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Article on Paul Soliai "brings improved quickness to Dolphins"...I'm guessing he will be the best 2nd year MWC player on the team

Posted By: WasatchUte
Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 09:26 am all/other_nfl/view/2008_07_30_Paul_Soliai _ brings_improved_quickness_to_Dolphins/srv c =home&position=recent

MIAMI - Last years plan for the nose guard spot consisted of superannuated Keith Traylor trundling out his 340 pounds on 38-year-old knees for several downs and being significantly spelled by 2007 fourth-round pick Paul Soliai. After this apprenticeship, Soliai would assume the nose guard position himself.

Didnt work. Soliai subtracted conditioning by adding bulk, and the larger version shrank in lineup presence as the year passed. Meanwhile, the Dolphins were pushed around in the middle on their way to being last in the league in rush defense and 30th in yards allowed per rush. This years nose guard plan brings in 33-year-old Jason Ferguson from Dallas, perhaps getting another two or three years out of him - Ferguson has insisted hes not staying around as long as Traylor did - and Soliai either being a solid backup or maybe being gone.

Hes working out a little better - so far.


With the typical first-week training camp caveat - its early - theres some significance to what happened during Tuesdays team drills. Soliai plugged up several running plays while with the second team in the early team drills, earning him several snaps with the first team during later team drills as Ferguson got a rest.

"We want to see Soliai out here; we want to see him take a lot of plays," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said. "Well see what happens when we get into some of these games and see how he responds, too. We need to see that. Ive been pleasantly impressed with Paul right now. Hes another guy who lost a lot of weight, came in, and hes moving a lot better. Hes using his hands a little bit, but hes got a long way to go, fundamentally, and we need to get him there."

Coaches and teammates have noticed Soliais improved quickness now that hes back down to the 335 pounds or so he carried on his 6-4 frame at the University of Utah.

Linebacker Channing Crowder called Soliai the biggest surprise of the first training camp weekend, saying, "Hes beating the heck out of people. He started out slow last year, but he came out for this camp."

Soliai said: "Last year, I was 348 and up. I thought if I was going to play in the middle, I should gain a lot of weight. Plus, it was my first year of playing nose and thought if I was heavier, I would be harder to move."

That rookie mistake was followed by another: "I really wasnt ready, I wasnt focusing on my techniques of playing nose."

Soliai made only three tackles all season and was inactive for the last three games. This, even as Traylor didnt start the penultimate game of the season and was inactive for the final game after dustups with a couple of teammates and soon-to-be-fired coach Cam Cameron.

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WasatchUte icon NEW: Article on Paul Soliai "brings improved quickness to Dolphins"...I'm guessing he will be the best 2nd year MWC player on the team
WasatchUte - -- Wednesday 30 July 2008, at 09:26 am [ID# 644548] [reply]
o NEW: On a related note, the Trib says Beck is currently #3 in the QB race in Miami and not looking very impressive so far in camp. (nm)
UteBrave - -- Wednesday 30 July 2008, at 09:49 am [ID# 644565] [reply]
Crimsonite icon NEW: Read the Miami Herald...they already hate Beck. (short)
Crimsonite - -- Wednesday 30 July 2008, at 09:52 am [ID# 644567] [reply]
TheJuggernaut icon NEW: RE: Beck, someone posted this a few days ago...
TheJuggernaut - Top 25 Poster -- Wednesday 30 July 2008, at 09:54 am [ID# 644573] [reply]
chUckb icon NEW: Is Fifita still down there? It seems like last year he played in every game. (nm)
chUckb - -- Wednesday 30 July 2008, at 09:52 am [ID# 644568] [reply]
DolphinsfanUte icon NEW: Nope, he got picked up by New England a few months back. (nm)
DolphinsfanUte - -- Wednesday 30 July 2008, at 09:55 am [ID# 644574] [reply]
Crimsonute icon NEW: Come on Dolphin Fan. Tell me Beck is going to start.
Crimsonute - -- Wednesday 30 July 2008, at 10:17 am [ID# 644598] [reply]
DolphinsfanUte icon NEW: That was his only touchdown throw last year, and it was to the other team... Waste of a draft pick... (nm)
DolphinsfanUte - -- Wednesday 30 July 2008, at 11:40 am [ID# 644670] [reply]
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