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Summers are great for party barging and morning Striper fishing excursions.

Posted By: Greginslc
Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 07:23 pm

If you bring a good (and I mean good) popup canopy and heavy leg weights, you can get some adequate shade. The Stiped Bass fishing up the slot canyons is good in the mornings, too. It is still hotter than hell during the day from about the 2nd week of May to the middle of September. If you like the heat, it's OK.

If you hate the heat, visit in the winter.

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Swoopah Swoop icon NEW: RE: Lake Powell: The canyons that are accessible out of Bullfrog are much better than those outside of Wahweap.
Swoopah Swoop - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 06:33 pm [ID# 1328620] [reply]
SgtUte icon NEW: Mokie Canyon. (sp?) (nm)
SgtUte - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 06:36 pm [ID# 1328621] [reply]
midnightversion icon NEW: As someone who's been there a lot, I agree, Port. (nm)
midnightversion - Top 25 Poster -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 06:42 pm [ID# 1328624] [reply]
Greginslc icon NEW: Summers are great for party barging and morning Striper fishing excursions.
Greginslc - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 07:23 pm [ID# 1328636] [reply]
o NEW: Someone was telling me that houseboats are like $1000 a night now. When the hell did that happen? (nm)
Duhwayne - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 07:53 pm [ID# 1328647] [reply]
o NEW: Not if you are rolling with the mighty Captain Gunnison. Bullfrog is where our family goes. Great times always! (nm)
ltpwfdcm - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 10:05 pm [ID# 1328682] [reply]
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