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"Blame it on the Brain"


Member since: December 29th, 2008
Star rating: 949
Age: 35
Gender: M
Hometown: SLC
Occupation: Chemistry Mass Spec Analyst Guy
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Favorite Website: none
Myspace profile:
About Me:
Biology Grad U of U 05. I love CFB, Skiing, Camping, Techno, DJing, Anime (Gundam!), Sport Bikes (I own a ZX-6R), Belgian Strong Ale, Port wine, workin on my lawn, and my wife of 8 years and my Boxer dogs.
My Favorite Teams:
Been a Utah fan since I can remember, my family has always had B-Ball and F-Ball tickets. My early Ute memories are of Scott Mitchell, Luther Eliss, and Josh Grant. I'll follow most NFL teams with Utes on it, but having lived in the Bay Area before moving to Utah, the 49ers have always been a family favorite.
My Favorite Victories:
I remember listening to the Utah/BYU game on the radio after a day of skiing at Snowbird as a teenager. The family I went skiing with went into a retail shop and I decided to stay in the car alone to listen to the game. Minutes later, Cal Beck ran back a kickoff for a TD to win the game.

Beating A&M at home, Oregon at home, UCLA at home, come from behind against Oregon State in 08 (I was calling people out for leaving even before the comeback), 48-24 over BYU for the undefeated regular season as pictured in my profile, and the come from behind TCU victory the same season. I went to the Fiesta Bowl, but our trip to Nawlins and the Sugar Bowl win was the BEST...so far.
My Favorite Players:
Alex Smith, BJ, Weddle, Paul Kruger, Sean Smith, Sakoda, the Dysons, Harold Lusk, Ma'Afala, Warfield, Jamal A, Mike Andersen, Downtown Freddie Brown, Eliss, Weddle, Cal Beck, Dave Revill, Shaky, Ratliff in the BYU game, Barry Sanders, and Weddle.

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