Uncheck the political category is the only thing I can suggest to you. But I can suggest a few things for the mods ...

Posted By: SoCalPat
Date: Friday 21 April 2017, at 11:42 am
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1. Let's take a page from Chris Hill's recent presser, when he decided not to talk about in-state scheduling, because no matter how well-meaning his intentions are, he's always going to get criticism from his remarks.

Everyone talks about how we're not BYU, how we shouldn't play them anymore, etc. There's a lot of truth and valid sentiment in those statements. So why should the LDS faith ever be discussed here? It's a millstone around the mission of this web site, and while religion gives the rivalry a status unique among any in college sports, we can all agree that it's contributed to the most toxicity in the rivalry. There are active LDS here, there are people who loathe the impact the Church has on their lives and there are people that fall in between. The site would be wise not to cater to ANY of those groups by allowing religious ramblings.

If we must have religious chat here, make it a private site where participation is by invite only.

2. The Miscellaneous category is a mess. There are matters that are pure nonsense, and should be put in their own category (my kingdom for a "Nonsense" category). Another post from yesterday took aim at the media and BYU, two matters that have their own category, but was also labeled as Miscellaneous. I would uncheck it, but it's so misused that frequently, good stuff is posted under that topic that is far from random clutter.

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