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I had the opportunity to help honor Majerus last night....

Posted By: jdart
Date: Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 07:26 am

In honor of Majerus, many fans decided to wear sweaters to the game last night. I didn't just want a sweater, I wanted to wear a Majerus sweater so I tried to make that happen. I went to DI and bought a 4.00 sweater that was as close to the right color as I could find. Then my wife cut out a Drum and Feather logo from an old t-shirt and sewed it on. Then we drew, in marker, the line across the sweater and the Reebok logo. It was a cheap, quick attempt that costs us 4.00 and an hour or two. We came up with this:

(Queue the criticism of how fat I am and my moobs...)

We arrived at the arena about 5 pm because Section J is GA and we want good seats. Shortly after we arrived two employees from the athletic department asked us to come down to the floor. They showed us an empty chair that was going to be on the bench with a ribbon and one of the Majerus patches, but said they wanted to put a sweater over the chair and asked if they could barrow mine. I had nothing under it, so I asked them for a shirt but told them I would be happy to help. The honest truth is initially I didn't want to help, this sweater was made so I could wear it to the game. I was initially wrong and was glad I helped. The chair looked great and got a lot of attention. It was a wonderful way to honor Coach. And now I will have the sweater actually used at my house, which is cool. Here is the chair:

I was pretty young for the glory days of Majerus's tenure. I was in 8th grade when the final four run happened. I only attended 2 Majerus coached games, both in Provo and I can't remember much about either except who I was with. But, I love what he did for this school. I watch highlights of those times in awe. I will always be grateful for what he did for this athletic department and it means a lot to see the University handle this all so well.

Trying to do right by Coach, we had a post game celebration dinner at the Crown Burger in our sweaters:

RIP Coach.

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jdart icon NEW: Archived: I had the opportunity to help honor Majerus last night....
jdart - -- Thursday 6 December 2012, at 07:26 am [ID# 1465183] [reply]
joefan icon NEW: Nice Job jdart! (nm)
joefan - -- Thursday 6 December 2012, at 07:31 am [ID# 1465184] [reply]
o NEW: J-Dart seriously that was a great thing to do.
homer - -- Thursday 6 December 2012, at 07:46 am [ID# 1465187] [reply]
Tokolosh icon NEW: Your moobs aren't big enough to properly honor Majerus but you nailed everything else. Well done. (nm)
Tokolosh - -- Thursday 6 December 2012, at 08:25 am [ID# 1465202] [reply]
o NEW: RE: I had the opportunity to help honor Majerus last night.... (short)
ajenkins - -- Thursday 6 December 2012, at 08:56 am [ID# 1465222] [reply]
Basketball Junkie icon NEW: At first I thought that was Majerus stuffing his face.
Basketball Junkie - -- Thursday 6 December 2012, at 10:02 am [ID# 1465257] [reply]
Crafty Ute icon NEW: Do they still heat the JMHC? (short)
Crafty Ute - -- Thursday 6 December 2012, at 01:20 pm [ID# 1465378] [reply]
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