So... it is the off season

Posted By: Rocker Ute
Date: Friday 21 April 2017, at 11:45 am
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A couple of reminders:

1. Uncheck the categories you don't want to see... it may make the posting rate slow for you, but will help fix 90% of the problem

2. Make sure to categorize stuff properly. Sometimes politics and religion drift into other categories of course, but a lot of times we put stuff in 'misc' when it is politics, or is being discussed around politics. Keeping stuff in the right categories helps a lot.

3. Keep stuff safe for work and appropriately link to things and clearly mark NSFW stuff, so people who don't want to see that stuff do not.

So a quick side note: What is NSFW? Well I guess it depends on the workplace, but I think for purposes of here, lets keep a really high standard on it. For example, a question was asked about posting pics of the USC song girls. Frankly, as cheerleaders go they are probably on the more modest side of things and we go to games and that is all fine. HOWEVER, I would not want my boss (or wife) walking in on me with pics of cheerleaders up on the screen. I would say where possible with that stuff link it out and let people know what it is. So I wouldn't necessarily say "NSFW pics of USC Song Girls" but maybe just say, "Pics of USC song girls..."

4. Let's remember to keep the good vibe here. If you are getting angry it is time to step away. If you have a thread that the posts are getting about an inch wide because you are replying to a reply of a reply of a reply of a reply of a reply... probably time to take a breather. If you can't laugh about something anymore, you are probably to that point.

5. We're all Ute fans here, so let's remember that. If you get tired of the politics and want something else, make sure to contribute that. It is slow this time of year, but there are other sports to talk about too.

6. Ignore people who you know incite you. I've got a few myself (Newbomb).

Finally, an idea I've been mulling around. I think one way to help people with this stuff is to allow OTHERS to tag posts they haven't made. You could then filter things based off of these tags, and so even if someone miscategorizes something, if someone tags it, you could filter it out (or search by that filter).

For example, FFU posted an article about the value of national parks in the Misc category. It could probably be in politics too (not splitting hairs here - btw - just an example) or it may devolve into a political discussion. Users could potentially tag that post with a politics tag and if I have that filtered out, I wouldn't see it. There could be lots of different tags too. You could also tag posts within a thread. So if someone says something about BYU and someone else responds with some religious quip (although I agree with SoCalPat's sentiment on this below) you could tag the quip and if someone doesn't want to see it they don't.

Anyway, just an idea. Keep it civil, and we'll keep trying to improve the board.
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