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Not really...

Posted By: Greginslc
Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 04:45 pm

As an FYI, we are bonded to the hilt right now for transportation projects. We have no bonding capacity until maybe the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

We receive roughly 40 percent of our State Budget from the Federal Government, and we like to send them "messages." As an additional FYI, we, as a state only provide about half of that 40 percent.

It is projected there is over $1billion in underpayment of federal income tax in the state of Utah. Based on the Federal numbers, you could project up to $350 million in income tax underpayments to the state. Due to the extreme levels of underpayment, the IRS has 2 auditor offices in this state to deal with the underpayment issues. Most states have only one such office.

For the primary economic driver - education, we have the worst funded per pupil system in the US. At this time it is unknown how this is going to affect our State's economic growth long term.

You call it fiscal responsibility, I call it damned lucky.

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o NEW: Utah Legislature in action...
Cauayan - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:06 pm [ID# 1328572] [reply]
Greginslc icon NEW: The voters in this state have given absolute control to the Majority party for over 30 years now. They can do whatever they want, the people be damned.
Greginslc - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:17 pm [ID# 1328578] [reply]
o NEW: Unfortunately, it's also the same reason we are the most fiscally responsible state in the union.
two utes - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:22 pm [ID# 1328584] [reply]
Greginslc icon NEW: Not really...
Greginslc - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:45 pm [ID# 1328595] [reply]
o NEW: you are mixing apples and oranges and just plain wrong
two utes - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 05:01 pm [ID# 1328600] [reply]
o NEW: And last,
two utes - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 05:04 pm [ID# 1328601] [reply]
USS Utah icon NEW: Utah is as Republican as Massachusetts is Democrat, with one exception: Republicans have managed to win gubernatorial elections there in the last 20 years. (nm)
USS Utah - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:37 pm [ID# 1328592] [reply]
REDrumU icon NEW: Welcome to bizzarro California. (nm)
REDrumU - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:54 pm [ID# 1328599] [reply]
o NEW: I actually hate those e-cigarettes someone was smoking one at a game I told them to put it out. They refused I told them they smell like something or other. They took offense and got themselves kicked out 20 minutes later. (nm)
EducatedUfan - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:18 pm [ID# 1328579] [reply]
UTE BC icon NEW: I really don't know much about E smokes, is the second hand smoke harmful? (nm)
UTE BC - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:46 pm [ID# 1328596] [reply]
o NEW: Depends on what you put in them. Some you can smoke nicotine. Others I guess it is a subliminal thing for the brain to think you are smoking it is water vapor. Smells like "something or other" still and I don't want to smell it. (nm)
EducatedUfan - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 05:05 pm [ID# 1328602] [reply]
Homer_Crimson icon NEW: "I believe we need to make the Pledge of Allegiance more meaningful for our students," said the sponsor of SB223, Sen. Aaron Osmond, R-West Jordan.
Homer_Crimson - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:20 pm [ID# 1328582] [reply]
o NEW: Look up photos of how kids would pledge allegience to the flag back in the 40's. Funny how stuff like that is nothing but State socialist fervor. (nm)
EducatedUfan - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:29 pm [ID# 1328588] [reply]
FountainofUte icon NEW: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this.
FountainofUte - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:37 pm [ID# 1328593] [reply]
MarioLemUte icon NEW: I agree. (nm)
MarioLemUte - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 04:54 pm [ID# 1328598] [reply]
o NEW: The pillars of fascists states like Italy and Germany were founded in the good ole USA.
EducatedUfan - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 05:23 pm [ID# 1328604] [reply]
SubstiUTE icon NEW: And the pledge itself was written by an avowed socialist.
SubstiUTE - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 05:44 pm [ID# 1328611] [reply]
FountainofUte icon NEW: Well, free speech will offer up a lot of good and garbage philosophies. I'm just glad we're allowed to do it without being dragged off in the middle of the night never to reappear. (nm)
FountainofUte - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 05:45 pm [ID# 1328613] [reply]
Zeous icon NEW: Well, we used to be free of that fear but no longer, thanks to the NDAA.
Zeous - -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 07:41 pm [ID# 1328644] [reply]
Maji Man icon NEW: If Hookahs are outlawed only outlaws will hookah. (nm)
Maji Man - Top 25 Poster -- Wednesday 22 February 2012, at 05:25 pm [ID# 1328605] [reply]
o NEW: I don't hookah, but why do hookah bars have to worry about being shut down in the future? They are hookah bars, meant for people to hookah. Good grief (nm)
Cauayan - -- Thursday 23 February 2012, at 07:35 am [ID# 1328698] [reply]
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