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Just a reminder in case anybody missed it -

Posted By: TheBaron
Date: Friday, September 20, 2013 at 11:07 am

***Evidence that "Darren Lucy" is a Utah fan***

--In an email to Utah's compliance office he went out of his way to conspicuously and unnecessarily refer to himself as a "die hard Utah Utes fan".

--Absolutely nothing else.

**Evidence that "Darren Lucy" is a BYU fan***

--Before sending any emails to anybody, "Darren Lucy" goes onto cougarboard under the username "dlucy44" and makes a post with his accusations against Hadley before anybody else could possibly know what he was about to do. He doesn't make a post on any Utah message boards. http://i.imgur.com/gUFBejx.jpg

--In this cougarboard post, "dlucy44" refers to BYU's fan base as "we"; refers to Holmoe as "our AD"; refers to Hadley as "one of our linebackers" and "one of our senior LB's". Does that sound like a "die hard Utah Utes fan"?

--Darren could have just as easily emailed BYU's compliance department and tipped off KSL or the Deseret News, but instead he contacts the school and the newspaper that zoobs like to call "anti-Mormon". (Because everything that isn't pro-Mormon is somehow anti-Mormon by default, right?) This guy seems concerned that BYU and its minions will sweep things under the rug or at least delay taking action.

--In the email to Utah's compliance office, Darren went out of his way to conspicuously and unnecessarily refer to himself as a "die hard Utah Utes fan", in spite of doing the exact opposite in the post he made on cougarboard. Sounds like he was going for the "2 for 1" - hurt Hadley and make Ute fans take the fall for it.

--A cougarboard poster with a track record for honesty makes a post claiming the guy who reported Hadley is actually a BYU fan and that he did it out of jealousy over a girl Hadley is involved with. http://oi44.tinypic.com/2uq0wg9.jpg

--The accusations in dlucy44's cougarboard post and in the email include a ton of major accusations that the provided photo cannot prove. To someone who's primary concern is ensuring that Hadley gets suspended for the Utah game, including a bunch of false information that can't be proven would risk weakening the case and possibly even discredit the source. To someone that hates Hadley personally and wants to hurt Hadley specifically and as deeply as possible, they'd want to make as many negative accusations about Hadley as they can; drag his name through as much mud as they can conjure, evidence be damned.
----------------------------------------- ----------

So all of that and we are supposed to believe the accuser is a "die hard Utah Utes fan" simply because he ham-fistedly wrote he was in an email he sent after he outed himself on cougarboard as a BYU fan? This $#!+ is getting out of control.

I suggest NOT reading the nasty things the zoobs have been posting on cougarboard. It's getting really, really ugly over there, including threats of violence and other things against Utah's compliance officer, brainstorming ways they can get her fired for doing her job, cyberstalking her, wishing all kinds of creative "pay back" upon Utah fans, etc.

The "baptism" video faux-controversy turned out to be a load of bull$#!+, but that didn't stop them for condemning all of our fans and players as anti-Mormon bigots. They've found a Twitter photo of Utah's compliance officer that **has been confirmed to have been photoshopped by an LDS compliance officer at another school**, but they are calling her anti-Mormon, wishing cervical cancer on her, saying they'd like to drop an air conditioner on her, and a ton of other terrible things.

This "Darren Lucy" guy is an admitted BYU fan that has been confirmed by other BYU sources to be a BYU fan that has it out for Hadley over a girl, but that hasn't stopped them from condemning all Utah fans as "snitches" (the irony!) and wishing all manner of harm upon the whole of us.

I don't even know what to say anymore at this point. Someone should compile it all and send it to Chris Hill and Tom Holmoe. The hate in this rivalry seems to come about 90% from the zoobs and gets blamed 90% on us. I am sick of being made out to be a bad person and a bigot and less than because I am not LDS. I am sick of having to constantly remind myself that a fan base that is 99.9% LDS, goes out of its way to bring religion into everything, and proudly defines themselves as a "missionary tool" is not representative of most LDS people or the LDS church. I am sick of watching them do everything in their power to increase anti-LDS sentiment and then crying bigotry if anybody dares to react to their hatemongering.

I would love to see Utah move on before one of these #@%holes decides follow through on their endless stream of threats. The LDS church should consider how many non-LDS people BYU's fan base manages to alienate and strongly consider shutting down BYU athletics.

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Messages In This Thread

TheBaron icon NEW:Archived: Just a reminder in case anybody missed it - (loong)
TheBaron - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:07 am [ID# 1545173] [reply]
o NEW: Why again do we care whether or not this guy is a Utah fan?
sancho - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:13 am [ID# 1545183] [reply]
Riot West icon NEW: I wouldn't even turn in Max Hall. If anything, seeing a BYU player or student party it up would make me like them at least a little bit.
Riot West - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:28 am [ID# 1545207] [reply]
o NEW: This isn't just about fun and judgement. It's about winning and losing. A Utah fan who can help his team by doing something legal and easy? Yes. (nm)
sancho - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:31 am [ID# 1545210] [reply]
Riot West icon NEW: Hey if that's your personality so be it. I don't agree with snitching unless someone is going to get hurt. I sure wouldn't out some guy and wreck is education because he did something EVERYONE ELSE DOES. I'm not the Honor Code police. (short)
Riot West - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:41 am [ID# 1545219] [reply]
UtahUte72 icon NEW: At this point I'm thinking the only thing that will fix this
UtahUte72 - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:13 am [ID# 1545187] [reply]
o NEW: But they are always the victim. (nm)
Undefeated - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:17 am [ID# 1545193] [reply]
o NEW: RE: Just a reminder in case anybody missed it -
IdaRed - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:16 am [ID# 1545192] [reply]
o NEW: On the other hand, let their fans keep up this offensive behavior just a little longer. It shouldn't take much more for LDS church authorities to shut down the TDS athletic dept.
Heike - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:17 am [ID# 1545195] [reply]
Maji Man icon NEW: Cougarboard: Modern-day Danites
Maji Man - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:22 am [ID# 1545204] [reply]
bopahull icon NEW: Facts? what a concept. (nm)
bopahull - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:52 am [ID# 1545230] [reply]
cbute icon NEW: I'm Mormon, but those crazy BYU fans do not practice the same faith I try to practice. (nm)
cbute - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:44 am [ID# 1545223] [reply]
Arthur Guinness icon NEW: Please archive Baron's post. Excellent summary and reference point for this noncontroversy. (nm)
Arthur Guinness - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 11:54 am [ID# 1545233] [reply]
CFislife icon NEW: Good summary.
CFislife - -- Friday 20 September 2013, at 12:00 pm [ID# 1545239] [reply]
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