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The Cal LB made a good play

Posted By: Utah Hick
Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 01:25 pm

He completely knocked Moeai off of his route, and screwed up the timing and angle of the throw.

It was discouraging (to say the least) because it was like the QB and the TE had never considered the possibility that the TE could be covered or knocked off of his route.

Williams never even considered running it or allowing the play to develop, and instead made a $#!+ty play in a $#!+ty ending to a $#!+ty game.

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Sandy Ute icon NEW: The Cal ending, wow was it bad. (long)
Sandy Ute - -- Tuesday 10 January 2017, at 01:10 pm [ID# 1861005] [reply]
Utah Hick icon NEW: The Cal LB made a good play
Utah Hick - -- Tuesday 10 January 2017, at 01:25 pm [ID# 1861010] [reply]
Sandy Ute icon NEW: Good play by Cal linebacker, but Moeai didn't put up much of a fight to keep his route where it should have been, my goodness, he's at the 4 yard line.
Sandy Ute - -- Tuesday 10 January 2017, at 01:56 pm [ID# 1861014] [reply]
o NEW: And Williams threw the ball too early. By comparison, notice how long Watson held the ball as he continued to roll out until his receiver came open in the end zone. Williams didn't force the defense to commit before he threw.
concerned - -- Tuesday 10 January 2017, at 02:15 pm [ID# 1861017] [reply]
jamarcus22 icon NEW: Yep. If he would have threatened the line of scrimmage he could have either jogged in or had an easy lob to a wide open receiver. (nm)
jamarcus22 - -- Tuesday 10 January 2017, at 02:34 pm [ID# 1861023] [reply]
jamarcus22 icon NEW: The makes me sad. We lost two games we shouldn't have to two team that both fired their coaches this offseason. (nm)
jamarcus22 - -- Tuesday 10 January 2017, at 02:35 pm [ID# 1861024] [reply]
Tacoma Ute icon NEW: Two teams that sucked this year too. One of them at home when we really needed it. (nm)
Tacoma Ute - -- Tuesday 10 January 2017, at 03:16 pm [ID# 1861035] [reply]
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