So Bolles was mentally weak before his mission? I don't know him, so maybe.

Posted By: Maji Man
Date: Tuesday 10 January 2017, at 02:08 pm
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I would argue the football coaches could do just as well as some mission president and a one-year-older missionary companion to lead the maturation of a young man during a sports red-shirt year vs a 2-year hiatus from real athletic training.

As for Andy speaking up, there is a good way to do that like suggesting the timing of the strenuous leg lifts be moved to a different day, and there is a bad way of not liking something so just blowing it off (what I heard Domo did regarding outdoor practice one very cold morning).

Being older didn't seem to help Andy in that regard, I hope it doesn't mean the Utah coaches feel they're not open to suggestions from the troops. This situation in some other cultures has led to disasters, like a plane crash because a co-pilot didn't want to correct his higher ranking officer's approach.
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