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Five PAC teams in ESPN's way too early top 25.

Posted By: Tacoma Ute
Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 12:31 pm

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Tacoma Ute icon NEW: Five PAC teams in ESPN's way too early top 25.
Tacoma Ute - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 12:31 pm [ID# 1477266] [reply]
SeaTacUte icon NEW: Surprising to see ND at #11. I thought they'd be 20'ish after last night's joke. And Boise State at 19? They're losing 13 starters - I don't see it. (nm)
SeaTacUte - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 12:34 pm [ID# 1477271] [reply]
macktruck32 icon NEW: Wild @ss guesses. They're all part of this wonderful BC$ system we all know and love. (nm)
macktruck32 - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 12:39 pm [ID# 1477280] [reply]
o NEW: I disagree with BSU being in the top 25, they definitely shouldn't be there, but honestly, who on their schedule is going to beat them? They will have at least 10 more wins and end up in the top 25 again. (nm)
UtahMUSS - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 12:42 pm [ID# 1477282] [reply]
Tacoma Ute icon NEW: I could see them losing @UW and in Provo and probably at least one MWC game. (nm)
Tacoma Ute - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 12:46 pm [ID# 1477285] [reply]
o NEW: So possibly 3 losses, and likely a bowl win, puts them at 10-3. I think they will still be in the top 25 since they are ESPN's darlings. (nm)
UtahMUSS - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 12:56 pm [ID# 1477293] [reply]
o NEW: I know the BSU hate is strong here, but until they stop performing at a top 25 level, they will remain in the top 25. (nm)
sancho - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 01:00 pm [ID# 1477296] [reply]
o NEW: Yeah, three decent games on Boise's schedule...Against BYU and Michigan St they had zero offensive TD's...that SCREAMS top 25 team to me. (nm)
Ute2004 - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 01:18 pm [ID# 1477306] [reply]
UtahMan77 icon NEW: Well not long ago we were in the same boat, would we be saying the same thing about us? (nm)
UtahMan77 - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 01:29 pm [ID# 1477313] [reply]
o NEW: I'm just going with the AP poll, which has them at 18. Once you get past the top 15, all the teams have some flaws.
sancho - -- Tuesday 8 January 2013, at 01:31 pm [ID# 1477315] [reply]
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