Also, I had one person tell me that the best places for political talk was sports forums. Why?

Posted By: Ute2004
Date: Friday 21 April 2017, at 12:32 pm
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Because no matter the argument, no matter the ideas, not matter the wins/defeats, we can all come back to the table later on and root for our team. Politics on a sports forum helps us find common ground.

It is also a reminder that even with different ideas, we can exist together. Not everyone's ideas are right (except mine, of course). Not everyone's are wrong. Hell, sometimes mine are right and sometimes those same ideas are wrong.

BUT, after the discourse, the debate, the back and forth and sometimes the ugly, we can all come together and celebrate Utah expanding the stadium. We can talk about the new kid coming to Utah or how it sucks we lost on that recruit.

We can bag on FBYU-P, U$C, and the so cal wanna be's who are just pretty whores.
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