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"You know who dat was. Crint Eastwood. Yes Crint Eastwood."


Member since: August 2nd, 2003
Star rating: 21858
Age: 39
Gender: M
Hometown: Bountiful
Occupation: Kilt Salesman
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Favorite Website: http://www.utefans.net
Myspace profile:
About Me:
My Favorite Teams:
Utah Utes, Buffalo Bills (yes the Bills, if you have an hour, I'll tell you why Erroll Tucker is to blame), Real Salt Lake.
My Favorite Victories:
1990: Utah at Minnesota (Greg Reynolds block, and Lavon Edwards runs for the game winning score with no time left)
1993: Utah vs SDSU (Anderson vs Faulk 45-41 with Utah and Hooks scoring with 7 seconds left)
1994: Utah vs the Zoo (CAL BECK!)
1994: Utah vs Arizona (CAL BECK! and "How did McCoy ever get that football off...He was going down!")
1995: Utah vs Fresno State (The other last second comeback win that year.)
1998: Utah vs Louisville (my first time hearing the national anthem in two years, and in a beautiful new stadium)
2002: Utah vs the Zoo (I threw up 5 times that morning, but made it to Mac's last game.
2003: Utah vs Cal
2004: Utah vs Colorado St
2005: Utah vs Georgia Tech
2007: Utah vs UCLA
2008: Utah vs Oregon State
Hey, this isn't fair, I can't remember all my favorite games.
My Favorite Players:
Erroll Tucker, Lavon Edwards, Scott Mitchell, Keith Williams, Bryan Rowley, Jamal Anderson, Henry Lusk, Charlie Brown, Cal Beck, Mike McCoy, Mike Anderson, Stevonne Smith, Brooks Bahr, Ben Moa, Brandon Warfield, Quinton Ganther, Paris Warren, Alex Smith, Morgan Scalley, Dave Reville, Travis LaTendresse, Eric Weddle, Louie Sakoda, Stevenson Sylvester, Mike Wright, Christian Cox, David Reed, RoJo,....


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