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Public Service Announcement - Pro Flowers dot com

Posted By: Flyer
Date: Monday, February 20, 2012 at 05:09 pm

First, and definitely the last,time I have ever Pro Flowers was a total faliure.

First their charges are outrageous and, as far as I can remember, the total doesn't get presented to the customer after they hit the "order" button; from which one's mind can't be changed. (Now, to be fair here, I could have missed something here but since I couldn't go back I will neve know for sure).

I was willing to let this go as a lesson learned. At least I was until the flowers showed up.

I ordered them, and paid handsomely for Valentine day deliver at my wife's work.

The flowers were sent UPS and delivered whenever UPS got around to it. Needless to say UPS got around to it after my wife had left work for the day.

When we finally got the flowers home I was sorry that we took the extra effort to go back to her work to get them. One stinkin rose looked healthy and the next day only one rose remained.

I filed a complaint and have been told that they will refund my purchase and deliver price. It has yet to hit my card but they said to give it a few days.

Just thought you might like to know about my experience!

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Messages In This Thread

o NEW: Public Service Announcement - Pro Flowers dot com
Flyer - -- Monday 20 February 2012, at 05:09 pm [ID# 1327935] [reply]
TheMightyAlaskanUte icon NEW: Hahahahaha.....good stuff Flyer. Humorists, as you call them, UNITE. Another Flyer classic. (nm)
TheMightyAlaskanUte - Top 25 Poster -- Monday 20 February 2012, at 05:22 pm [ID# 1327936] [reply]
SeaTacUte icon NEW: I had pretty much the same experience with 1-800-Flowers
SeaTacUte - -- Monday 20 February 2012, at 05:38 pm [ID# 1327939] [reply]
o NEW: Will probably regret doing this but Jolley's Pharmacy on 1300 S 1700 E does flowers and delivers them locally, though I don't know the delivery limits. I used them lots while living out of state. (nm)
Duhwayne - -- Monday 20 February 2012, at 05:44 pm [ID# 1327940] [reply]
FountainofUte icon NEW: The couple times I've used ProFlowers it was a good experience.
FountainofUte - -- Monday 20 February 2012, at 06:11 pm [ID# 1327952] [reply]
Ute Dawg icon NEW: I've used them twice and really was happy with the flowers and delivery - maybe I got lucky. (nm)
Ute Dawg - -- Tuesday 21 February 2012, at 08:09 am [ID# 1328118] [reply]
o NEW: Have to use the "Delivered by Local Florist" option, works great, done it a few times. They are completely setup on arrival. (nm)
Fortyuter - -- Monday 20 February 2012, at 06:18 pm [ID# 1327959] [reply]
Maji Man icon NEW: my experience with flower delivery...
Maji Man - Top 25 Poster -- Monday 20 February 2012, at 06:23 pm [ID# 1327960] [reply]
GarthUte icon NEW: Excellent advice. (nm)
GarthUte - -- Monday 20 February 2012, at 06:26 pm [ID# 1327962] [reply]
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