If I may...this board was built on anti-BYU posts. Now maybe it shouldn't remain that way, maybe...

Posted By: wannabeaute
Date: Friday 21 April 2017, at 12:18 pm
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But go back through the archived posts. Go back through the quoted posts. Think about who your favorite posters have been over the years. Hod Sanders, Senioritis, TheghostofDickharmon, even trolls like Y'zguy and the pseudo-trolls. All BYU content.

Think back. When did you laugh the most? When did you reply the most? For most, it was when major fun was poked at BYU. Gary the genius Crowton falling on his ass? We may have discussed that a bit here. Every weird, run-on sentence from Roscoe? Ditto. Poppinga wins, Arujo's elbows, the butt hurt-round-the-world when Pacmas came?

I think anti-BYU posts are the straw that stirs the drink here. Will we now have peanut butter but no jelly? Ham without eggs? Jello without shredded carrots?

I hope not.

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