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What zoobs don't understand about "scoreboard" smack...

Posted By: Sushi
Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 02:23 pm

POINT 1:"Scoreboard" is a response, not a initial attack.
For example, if zoobs magee starts running his gums about attendance, or 1984 etc., then the recipient of this unsolicited attack can end the exchange quickly and irrefutably with "scoreboard" if it is at his disposal that particular year.

POINT 2:"Scoreboard" only works when the game is over or clearly out of reach.
I had to laugh when some kid dressed like J. Crew himself, sitting 6 rows in front of me at the game this year, and with whom I had no interaction at all to this point, turns around after a BYU score in the second quarter and yells "scoreboard" at me. Really? The game wasn't even halfway over. He also broke rule 1.

Was that you Mesa?

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Sushi icon NEW: What zoobs don't understand about "scoreboard" smack...
Sushi - -- Tuesday 15 December 2009, at 02:23 pm [ID# 942031] [reply]
o NEW: zoobs and understand are the oxymoron of the day. (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 15 December 2009, at 02:45 pm [ID# 942034] [reply]
o NEW: Scoreboard is a comeback, douche bag is an attack. (nm)
Utes49ers - -- Tuesday 15 December 2009, at 03:08 pm [ID# 942041] [reply]
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