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NY Times article on J Wynn - kid is a warrior.

Posted By: Big Kahuna
Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 09:14 am

Shame on those fans that booed him

Wynn, staples and all

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Big Kahuna icon NEW: NY Times article on J Wynn - kid is a warrior.
Big Kahuna - -- Thursday 8 November 2012, at 09:14 am [ID# 1451271] [reply]
rbentz icon NEW: I loved the reference to Woody from Toy Story! Jordan will always have a special place in my heart playing about half of the 2010 season with a torn labrum. (nm)
rbentz - -- Thursday 8 November 2012, at 09:35 am [ID# 1451285] [reply]
o NEW: Fans take things too far. Sometimes we, myself included, forget that these are kids. Jordan may not have had the career he wanted here at Utah, but he is building his legacy here. I hope we find a spot for him on the staff. (nm)
Utes49ers - -- Thursday 8 November 2012, at 09:42 am [ID# 1451290] [reply]
o NEW: No kidding, thus my defense of Hays against all detractors here. The best the detractors can come up with is Coaches Decision for Wilson (I get and accept that) and subjective, feel good observations (i.e. Hays can't make that throw over da middle).
Biggest T - -- Thursday 8 November 2012, at 12:17 pm [ID# 1451421] [reply]
Puget Ute icon NEW: I will always have happy memories of Jordan Wynn. He is one of my favorite players of all time for his skill and judgement on the field, and his tenacity to come back after multiple shoulder surgeries. He is a warrior.
Puget Ute - -- Thursday 8 November 2012, at 11:02 am [ID# 1451362] [reply]
o NEW: I didn't realize that some guys (I assume guys) are big enough #@%holes to give Wynn a bad time. Hellamitey. He's a kid, he did what was asked and risked himself for the team. 'same goes for Hays-for those buttholes who think deriding him is fair
UTEOF - -- Thursday 8 November 2012, at 02:43 pm [ID# 1451504] [reply]
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