Bumping an old thread back up.... The HCI issue is a fiasco and the person who needs to be shown the door is PERSHING! | Utefans.Net
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Bumping an old thread back up.... The HCI issue is a fiasco and the person who needs to be shown the door is PERSHING!

Posted By: BaldHatu
Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 05:52 pm

If you listened to his meeting with Hughes' lackies at the time of the audit, Pershing sounded like a spineless imp. The Utah Man thing PC stand was a comical joke. Now the John Huntsman fiasco.

I DONT CARE IF THE PERSON LET GO AT HCI DESERVED IT OR NOT... YOU DO NOT act without the backing and support of a person who commands billions to your university system without his support. I am not suggesting an unethical situation be allowed to persist but absent ethics or reputation damage to the school then this whole situation at the U is an epic face plant.

From KSL...

SALT LAKE CITY Students, faculty, staff, patients, researchers and others associated with the University of Utah's Huntsman Cancer Institute are demanding an explanation for the sudden firing of its director, Dr. Mary Beckerle.

From KSL... Troops are restless....
100 protesters delivered a letter to U. President David Pershing and the university's board of trustees, asking for an explanation regarding the change.

Finally (also from KSL) pretty damning words from Huntsman.... also $250,000,000 now in doubt...
During his world travels and business dealings, Huntsman told KSL News, he has never seen unethical behavior to the extent that he has with current university administrators.

"We've never had anyone ... ever, ever act with this type of immaturity and dishonesty, ever," he said. "So it's new to us. We play by the rules, live by the rules."

Peter Huntsman, CEO of the Huntsman Foundation and Huntsman Cancer Foundation, also blasted the decision Tuesday, telling KSL News it was "a terrible move."

"I was absolutely floored. I was absolutely shocked," said Peter Huntsman, who is also CEO of Huntsman Corp. " I was very disappointed."

The change was made "without any consultation or any advice" on the part of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, he said.

Peter Huntsman vouched for Beckerle, calling her "a wonderful human being" who had overseen an increasingly successful facility that he said is known as "one of the best hospitals in North America."

"It's always about money. It's always about greed at the end of the day," he said.

"I imagine there's an ongoing argument in the university as far as how (granted or donated money) should be used," he said, noting that he believes funding donated or granted to Huntsman Cancer Institute should stay focused on its role in cancer research.

"It's a cancer hospital," he said.

"Our first and foremost (priority) is going to be for Huntsman Cancer Institute to be nationally recognized," Peter Huntsman said. "Does the university want us to have a role in this? Is this something the taxpayers want to start taking on?"

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o NEW: Bumping an old thread back up.... The HCI issue is a fiasco and the person who needs to be shown the door is PERSHING!
BaldHatu - Top 25 Poster -- Wednesday 19 April 2017, at 05:52 pm [ID# 1866120] [reply]
o NEW: Pershing is spineless. Who gets offended over the word man? Mankind, means everyone. Isn't that inclusive already? These special snowflakes are something else. (nm)
UtesMuss1 - -- Wednesday 19 April 2017, at 08:11 pm [ID# 1866126] [reply]
UTEDUDE icon NEW: If they replace Pershing as they should, I will drink my stein of lager, and then smoke a big cigar
UTEDUDE - -- Thursday 20 April 2017, at 06:09 am [ID# 1866137] [reply]
Kula Shaker icon NEW: I didn't realize Pershing was a Mormon. (nm)
Kula Shaker - Top 25 Poster -- Thursday 20 April 2017, at 10:42 am [ID# 1866165] [reply]
Rocker Ute icon NEW: Apparently the 'Senior members of the board of trustees' was David Burton
Rocker Ute - -- Wednesday 19 April 2017, at 09:06 pm [ID# 1866127] [reply]
o NEW: David Burton appears to be a magnet for trouble and issues. He had issues with the press and just about everybody else in his role at UTA. No surprise that he is involved here (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Wednesday 19 April 2017, at 10:37 pm [ID# 1866131] [reply]
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