYU will athletes will receive after adding $4,500/yr to what BYU athletes currently get paid.

    They need to think of it like this - a zoob makes $15/hr and is getting a $4.50/hr raise. The office jerk makes $25/hr and is getting a $1.50/hr raise. The zoob's raise is significantly larger than the office jerk's, but the jerk is still going to make quite a bit more money than the zoob after the raises go into effect.

    I thought BYU's accounting program is supposed to be elite. How are they all so confused by fairly simple math involving fairly simple numbers?

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    Uh oh. Utah's new basketball commit is light skinned with cornrows.

    by TheBaron
    2015-05-06 14:08:58

    Expect two more years of zoobs making "totally not racist" Brittney Griner jokes about players that don't look like Brittney Griner. They can differentiate between 124 different shades of blonde hair and 82 gradient levels of alabaster skin opacity, but light skinned + braids or cornrows = Brittney Griner.

    Enjoy this collage of athletes that look just like Brittney Griner according to BYU fans:

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    I should have known this months ago, but I didn't. One of my favorite skiers died in an avalanche in Chile back in September.

    by TheBaron
    2015-04-30 03:12:31

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    I can't be the only one that thought of this video while watching Ole Miss throw down hammer dunk after hammer dunk after alley-oop hammer dunk against the zoo last night:

    by TheBaron
    2015-03-18 13:52:31

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    The "Bull$#!+ Foul" disparity is now +12 Arizona. No, I'm not joking at all. I've been keeping track.

    by TheBaron
    2015-02-28 21:14:58

    Arizona has been called for two that were bullshit upon video review. Utah has been called for fourteen bullshit fouls. Seriously - fourteen. This is fucking done. Refs decided the game. I FUCKING HATE THIS SHIT! %$#! #@^^ &%%# @%%# &*&% ^^&$ ^$%@ %^#$ !$%% #@%^ &%^# *%&$ &$%%!

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    Outscore Arizona by 2 points over 20 minutes inside the Huntsman Center to win a PAC-12 championship?

    by TheBaron
    2015-02-28 20:15:49

    Utah can do this. I'm taking the Utes in the second half.

    Moments like this are what it takes if Utah wants to win conference championships in a high major conference.

    Everything is in Utah's favor. No excuses. Not even these piss poor refs.

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    Refs for tonight: Bob Staffen, Larry Spaulding, and Dave Hall.

    by TheBaron
    2015-02-28 18:16:53

    Not sure how I feel about that.

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    PacHoops breaks down the Utes:

    by TheBaron
    2015-02-28 13:30:24

    http://pachoops.com/2015/02/everything-yo u-need-to-know-about-utah-whats-apl/

    PacHoops points out some things about the Utes that you probably already know, but also some things that you wouldn't expect. There are a couple things about the Utes that are strikingly unique among their highly ranked, defense first peers. Good read to get into the game day mood.

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    Well $#!+.

    by TheBaron
    2015-02-22 15:21:41

    My updated PAC-12 championship odds:

    Outright champions - 1%

    Shared championship - 40%

    2nd place - 59%

    Beat Oregon today and it's probably:

    Outright champions - 40%

    Shared championship - 55%

    2nd place - 5%

    They probably don't realize it right now, but the Utes gave something away today that they will likely remember for the rest of their lives.

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    $#!+ just got real. This isn't funny on any level anymore.

    by TheBaron
    2015-02-12 17:46:49

    According to a court affidavit filed for the arrest warrant, West, 18, is accused of sexually assaulting the complainant, a female, who had allegedly been summoned to the home by West through a website that solicits escort and other services, with the expectation that she would receive $160 for the call.

    The police report and court documents allege that West brandished a large silver kitchen knife in the garage after the pair moved from a bedroom because a family member had returned home. Court documents state that West placed the knife against the complainant's neck and demanded sexual favors, which she eventually performed after an attempt to defend herself with a "small dagger" she pulled from her boot was unsuccessful.

    (updated article)

    I have no idea how he's not being charged with solicitation or sexual assault/rape, but jesus lord this is bad. One has to imagine even BYU won't attempt to spin its way out of this one. I will be shocked if the kid ever suits up for the zoo. Terrible situation for all parties involved.

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    In a magical land of unicorn and rainbows, where all teams in college basketball play a nearly identical schedule, I believe Gonzaga would be a 4 or a 5 seed.

    by TheBaron
    2015-02-07 22:52:36

    Every season they win a one horse race in the WCC and ride it to an undeservedly high seed in the NCAAs. The #1 seed talk is completely ridiculous, yet I almost expect it to happen with the hype they are getting this deep into the season. I guess the prognosticators didn't learn their lesson the last time Gonzaga was anointed.

    I very badly want Utah to end up in Gonzaga's bracket. there is no greater seeding gift than being in the bracket that has a soft #1 seed. It would be unlikely that Utah would see anything higher than a #4 seed in the elite 8. I highly doubt Gonzaga makes it that far.

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    One positive from tonight:

    by TheBaron
    2015-01-29 22:05:15

    The team can finish out the rest of the season without the pressure of winning a conference championship. Utah can still do big things this year, but a PAC-12 championship almost certainly isn't one of them. When you're not even the best team in your own conference, there's no reason to read your press clippings and get a big head.

    Time for the team to accept how far they still have to go and get to work.

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    Krystko is a badass.

    by TheBaron
    2015-01-17 21:59:43

    http://espn700sports.com/wp-content/uploa ds/2015/01/Larry-Krystkowiak-Postgame-1-1 7 -15.mp3

    He's not necessarily seeing the cause of the loss any differently from the fans, but his demeanor about tonight's ass beating is as chill as an iceberg in January. His NBA experience, where last year's champion lost 27 games along the way and was still considered completely dominant all season, has taught him to take the causes behind the losses seriously while not sweating them or over-emphasizing what they mean.

    Krystko's got this. I believe we still have at least a 50/50 shot at the conference championship. Enjoy the ride.

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    My quick take:

    by TheBaron
    2015-01-17 19:34:48

    Arizona's basketball skills: Good, but nothing special. Maybe 3rd or 4th in the conference.
    Arizona's physicality: MMA level; absolutely elite. Arizona played out of control violent and the refs rewarded them for it again and again. Smart, smart, super smart game plan on their part.
    Arizona's mental toughness: Nationally elite
    Arizona's effort level: Extremely elite. Maybe the best in the entire NCAA. This is the #1 reason they will go impressively deep in the NCAA tournament with NIT basketball skills.
    Arizona's big game mojo: Unquestionably elite

    Utah's basketball skills: Almost elite, but not quite there.
    Utah's physicality: High against finesse teams, but wilts like spinach under high heat against teams that play like teeth kicking brawlers. See: Arizona and SDSU
    Utah's mental toughness: High, but nothing even close to Arizona's. Utah straight gave up during multiple stretches while Arizona maintained extreme focus during every second, from tip to buzzer.
    Utah's effort level: High, but nothing even close to Arizona's. This is the single most controllable metric in all of sports and Utah failed spectacularly tonight. This one is entirely on the coaches and players. Simply unacceptable in any game.
    Utah's big game mojo: Inconsistent. A lack of big game mojo can keep a final four quality team from even making the sweet sixteen. This ties back in to mental toughness and effort level.

    After watching every single Arizona game and every single Utah game this season, I believe Utah is, by a sizable margin, the more skilled team with better out of game coaching and would beat Arizona 8/10 times if all things were equal, but all things are not even close to equal.

    Arizona tried WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY harder tonight, which is embarrassing and simply unacceptable. Arizona played physically out of control - almost violent - daring the refs to call them out for it, while Utah played "within the rules" and got absolutely owned because of it. This is something I fully expected to happen and I am a basketball idiot compared to every single coach on Utah's staff. Utah should have been better prepared for it and responded more confidently, but they weren't and they didn't.

    Utah is going to have to make some fundamental changes, emphasis on the "mental" part, or Utah is going to lose to AZ in SLC, therefore losing the conference title, and lose to AZ in the conference tournament. Arizona played like bullies and Utah took a fist to the face like an unconfident nerd overwhelmed by the situation.

    I believe Utah has both the coaches and the talent to fix this and punch AZ's teeth out in SLC, but it isn't a foregone conclusion by any means. Utah has a lot to work on while AZ simply needs to stay the course. Call me delusional, but in spite of it all I have faith that Utah's staff and players will figure things out, beat AZ in SLC, and win the PAC-12.

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    I'm jealous of Boise State's football program because their coaches have always understood that offense is every bit as important as defense.

    by TheBaron
    2014-12-31 15:16:30

    I dare not dream of how awesome Utah football would be with a coach that both understands that undeniable truth and possesses the ability to walk the walk.

    Then again, maybe instead of dreaming one only needs to watch the Frogs to see what happens when a defensive guru steps out of his comfort zone, hires quality offensive staff, and tells them to score as many points as possible.

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    Top 10 Most Recently Posted Messages:

    If Stanford beats USC, Utah has an extremely small chance of sharing a $6M CFP selection payout.
    (2 days ago, 0 stars)

    You are dead wrong. There absolutely IS a tie and Utah is absolutely IS PAC-12 South co-champions, but Utah lost the tiebreaker and has zero shot at winning the conference title.
    (2 days ago, 1 stars)

    Actually, Utah finished tied for first and are co-champions of the PAC-12 South.
    (2 days ago, 4 stars)

    You're making this more complicated than it is because you're too close to the situation.
    (2 days ago, 0 stars)

    Please tell me that is not a real thing. That sounds terrifying.
    (2 days ago, 0 stars)

    When I listen to KW talk about the Utes, he sounds exactly like most Ute fans - beyond frustrated with the offensive incompetence to the point he wants to scream and start smashing $#!+.
    (2 days ago, 4 stars)

    I honestly want to believe you're not a zoob pretending to be an exaggerated nihilistic anti-Mormon Ute stereotype, but the more you post, the louder my zoob alarm goes off.
    (2 days ago, 2 stars)

    You make a good argument for wanting Stanford to beat Notre Dame, which is something every single Ute fan with a pulse would agree with.
    (3 days ago, -1 stars)

    I respectfully disagree. Stanford has almost zero chance at a playoff under all remaining scenarios.
    (3 days ago, 0 stars)

    Fair enough. I did a poor job communicating my point with that opening sentence.
    (3 days ago, 0 stars)

    Your last scenario, as improbable as it seems, would be amazing! Who knows - maybe the committee would feel sorry for the PAC-12 not being in the playoffs and throw the conference a bone.
    (3 days ago, 1 stars)

    You have tunnel vision on the first sentence of that post, which was admittedly poor wording on my part and didn't communicate the point I was trying to make.
    (3 days ago, 0 stars)

    You are reading the distribution model (mostly) correctly, but you are reading my post incorrectly.
    (3 days ago, 1 stars)

    You're fogetting one thing - my scenario is actually possible, while yours is an extreme long shot.
    (3 days ago, 0 stars)

    I'm not saying you are wrong, but I am saying it's total bull$#!+ that Oregon could be gifted a NY6 game over Utah.
    (3 days ago, 2 stars)

    If you do the math the difference is not significant by any stretch of the word.
    (3 days ago, 3 stars)

    Stanford in the playoffs does nothing to help Utah. What helps Utah would be two teams in NY6 bowls.
    (3 days ago, 0 stars)

    I agree with you 100% in general terms, but in this specific case, both the name of the organization and the context of its tweet are legitimately offensive towards one of the most persecuted groups of people ever.
    (3 days ago, 6 stars)

    Because nobody that follows football recruiting pays any attention whatsoever to ESPN's recruiting rankings. ESPN contracts out their rankings with a 3rd party company and they are considered the worst in the industry by a country mile.
    (4 days ago, 4 stars)

    What percentage of Utah students do you think live in Sandy and Bountiful? I'd guess under 1%.
    (4 days ago, 1 stars)

    Utah has been within one win of the south championship 3 out of 5 seasons.
    (4 days ago, 1 stars)

    You seem to misunderstand everything. Utah's recruiting classes are significantly higher rated than BYU-P's and have been for years.
    (4 days ago, 4 stars)

    The replies to that photo are sad.
    (4 days ago, 5 stars)

    There are actually quite a few photos and videos out there of bad fan behavior in this state, they just happen to be comprised of 99.9% BYU-Provo fans.
    (5 days ago, 8 stars)

    Please. Ole Miss would beat Utah by 2-3 TDs this year.
    (9 days ago, 0 stars)

    *will go to the Vegas Bowl
    (9 days ago, 1 stars)

    You're a damned fool if you think the city "sells" top recruits. If recruits picked teams based on the city, Utah would consistently out-recruit most of the PAC-12.
    (9 days ago, 0 stars)

    Miami is on pace to score 92 points.
    (10 days ago, 0 stars)

    I swear to god Kaleb Tarczewski is going on his 7th season starting at center for the 'Cats. It must be nice to sign 5 star, top 10 recruits that stay for the maximum duration of their eligibility and almost never miss a minute due to injury.
    (14 days ago, 0 stars)

    Seriously, people - STOP REPLYING TO THIS MORON. In case you are new to the Internet, here's how do deal with trolls:
    (14 days ago, 5 stars)

    I hope I'm wrong, but this one is looking like Kyle's annual "team doesn't bother showing up, gets blown out" game.
    (16 days ago, 1 stars)

    Did you not actually read the article or is this a reading comprehension issue?
    (17 days ago, 1 stars)

    I don't get why those two would try to make that connection. That game correlates with several stereotypes, but I've never heard of it being a Mormon thing. I think they were reaching hard on that one.
    (17 days ago, 1 stars)

    So your "credible source" is the single least credible source possible on the subject of LDS activity. Got it.
    (17 days ago, 0 stars)

    I don't get why people would try to make that connection either. That game correlates with several stereotypes, but I've never heard of it being a Mormon thing. I think someone was reaching hard on that one.
    (17 days ago, 0 stars)

    You make soooo much more sense now. I feel like we just had a breakthrough.
    (17 days ago, 0 stars)

    That sounds like a powerful argument against the value of raw statistics.
    (18 days ago, 0 stars)

    I just did a Google image search for 'Utonian 1912' and clicked the first result.
    (19 days ago, 2 stars)

    Based on the current rankings it's pretty clear that if Utah wins out, there is zero chance of more than one SEC team finishing higher in the CFP rankings.
    (20 days ago, 2 stars)

    Yup. That detail is pretty clear to anybody that reads the link in the OP.
    (20 days ago, 4 stars)

    This is the problem with protests; they attract morons like moths to a flame.
    (20 days ago, 6 stars)

    Some enterprising young chap should write an even more damning Rich Rod rumor and DM it to every single Arizona player on Twitter.
    (21 days ago, 0 stars)

    You just summed up a lot of people's perspective with eloquent brevity.
    (21 days ago, 7 stars)

    There's that tell-tale persecution complex I was waiting for. I hope you realize how insane it is that you've been posting here for years, pretending to be non-LDS, when you are, in fact, very much LDS and a staunch apologist.
    (21 days ago, 5 stars)

    Your experience of SLC being very tolerant might have something to do with the fact that the overwhelming majority of SLC residents are non-LDS and surprisingly liberal on social issues.
    (21 days ago, 15 stars)

    I can tell you right now which two time slots it won't be placed in:
    (21 days ago, 2 stars)

    This is me watching Gionni Paul play football:
    (22 days ago, 9 stars)

    You can add undefeated Iowa and their laugher of a schedule to your list.
    (24 days ago, 1 stars)

    This. I think the team has improved, but the high number of injuries to key players has muddied the water, making the improvement less clear than it would be if everybody was healthy.
    (24 days ago, 0 stars)

    Thank you for taking the time to give your thoughts. The logic behind your perspective is still hard for me to fully understand, but I appreciate you explaining it.
    (24 days ago, 1 stars)

    Did you even read my post? The point you are trying to make is literally the same point that I just made in the post you responded to.
    (24 days ago, 6 stars)

    Can I ask why this time is different for you? I'm not trying to be glib or facetious; I genuinely don't get it.
    (24 days ago, 9 stars)

    It's actually worse than it sounds. BYU-Provo was the *LAST* D1 college football team in the country to allow black players. Even the entire SEC had integrated before BYU-P allowed its first black athlete to step foot on campus.
    (26 days ago, 31 stars)

    College Football Playoff committee? Pffft. Everybody knows that Weighted Win Paths is the only methodology America can trust.
    (27 days ago, 3 stars)

    I don't think the difficulty lies in creating a code too difficult for the other team to crack.
    (27 days ago, 1 stars)

    All that this weekly signal stealing business tells me is that Utah's offensive coaching staff is too incompetent to get signals in from the sideline without them being cracked.
    (27 days ago, 7 stars)

    The Oregon game was a 3 sigma outlier for Travis. Unfortunately, USC Travis is a lot closer to his career mean.
    (30 days ago, 1 stars)

    Bad news for the Utes - neither Juju Smith nor Adoree Jackson are eligible to declare for the draft after this season.
    (30 days ago, 0 stars)

    Utah wasn't recruiting him 1/10th as hard as OrSU.
    (31 days ago, 2 stars)

    You can't recall the higher rated team getting pantsed? I'd bet cash money it has happened dozens of times in the past 15 years. For example, Utah @Oregon 2015.
    (36 days ago, 1 stars)

    The loss is 100% on the OC? Did you recently pick up an amphetamine habit?
    (36 days ago, 0 stars)

    LOL at your extreme overreaction and absurd exaggeration. Typical for a zoob pretending to be a fan of a P12 program.
    (36 days ago, 1 stars)

    Meh. We'll probably be top 10 in the CFP rankings that come out after the Oregon State game.
    (36 days ago, 0 stars)

    Beat USC and we will be ranked #1, two-thirds of the way through the season, in the ONLY poll that matters a lick. Today's game is an epic opportunity that most schools have never experienced and likely never will.
    (37 days ago, 1 stars)

    The AP Poll is irrelevant. Only the CFP rankings matter now.
    (37 days ago, 3 stars)

    *BYU-Provo's conference
    (39 days ago, 3 stars)

    Since Wannabe and Newbomb already replied, I figured I'd post too, so you can hit for the cycle.
    (39 days ago, 5 stars)

    I know you are just joking, but joking about turning the U into BYU-SLC is gratuitously vulgar.
    (39 days ago, 9 stars)

    My god you are delusional. I have never written anything of the sort.
    (39 days ago, 9 stars)

    I hadn't blue starred any of your posts, but since you decided to go the Christlike personal attack route, I'll give you the negative attention you crave.
    (39 days ago, 3 stars)

    I wouldn't sweat it. He's part of the persecution complex crew that thinks everything and everybody is anti-Mormon.
    (39 days ago, 8 stars)

    For those unaware, you can stream the NWTRU jumbotron feed:
    (40 days ago, 2 stars)

    I agree, but at least this time we are talking about possible cause for hope rather than the total failure of Hill scheduling yet another consecutive BYU-P H/H.
    (40 days ago, 1 stars)

    Hopefully scheduling a road game against SDSU in 2021 signals that Utah will not be playing BYU-P that season.
    (40 days ago, 18 stars)

    In all seriousness, how many of them had been BYU-P fans for longer than 2 to 5 years at that point?
    (40 days ago, 1 stars)

    If he was transported DIRECTLY from 1985, I'm not so sure BYU-P fan would be shocked about Utah dominating the rivalry and having the superior program.
    (40 days ago, 1 stars)

    Haven't you heard? BYU-P has better academics because their students received impressive GPAs and ACT scores in high school, before ever stepping foot on campus at The Zoo.
    (40 days ago, 9 stars)

    I would wager that most big time football recruits would emphatically say the exact opposite.
    (41 days ago, 4 stars)

    We already have had a couple obvious zoobs-turned-Ute show up over the years. I am genuinely afraid that we are going to have to fight an infestation in the future.
    (41 days ago, 5 stars)

    Hill would have to be worth a lot more than 32 points. The only reason Michigan was held to 31 was their offense shutting things down in the second half because a blowout win was already in the bag.
    (41 days ago, 2 stars)

    I don't understand their beef. If it's not for-credit and it's not mandatory and it's not scheduled during practice, what is there to complain about?
    (41 days ago, 8 stars)

    James has had literally hundreds of chances. The problem is that he either screwed them all up or couldn't get off the bench.
    (41 days ago, 2 stars)

    In fairness, it's not that hard for a team to make BYU-P 1984 look like Candy Land kiddie time stuff.
    (41 days ago, 4 stars)

    He left Washington when they hired Peterson and decided to completely change their offensive scheme.
    (41 days ago, 1 stars)

    A few people playing the "Utah isn't that good; we lost the game more than they won it" angle, but mostly people saying Utah is clearly, unequivocally the better team.
    (43 days ago, 4 stars)

    I visited a couple ASU message boards and cougarbored for what I call Schadenfreude Sunday.
    (43 days ago, 17 stars)

    To people with a poor understanding of football, elite offense = elite team; elite defense = boring, ugly, lucky, overrated.
    (43 days ago, 13 stars)

    Don't worry; they will all pick USC.
    (43 days ago, 18 stars)

    Just walked to RES with dozens of Ute tribe members. More than half were wearing drum and feather gear that clearly wasn't purchased this season.
    (44 days ago, 8 stars)

    I don't think about our players' penises or what they choose to do with them.
    (44 days ago, 1 stars)

    Britain Covey is 18. If you weren't a zoob I'd have just typed true freshman, but your so-called "true freshman" QB has a Flomax prescription.
    (44 days ago, 4 stars)

    The word "viable" appears in your post, but it does not appear in the 14th amendment. Ask yourself which of those two carries more legal weight.
    (45 days ago, 2 stars)

    I applaud your enthusiasm, but your ignorance destroys all credibility of the argument you are attempting to make.
    (45 days ago, 4 stars)

    No, they don't. A criminal getting an enhanced prison sentence is not the definition of a legally recognized citizen having "rights". Your intentions may be noble, but you are embarrassing yourself.
    (45 days ago, 8 stars)

    Look - I am not trying to argue that a fetus should not have any rights, I'm simply pointing out that, legally speaking, they don't.
    (45 days ago, 5 stars)

    As far as I understand it, we can't defund the abortion arm of PP because it already receives $0 in federal funding.
    (45 days ago, 4 stars)

    WTF are you talking about? A fetus does not have any rights and is not recognized as an individual until birth.
    (45 days ago, 5 stars)

    I'll be damned if this doesn't feel a touch familiar. Masturbation smack; typing "JO" instead of "jacking off"; posting anti-profanity quotes yesterday; talking trash about our fight song earlier today...
    (47 days ago, 15 stars)

    Horrible defense + elite offense + high risk play calling = Utah kryptonite.
    (51 days ago, 0 stars)

    You know how big of a douche annarborute can come across, constantly trying to poke at LDS? You are doing the same exact thing, just to a different group of people.
    (51 days ago, 15 stars)

    Top 10 Most Recommended Messages:

    Max Hall is the worst person to ever be a part of the Utah/BYU rivalry by an incalculable margin. (77 stars)
    2014-09-02 15:05:49

    Now that cougarboard has gone apoplectic over the video they claim was attacking their faith, I'm going to post the truth about it. (64 stars)
    2013-09-18 01:18:02

    For all of the lying they do - bordering on pathological, to be honest - sometimes I can't help but pause and ask "Wait... (52 stars)
    2013-02-12 11:29:23

    And we have some fans that actually wish we would have played these out of control, head hunting dip$#!+s instead of Michigan. (51 stars)
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    I love your BYU rants, but I hate these kinds of posts. (50 stars)
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    Just a reminder in case anybody missed it - (45 stars)
    2013-09-20 11:07:49

    You're just embarrassing yourself at this point. (45 stars)
    2013-09-19 22:20:32

    Maybe BYU didn't offer because they heard Austin hates BYU and would never seriously consider an offer. (45 stars)
    2011-05-19 13:04:22

    PSA of the day: (43 stars)
    2015-05-20 12:49:41

    Not that it's news, but Derik Stevenson is the definition of a zoob in every way. Derick honestly lives in a completely different reality than the rest of us. (42 stars)
    2014-10-24 14:39:16

    Top 10 Most Viewed Messages:

    Just a reminder in case anybody missed it - (4017)
    2013-09-20 11:07:49

    A random idea I wouldn't completely hate if we were ever forced to drop the Ute affiliation some years into the future. (2898)
    2011-12-31 00:43:25

    Says the guy with 10 posts and counting posing as a UW fan to troll a Utah message board. (2394)
    2012-11-05 23:59:52

    If you believe you are right, you shouldn't be jealous of Utah's conference. You should be thanking your lucky stars BYU isn't in an elite conference, playing a legit schedule week in and week out. (2074)
    2012-09-30 13:54:04

    If Webmonkey added a bleacherreport.com link filter I would use it. (1789)
    2012-06-13 19:04:55

    Even Utahns struggle understanding Utah's dumb liquor laws. (1570)
    2013-03-23 23:01:57

    New uniforms (1476)
    2011-07-29 19:53:54

    Now that cougarboard has gone apoplectic over the video they claim was attacking their faith, I'm going to post the truth about it. (1301)
    2013-09-18 01:18:02

    Thankfully, you are correct when you say that the situation being discussed is rare; I'd venture to guess it is extremely, ridiculously, unheard of, unicorn rare. (1222)
    2013-03-30 15:00:24

    RE: I heart Riley Nelson. (1149)
    2011-09-17 23:21:30

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