Denever would be worse than San Fran. By far one of my most hated NFL teams. Close second is Whiner ville. | Utefans.Net
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Denever would be worse than San Fran. By far one of my most hated NFL teams. Close second is Whiner ville.

Posted By: EducatedUfan
Date: Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 08:45 pm

Miami is pretty far away and it isn't like I will be buying any ugly colored Smith jerseys anytime soon but they will be my second favorite team in the AFC.

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Tacoma Ute icon NEW: According to the Denver Post Alex and Miami are working out a contract. It also said that if SF doesn't get Peyton then they will sign Hasselbeck.
Tacoma Ute - -- Sunday 18 March 2012, at 07:19 pm [ID# 1336905] [reply]
Mellowbob icon NEW: Looks like Smith is going to force 9ers to make a choice before Manning makes his decision. (nm)
Mellowbob - -- Sunday 18 March 2012, at 07:30 pm [ID# 1336912] [reply]
3UteDad icon NEW: I know Alex seemed to finally have a good thing going in SF, but Miami might not be too bad. He will have a very QB friendly environment with former Packer coaches Philbin and Mike Sherman, who coached Favre for a number of years. (nm)
3UteDad - -- Sunday 18 March 2012, at 07:33 pm [ID# 1336913] [reply]
Tacoma Ute icon NEW: I'm kind of surprised he didn't take the 3 year 24 million offer from the 49ers after last year went so well. Maybe he finally just had enough of the fans BS. They still hate on him even after 2011. (nm)
Tacoma Ute - -- Sunday 18 March 2012, at 07:38 pm [ID# 1336915] [reply]
UofUSportsGuy icon NEW: As a 9ers fan, I can rightly say the organization is f'ked 3 ways from Thursday, starting with and especially the ownership group... Good on him if he decides to leave. (nm)
UofUSportsGuy - -- Sunday 18 March 2012, at 07:53 pm [ID# 1336919] [reply]
PrestitUTE icon NEW: I really thought the were making good strides though. I love a lot of our roster. I still really want Smith in red and gold, but if he leaves, I can totally respect that too. (nm)
PrestitUTE - -- Monday 19 March 2012, at 01:19 am [ID# 1336953] [reply]
cbute icon NEW: He wanted to sign the three year deal, but then his agent arranged for Manning to workout for the 9ers and the deal was pulled.
cbute - -- Sunday 18 March 2012, at 07:59 pm [ID# 1336921] [reply]
Ute_fan_forever icon NEW: Run Alex! Run like hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we can watch the 49rs fall into irrelevancy again! (nm)
Ute_fan_forever - -- Sunday 18 March 2012, at 07:37 pm [ID# 1336914] [reply]
macktruck32 icon NEW: My preference would be Alex in Denver, but as long as he goes anywhere else I can return to my more familiar position of full-on 49ers hatred. It just feels right. (nm)
macktruck32 - -- Sunday 18 March 2012, at 08:30 pm [ID# 1336926] [reply]
o NEW: Denever would be worse than San Fran. By far one of my most hated NFL teams. Close second is Whiner ville.
EducatedUfan - -- Sunday 18 March 2012, at 08:45 pm [ID# 1336929] [reply]
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