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    Glad to see Hatfield lawyer up with a solid defense attorney. The story and arrest look like bull$#!+ to me. Police didn't follow correct lineup procedures, so the identification is meaningless. I don't trust either the cops or the eyewitness

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2015-07-01 21:19:25

    account. He may get slapped with probation or some community service at worst.

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    Such fine young men

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-12-22 16:28:13


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    Hell yeah bro!

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-12-22 13:18:27

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    Damn, the SEC is running the gauntlet this weekend:

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-11-20 17:52:17

    Florida is trying to match Jacksonville State and Tennessee Tech by beating Eastern Kentucky.

    Georgia is playing Charleston Southern who just held off Liberty last week 38-36.

    The fake USC is 24.5 favorites at home to mighty Southern Alabama.

    Alabama looks to beat the Western Carolina Catamounts whom they have outscored 153-6 over the past 3 meetings.

    14th ranked Auburn takes on Samford and Son and will surely move up in the polls with a win.

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    Bowl projections

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-11-03 13:05:01

    CBS: Sun vs. Louisville
    Reign of Troy blog: Holiday vs. Iowa
    Scout: Cactus vs. Oklahoma State
    National Football Post: Vegas vs. Boise
    ESPN Schlabach: Holiday vs. Minnesota
    ESPN McMurphy: Holiday vs. Nebraska

    It obviously depends on how we finish the year: The bowls that have Utah in the Vegas or Cactus bowl have us finishing behind USC, UCLA, both Arizona Schools and Stanford.

    If we win 4/4 its either Rose (playoff) or Alamo (most likely Alamo).

    If we win 3/4 It's Alamo, Holiday, or San Francisco (most likely Holiday)

    If we win 2/4 it's San Francisco, Sun, Vegas, or Cactus (depends on who we beat)

    If we win 0 or 1 more its Vegas or Cactus.

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    How the Country roots for College football-by Zipcode.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-10-18 11:19:09

    Interesting map:


    Like the other sets of maps, these were created using estimates of team support based on each team’s share of Facebook “likes” in a ZIP code. We then applied an algorithm to deal with statistical noise and fill in gaps where data was missing. Facebook “likes” are an imperfect measure, but as we’ve noted before, Facebook likes show broadly similar patterns to polls.

    Looking at the State of Utah, the Utes are dominant. In the 4 zip codes (all Utah County) where BYU is more popular, the ratio is about 2.5-1. There are 3 zip codes in Utah county where they are 2-1, and 3 more where they are 1.5-1. That's it.

    In Salt Lake County, Utah is 4-1 (maybe closer to 5-1) across the board. Up North (except Cache county) it's about 3-1 Utes across the board, and the rest of the state is about 2-1 Utes.

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    I along with some others posted on here in May about how we did at the Ogden Marathon. For me, it was a huge disappointment, falling 24 minutes short of my goal time (3:10) and qualification for the Boston Marathon. After that race, I decided to

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-10-06 11:55:13

    go all in on the training. For 18 consecutive weeks, I ran on average 60 miles a week. This included 14-15 mile runs every Tuesday morning (at 5 AM before work), 8-11 milers every Thursday morning, and long runs every Saturday; all over 18 miles (5 over 20 miles). All with one goal in mind: 3:10 or faster at the St. George Marathon.

    So I laced them up on Saturday morning nervous as hell. Thought I had a good chance based on how well the training went and the Top of Utah Half Marathon I ran in August (1:27). I also knew the full marathon distance is a completely different animal and it was going to be very tough.

    Race started out well, the first 7 miles at St. George are mostly downhill and pretty fast. Averaged about 6:40 per mile for miles 1-7. First test came at Mile 8 (the Veyo hill). It is a fucking monster. Focused on keeping the heart rate down, but the pace suffered greatly (8:05). To make things worse, started to feel tiredness in the legs.

    Miles 9-13 continued as a slow climb. Based on my training, I knew my legs could recover if I stayed calm. Got through this tough stretch averaging 7:15’s; slower than expected but still on track for a 3:10 thanks to the fast early miles. Hit the halfway point in 1:32.

    I don’t remember miles 14-18, but they were solid splits; 7:02, 6:40, 6:40, 6:53, 6:51. Trouble came at 19; some unexpected uphills led to a 7:36. At mile 20, I was absolutely exhausted. Convinced myself that 7:30’s from here on out would get it done, but didn’t know how I was going to do it. Just kept running.

    Managed a 7:12 for mile 20, but it was tough. Then came a giant series of downhills at 21. Not only did I run a 6:43, but was able to stop at back to back aid stations, take a quick drink and catch my breath.

    At 22, I knew I had to run four 8 minute miles to close this thing out on time. Thought it was going to happen if I just held on. Ran 7:31 and 7:11 miles before entering St. George from the parkway. 2 miles still left but I felt like death and heart rate was through the roof.

    Finally made it around the final corner and saw the finish line in the distance. Looked for my family but couldn’t find them. Then I heard a large roar in the crowd and knew it was them (about 15 of them made the trip). Ran to the other side of the road for high fives, then back to the middle of the road and the finish line: 3:06:40.

    Immediately felt light headed when I crossed the line. I just stood there, hunched over for a minute or two with one of the volunteers. Stumbled to the shower and just stood there, soaking.

    Slowly walked over to the fence-line (with a volunteer holding me up) where my family was at. More high fives, hugs, and a very loud singing of Happy Birthday (Saturday was my 37th), with family members, volunteers, and even a couple strangers. Truly a great moment.

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    ESPN blog bowl projections:

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-09-21 18:08:55

    College Football Playoff: Oregon
    Fiesta Bowl: UCLA
    Valero Alamo Bowl: Stanford
    National University Holiday Bowl: Utah
    San Francisco Bowl: USC
    Hyundai Sun Bowl: Arizona State
    Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl: Washington
    Cactus Bowl: Arizona
    Heart of Dallas Bowl*: Oregon State

    http://espn.go.com/blog/pac12/post/_/id/7 7323/pac-12-bowl-projections-week-4-4

    Last week we were projected to Vegas.

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    2 Tickets for sale-Fresno State

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-09-01 13:10:50

    Have a little league game so can't make it this week. 70$ for the pair-section 10 row 51. Face value is 90$.

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    Scott Mitchell going to be on the biggest loser. Best of luck to him, weight loss is a bitch.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-08-06 15:50:24

    http://deadspin.com/scott-mitchell-got-fa t-and-will-be-on-the-biggest-loser-1617195 012?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitt er&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium= socialflow

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    I liked the discussion on here a few months ago about how fellow runners did at the Ogden marathon. Wanted to know who on here is training for a fall marathon or half marathon, what

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-07-22 20:02:22

    your goals are, and how training is going. I took 89's advice and have upped mileage considerably over the past 2 Months for St. George on Oct 4th.

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    The real culprit of the San Antonio A/C shutdown

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-06-05 21:41:53

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    Dearest Abigail, The fighting in Foxborough has been most violent.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-01-11 20:54:38

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    Dan Deirdorf is an idiot. He's going on and on about how it's better that the Patriots give up the ball inside the 3 rather than taking a safety. Hey dumbass, the Colts are guaranteed a field goal and would most likely get a TD.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2014-01-11 19:36:50

    And I'm still pissed off Gus Johnson didn't get the earlier game. The team on fox wasn't good.

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    Bad idea.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-10-18 07:10:27

    http://shop.utahutes.com/catalog/product/ Utah_Utes_vs._Stanford_Cardinal_2013_Score _T-Shirt_-_Red

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    Texas fires DC

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-09-08 14:55:57

    http://msn.foxsports.com/collegefootball/ story/After-BYU-loss-Texas-fires-defensive -coordinator-Manny-Diaz-090813

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    Chow fires OC at Hawaii, they won't fill the position this year but Jordan Wynn and Luke Matthews will see an expanded role.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-08-03 06:20:22

    http://www.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football /story/2013-08-02/hawaii-offensive-coordin ator-dismissed-fired-aaron-price-norm-chow -jordan-wynn

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    Has anyone ever had success adding on to existing football seats? If so, what was the cost?

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-05-13 10:52:40

    Was told by the ticket office that a one time $1500 crimson club donation is required to add additional seats in my area. This doesn't include the ticket price.

    Just curious if what they are telling others is consistent with what they are telling me or is it just something they pull out of their ass. TIA.

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    Anyone here happen to run the Huntsville, UT Marathon last year? Had some questions about the course. It looks pretty sick:

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-05-09 11:51:44

    4524 ft drop in elevation with a start at 8738 ft above sea level. Was wondering if this is more rolling hills or steady decline.

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    The only player from the State of Utah to win Rookie of the year? Damian Lillard.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-05-01 22:14:59

    4th player ever to be a unanimous selection.

    During his rookie year he broke Stephen Curry’s NBA rookie record for three-pointers in a season, knocking down 185 three-pointers on the year, which is also a new Trail Blazers franchise record for most three-pointers in a season. It was also the fifth most threes in the league this season. He was named the Kia Western Conference Rookie of the Month in each month during the season, becoming the eighth player to sweep the monthly awards.

    He joined Oscar Robertson and Allen Iverson as the only rookies in NBA history to record 1,500 points and 500 assists in a season. He scored 30 or more points five times during the year, including a career-high 38 against the Los Angeles Lakers in April.

    http://www.weberstatesports.com/ViewArtic le.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=8600&ATCLID=207500663

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    Check out who stopped by the Duck Dynasty Headquarters.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-04-09 13:38:05

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    Haven't seen this posted yet, but one of the best sports columnists (Jason Whitlock) with a good article on Alex Smith and Andy Reid

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-03-02 10:26:04

    http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/kansas -city-chiefs-acquisition-of-alex-smith-cou ld-pay-off-if-andy-reid-creates-right-form ula-030113

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    Sean Smith may not be a Dolphin for long:

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-02-23 14:10:22

    A source close to free agent cornerback Sean Smith laughed when asked if Smith and the Dolphins have had productive contract talks at the Combine. Smith is seeking a contract worth at least $24 million guaranteed over three years, and the Dolphins don’t value him that highly. The Dolphins might use the franchise tag to keep him around, but defensive tackle Randy Starks seems like the likelier option.
    Don’t rule out the transition tag, either, which gives the Dolphins the right to match any other free agent offer Smith receives.

    Either way, Sean is going to get paid big over the next few years which is good to see.

    http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/sports/ football/dolphins-report-pressure-is-on-je ff-ireland-to-avo/nWX4M/

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    Good analysis of the Alex Smith situation

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-02-19 11:50:10

    The only items that are important:
    1. The 49ers want to trade Smith.
    2. Smith would rather be released and become a free agent.

    5 Myths regarding the situation:

    1. The 49ers are eager to have both Colin Kaepernick and Smith on the roster in 2013.
    2. There's a weak trade market for Smith.
    3. Smith was a free agent last season and there was no market for him.
    4. The 49ers owe it to Smith to release him.
    5. Teams will be reluctant to trade for Smith because his salary is prohibitive.

    http://www.sacbee.com/2013/02/19/5199309/ 49ers-analysis-alex-smiths-future.html

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    Alex Smith and Brett Elliott story in Peter King's MMQB.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-01-28 07:37:29

    http://m.si.com/1320468/are-you-ready-sup er-bowl-xlvii-week-is-off-and-running-2/

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    Good poll question and somewhat unexpected answers. I expected more votes on the pessimistic side due to the bad season and how fans usually overreact. Good to see that the majority on here are reasonable.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-01-17 19:55:32

    I would love to see the question again after next season and compare it year to year.

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    Some good news: former Ute Mike McCoy is a hot commodity and is expected to land a Head Coaching job this week.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2013-01-13 09:33:50

    Appearing on GameDay Morning, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport said he's hearing the Cardinals are expected to go after Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy for their head-coaching vacancy.
    When asked which of the head coach jobs would be filled next, Rapoport said he believes it will be the Cardinals. He also said if Arizona can't land McCoy, whose Broncos were just eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday, then incumbent defensive coordinator Ray Horton could be the backup plan. McCoy is expected to be a hot commodity on the market this upcoming week.

    Adam Schefter also reporting on twitter that San Diego is planning to interview him.

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    The Patriots are the most overrated team in the NFL. Their signature win was against the Texans who were pushed around by the Vikings. They also were owned by the Niners and nearly beaten today by the 2 win Jaguars.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2012-12-23 20:51:41

    Denver is the team to beat in the AFC. The NFC belongs to the Packers or the Seahawks, with an outside shot to the Falcons.

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    Just when you thought life couldn't get any better, the McRib sandwich makes an appearance just in time for the holidays. Eat at your own risk.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2012-12-13 10:37:20

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    Mitt's reaction to Pacquiao getting KO'd.

    by Section10Row51Ute
    2012-12-09 09:16:20

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    Top 10 Most Recently Posted Messages:

    Just a creative way for the clowns to try and get the three fanbases to listen at the same time and argue with eachother.
    (4 days ago, 4 stars)

    He is smart and Handsome.
    (4 days ago, 4 stars)

    We have to get better on 3rd down, but not sure if we are going to given the lack of difference makers at WR and underwhelming QB play. Can't really rely on punt returns and kickoff returns being outstanding every year because it is so unpredictable.
    (5 days ago, 0 stars)

    My Grandma sent me that in an email and I thought it was cute.
    (9 days ago, 5 stars)

    The SEC traveling to SLC. Now that is funny.
    (12 days ago, 0 stars)

    Utah stadium expansion is a pretty low risk proposition. The Utes are the only major sporting event in town besides MLS and the Jazz. In addition, given the investment into the program by the athletic department, the Utes are never going to
    (18 days ago, 3 stars)

    Utah has only the 68th largest stadium in FBS.
    (23 days ago, 1 stars)

    My guess is that this will impact the mid-majors and lower tier conferences that are not pulling the ratings. ESPN owns a majority of the bowl games, so there will be costs cut to the Vegas, Poinsettia, etc.
    (23 days ago, 1 stars)

    That is the cops version of the story and could likely be 100% bull$#!+.
    (26 days ago, 2 stars)

    Runners are supposed to run against traffic (although not in the bike lane). Also, running on the sidewalk (concrete) sucks because the surface is much firmer. If there are no cars around I'll run on the road even if there is a sidewalk available.
    (26 days ago, 4 stars)

    RE: What? How?
    (30 days ago, 0 stars)

    Glad to see Hatfield lawyer up with a solid defense attorney. The story and arrest look like bull$#!+ to me. Police didn't follow correct lineup procedures, so the identification is meaningless. I don't trust either the cops or the eyewitness
    (31 days ago, 3 stars)

    Hell of a job out there. My goal was 3:20, finished in 3:26:48. My lack of training mileage caught up with me at the end, and I had a rough finish (1:36/1:50 split). You'll easily make it in to Boston for 2016, current projection is BQ -84 seconds:
    (76 days ago, 0 stars)

    No way Obama wears any of that ugly ass gear. At least give him some real U merchandise to throw in the garbage.
    (120 days ago, -2 stars)

    Looked tired 2nd half against Arizona. Looked tired 2 days ago against WSU. Looked tired today. The long season is a grind. Remember 1998? Ran out of gas in the Championship, they were only playing twice a week.
    (147 days ago, 0 stars)

    Zero. No way they even show up in Vegas after today.
    (147 days ago, 0 stars)

    If Larry had a plan, he would have rested key players today. Delon, who has looked tired since the 3rd quarter of Arizona, played 38 minutes. Poetl played 31, Taylor 35, and Loveridge 34. He should have went to the bench more and it's going to cost
    (147 days ago, 0 stars)

    The game is mostly meaningless, we'll either be a 2 or a 3 seed. Definitely want to enter the tourney playing well, but if i'm Larry I rest all the key players in the second half. Being rested and healthy are more important than a win.
    (147 days ago, 0 stars)

    He knows for sure. I was a bit surprised today about how smart he really is. Picked up on details very quick and everything he spoke about was relevant to any profession.
    (151 days ago, 2 stars)

    I was there also and had a chance to talk with Coach before the speech as well. My favorite story was when he called in a favor to an LDS travel guy who owed him one. Convinced the guy to send him to New Zealand using church funds to recruit a couple
    (151 days ago, 3 stars)

    You guys both sound like dicks.
    (162 days ago, 36 stars)

    RE: Hypothetical: what is Utah’s seed if?
    (170 days ago, 3 stars)

    I like any matchup outside of Duke and UK. Don't think we get past Duke in this scenario.
    (173 days ago, 0 stars)

    Jim Harbaugh > Aaron Roderick
    (176 days ago, 3 stars)

    He killed 3 Utah kittens and kidnapped 2 Ute polynesian puppies.
    (177 days ago, 3 stars)

    I wouldn't be surprised at all to see this team in the final four. Outside of UK and Duke, Utah is as talented as anyone. The coaching staff is as good as any in the Country. Utah is deep, big, and has excellent guard play. Put us in a bracket
    (177 days ago, 1 stars)

    Beards > Goatees. The goat has been out of style for 10 years.
    (178 days ago, 3 stars)

    Nice get for the Utes. Was expected to go to Nebraska.
    (180 days ago, 3 stars)

    I give your post a D.
    (193 days ago, 4 stars)

    #%!@ Saturday and #%!@ Arizona. We'll kick both their asses.
    (198 days ago, 0 stars)

    Screw the current bracket predictions, this team is winning the PAC-12 and getting a #1 seed.
    (198 days ago, 1 stars)

    Tell me more about him twisting your knob.
    (200 days ago, 3 stars)

    Our offense would be the same with OSU's #1 QB.
    (201 days ago, 0 stars)

    Would his OC be Mike McCoy and DC Pete Carroll?
    (201 days ago, 0 stars)

    All of that is irrelevant when it comes to pay. The only thing that matters is current and future value.
    (205 days ago, 0 stars)

    Chris Hill's job is a lot easier if Whittingham succeeds. He's in a tough spot because the football team has been up and down. Whittingham believes he deserves more money and Hill doesn't want to commit another 2 years in top of the current 3.
    (205 days ago, 6 stars)

    This team is going to the final four.
    (206 days ago, 8 stars)

    He is clearly defending his teammate, #17 Badger.
    (207 days ago, 0 stars)

    How many OC's in the last 7 years? Common sense says otherwise.
    (207 days ago, 0 stars)

    Nobody else will take the job.
    (207 days ago, 0 stars)

    Dave Christensen said that he was not allowed to run his offense. Why wasn't he allowed to run his offense? Whittingham.
    (207 days ago, 2 stars)

    There have been a ton of rumors of Mora to the NFL. UCLA is an interesting job-they would want a big name, but the job is overrated. Mediocre facilities and not as much pay as elite programs. Plus the California taxes & cost of living are very high.
    (210 days ago, 0 stars)

    Expect more? Chris Hill has exceeded all expectations as athletic director. Anyone who expects more is a complete #%!@ing idiot.
    (210 days ago, 4 stars)

    Wilson hasn't developed over the past 2 years, some of that is on the coaches and some of that is on him.
    (211 days ago, 0 stars)

    The problem isn't ARod, the problem is Whittingham. Roderick coaches like Kyle-too conservative on offense and too risk averse. We haven't seen and will probably never see what ARod can really do as a coach because Whit has put a ceiling on him.
    (211 days ago, 0 stars)

    If true, that is a $#!+ty thing to do and piss poor management.
    (211 days ago, 0 stars)

    Unfortunately none of Utah's coaches are accessible.
    (211 days ago, 0 stars)

    Bad call. Could have also had an INT. Run the ball there and you take another 35 seconds off the game clock. Odds are much better.
    (212 days ago, 0 stars)

    One bad call by Urb-the long pass on first down on their last possession. Kyle would have shut down the offense at the start of the 4th quarter.
    (212 days ago, 2 stars)

    McCoy and Utah are on good terms. Not even remotely possible for at least 3 years and unlikely overall. McCoy is making 4 million a year and even if he got fired after a couple years, he's still young and would likely pick up an NFL OC job.
    (214 days ago, 1 stars)

    Where in the post does it say they hate each other? This is a simply a business decision, nobody is choosing sides.
    (214 days ago, 1 stars)

    That would bring the total to 5 years, 11 million (up to 14.5 million with bonuses). That's too much risk for the program to take.
    (214 days ago, 7 stars)

    Great info, thanks for posting. Tough situation for Hill to be in for sure. Whittingham is fairly compensated as-is but it is Hill's best interest to have Whit stay at Utah.
    (214 days ago, 0 stars)

    Or find another job. I think Kyle is listening to other job offers.
    (214 days ago, 0 stars)

    Even if Kyle decides to change, what good OC candidate is going to come to Utah? Head Coach and Admin support has not been good for assistant coaches. Plus you would be forced to keep most of the existing staff. I think a good OC would have
    (214 days ago, 0 stars)

    "Bitches need stitches"
    (214 days ago, 0 stars)

    Please explain, I do not understand which rumor you are talking about.
    (216 days ago, 0 stars)

    Except they are a good team.
    (216 days ago, 2 stars)

    Not sure how you confirm that something hasn't happened. They have agreed to the terms, but the details haven't been finalized and it hasn't been signed. OSU needs to still work out the financial details with the university, donors, etc.
    (216 days ago, 0 stars)

    A-Rod is way too conservative. His only objective is to not turn the ball over. We need a more aggressive offense.
    (216 days ago, 1 stars)

    Graham has been correct throughout. Correct on GA going to OSU from Wisconsin, correct on Sitake, and correct on GA not yet signing a contract. You may not like what he is saying, but it has been accurate and he has good sources.
    (216 days ago, 0 stars)

    GA owes Utah nothing. We paid him while he was here and now he collects a paycheck from OSU.
    (220 days ago, 1 stars)

    It's nothing personal, just business. It's GA's best chance of success and he owes Utah nothing.
    (220 days ago, 0 stars)

    I highly doubt there was 10K in the stands.
    (222 days ago, 0 stars)

    Still trending on twitter: #BYUvsMEM, BYU and Memphis, 12 for BYU.
    (222 days ago, 0 stars)

    Such fine young men
    (222 days ago, 7 stars)

    How do you feel about puppies, rainbows, and large breasts?
    (222 days ago, 1 stars)

    Hell yeah bro!
    (222 days ago, 3 stars)

    RE: I'm thinking of taking my granddaughter to the pep rally Friday night. Has anyone been to one and is it fun enough to attend?
    (226 days ago, 1 stars)

    More details please.
    (226 days ago, 2 stars)

    This message board is not representative of the general public. I think the crowd around here is a bit older than the typical Buffalo Wild Wings crowd.
    (228 days ago, 0 stars)

    That is funny as $#!+.
    (228 days ago, 1 stars)

    But what do you really gain from torture? Probably not good intelligence and it is also detrimental diplomatically. I see no value.
    (228 days ago, 5 stars)

    No need to worry about due process or the constitution.
    (228 days ago, 4 stars)

    RE: Didn't need to... I watched 0 Dark Thirty. That Jessica Chastain chick tortured folks and she got Bin Laden.
    (228 days ago, 0 stars)

    The in-game experience and marketing for football is also better at BYU than at Utah. They actually have a decent sound system and their video production looks professional.
    (233 days ago, 0 stars)

    Agreed. Whit isn't Michigan's first choice, so they aren't going to back up the Brinks truck to hire him. Any offer they make, Utah should be able to match. If Utah wasn't in the PAC-12, we'd be screwed.
    (234 days ago, 0 stars)

    Worrying about INT's and making mistakes consumed Wilson this year and made him far less effective. When Wilson took more chances at the end of a couple close games-namely USC and Stanford, he was far more successful. The coaches had to open up
    (235 days ago, 0 stars)

    I'd rather have a QB Coach that is more interested in attacking the Defense instead of worrying about making mistakes.
    (235 days ago, 2 stars)

    People are complaining because Utah got screwed:
    (236 days ago, 3 stars)

    Don't forget the 15% ticketmaster extortion fees.
    (237 days ago, 0 stars)

    B.S. Utah finished ranked ahead of USC who is in the Holiday Bowl. We got screwed and since I'm not playing in the game, I can say the Vegas Bowl sucks ass and I hate the opponent.
    (237 days ago, 6 stars)

    I hope nobody attends.
    (237 days ago, 3 stars)

    Early in the year the committee had 3 SEC teams in the top 4. Based on what the teams had accomplished at the time, it was the correct choice. They were torched for it. So far, the committee has done a good job and hasn't caved to popular opinion.
    (237 days ago, 0 stars)

    The committee doesn't care about name brands or ratings. Case in point: the early rankings that favored the SEC. If they pick OSU it's because they played a CCG.
    (237 days ago, 1 stars)

    Silver's numbers don't account for the fact that the committee may give a big FU to the Big 12 for not having a Conference Championship game.
    (237 days ago, 1 stars)

    Listening to BYU fans will make you stupid. Ask yourself this: Do I want to be smart or stupid?
    (241 days ago, 6 stars)

    Obvious troll, nobody is this stupid.
    (243 days ago, 1 stars)

    If Christensen is back as OC, Wilson will not be the QB.
    (243 days ago, 4 stars)

    It's all speculation at this point, but here are a couple sources:
    (243 days ago, 0 stars)

    Only chance for San Fran will be if UCLA gets a New Years Day Bowl along with Oregon and Arizona.
    (245 days ago, 0 stars)

    Missouri has crossed the line. Where does the SEC stop-high school teams? JV? Pop Warner?
    (254 days ago, 1 stars)

    Damn, the SEC is running the gauntlet this weekend:
    (254 days ago, 1 stars)

    RE: Auburn should not be ranked ahead of UTAH.
    (254 days ago, 1 stars)

    Orchard without a doubt, then Dres
    (255 days ago, 1 stars)

    RE: Where does Utah want to go Bowling?
    (257 days ago, 1 stars)

    I'll take getting burned on the occasional misdirection play as a result of the Defense being overagressive. Can't be perfect on every play.
    (257 days ago, 3 stars)

    50% of every fanbase is bandwagoners, including ours.
    (257 days ago, 3 stars)

    Sorry man, but you are wrong. Utah should try and grow the fanbase as much as possible. More money=more success. And every fanbase has it's fair share of dweebs.
    (257 days ago, 4 stars)

    Despite what people think on this board, College Gameday and ESPN are a big deal. High School recruits and College kids want visibility and a wow factor. Gameday is the biggest college football show by far and has been a mainstay on ESPN for a long
    (258 days ago, 1 stars)

    Top 10 Most Recommended Messages:

    Did you watch any of the 2011 season? Norm Chow got everything out of Jon Hays and the Offense that was given to him. Chow was a great hire. (44 stars)
    2013-02-13 12:44:28

    They should mail the old logo to BYU to use when they go back to the Mountain West. (39 stars)
    2011-04-04 11:05:06

    You guys both sound like dicks. (36 stars)
    2015-02-20 09:56:04

    The entire 2004 and 2008 seasons. (34 stars)
    2012-03-26 14:24:58

    If there is anything Ute fans can appreciate, it's when our friend's fat arm makes us look naked. (33 stars)
    2011-07-11 08:22:05

    Let the Zoobs enjoy it. It's not very often they get a chance to overhype their QB. (30 stars)
    2012-07-17 08:53:59

    Hays for President (29 stars)
    2012-09-14 10:30:48

    Now a pair of melons gets you kicked out of the north end zone. (29 stars)
    2011-07-19 08:51:05

    My Eric Weddle man crush has been surpassed by Alex “as tough as a $2 steak” Smith. (28 stars)
    2012-09-19 11:57:26

    Pouha Donates $50K to U (26 stars)
    2012-05-25 09:56:20

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    Dear God, what happened to Leslie Visser? (3063)
    2011-03-17 19:06:08

    I like this picture better (1875)
    2011-12-12 10:31:15

    sam boyd stadium seating question (818)
    2010-12-17 13:17:39

    Forget about Norm Chow coming to the Utes for their first season in (772)
    2011-01-23 10:36:42

    I love Coach Whit's comment from the DNews article this morning regarding (770)
    2011-01-31 10:22:01

    Heaps wishes his wife had boobs that big. (756)
    2011-06-25 20:53:18

    latest ESPN PAC-12 recruiting blog (736)
    2011-01-27 09:43:46

    Jordan Wynn Status (718)
    2011-02-11 13:33:03

    Chow named whale sanctuary superintendent (668)
    2011-01-15 10:34:12

    Should be a strong candidate for all-american honors next year. (659)
    2011-12-16 18:09:05

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