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Another chance to help one of our own: Dyllon Peters Fund (son of Utah Ticket Office Specialist Darrell Peters)

Posted By: WebMonkey
Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at 08:07 am

Dyllon, 20, was scheduled to have minor in and out surgery to remove noncancerous tumors from his right leg. There were complications during surgery. After several days and several surgeries and being heavily sedated in ICU, Dyllon awoke to be told the doctors were unable to save his right foot. Dyllon underwent a below knee amputation.

Four Pillar Fitness is hosting a fundraiser 5K Fun Run fundraiser on June 16 at North Foxboro Regional Park in North Salt Lake. Proceeds go to the Dyllon Peters Fund to be used to cover the unexpected surgery costs and on-going physical therapy expenses, including being fitted for a prosthetic leg.

More info: http://www.hilltoptimes.com/content/dash- dyllon-june-15-support-him-and-family

(Please note the article says June 15 at the top, which is wrong --- the 5K is June 16)

If you can't make it to the 5K but still want to help:
Donations to the Dyllon Peters Fund can be made at any Key Bank location.

Says Darrell about Dyllon (via Facebook):
After a couple of very emotional days, we figured we should give another update on Dyllon's condition. Most of you may already know, some of you have the wrong info. After Thursday's surgery, it was clear to the doctors Dyllon's right foot could not be saved. Dyllon was informed by his doctors Friday. As expected, he was upset at first, he then thanked his doctor and asked him what the next step is. At this moment Dyllon became my HERO, he showed incredible strength and inspiration in just a few moments that I will never forget as long as I live. I am one proud dad, I love this kid! Please continue to pray for and wish Dyllon well, he has a long road ahead.

Darrell Peters and Swoop

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WebMonkey icon NEW: Another chance to help one of our own: Dyllon Peters Fund (son of Utah Ticket Office Specialist Darrell Peters)
WebMonkey - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 5 June 2012, at 08:07 am [ID# 1366430] [reply]
Grateful Ute icon NEW: RE: Another chance to help one of our own: Dyllon Peters Fund (son of Utah Ticket Office Specialist Darrell Peters)
Grateful Ute - -- Tuesday 5 June 2012, at 08:50 am [ID# 1366444] [reply]
UtesFanRy icon NEW: Tara & I will be there. (nm)
UtesFanRy - -- Tuesday 5 June 2012, at 12:16 pm [ID# 1366538] [reply]
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