The Cal ending, wow was it bad.

Posted By: Sandy Ute
Date: Tuesday 10 January 2017, at 01:10 pm
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I saw someone complain about us not calling rub route plays used by Clemson last night in the redzone, and someone replied that we had called the same play against Cal, the throw was just bad. No.

I've included a screen shot of the redzone pass play that failed against Cal. As you can see, the play should have worked. The play had our TE start on the left side and run to the right as if to run block on a power run through the RG and RT. Instead, the handoff is faked and the TE ends up being the primary receiver running off to the right, while the WR's on the right side have brought their defenders to the left, opening up a huge space where Cal has one linebacker covering both the TE and the QB. If the linebacker covers the TE, Troy Williams should have clear path to run into the endzone. If the linebacker covers Troy Williams, Moeai should be wide open in the endzone to catch a pass. But Moeai doesn't run towards the endzone, he inexplicably keeps running parallel to the line of scrimmage. Still, Troy Williams should have simply kept the ball when he saw the linebacker covering Moeai and run it in. Moeai ruined the pass option of that play by not running towards the endzone, even if he catches the pass he gets tackled short of the goal line and we don't have time to get another play off.

Even though it took two players completely screwing up to keep that play from working, I still disagree with the playcall. If there's one thing that should have clued Coach Whittingham in to ARod being an incompetent OC, it was this: he continually called run fake passing plays on obvious passing downs. Unless the defense bites on the fake, all you do by calling a run fake is reduce your QB's ability to read the defense because he's busy faking the handoff. Run fake passing plays should only be used in situations where the defense thinks you're running. This play is clearly a passing situation, we have no timeouts but time to run two plays if we throw an incompletion. We got lucky and Cal inexplicably bit hard on the run fake, leaving one defender defending two players, but we screwed it up anyway.

Clemson's play maximized the time their QB had to read the defense and minimizes ways the offensive players can screw up. A simple WR crossing route where both players are already directed toward the endzone from the snap. No chance they aren't in endzone when a pass attempt is made. No fake handoff, the QB is looking at the defense as soon as he gets the ball, he has a full two seconds to read the defense. If the defense is zone, he runs, if man, he throws.

Have you ever seen an NFL OC call playaction on an obvious passing down? I don't recall ever seeing it. Hopefully our new OC will stop this nonsense, he's played QB before so I assume he realizes that distracting the QB with a meaningless fake only maximizes the chance he's going to misread the defense.

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