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Larry Scott the deliverer!!!!

Posted By: EducatedUfan
Date: Monday, February 13, 2012 at 03:24 pm

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WebMonkey icon NEW:Archived: Let's see, what else did I learn at the Anthony Levrets chalk talk / Women's Basketball pizza party on Saturday ....
WebMonkey - Top 25 Poster -- Monday 13 February 2012, at 03:20 pm [ID# 1325745] [reply]
BadBadUte icon NEW: U waited till last to tell us that?!?!?!? OMG that is the best news I have heard in a LONG time. God Bless u and the news U have delivered this day!! Its like 1776 all over again. (nm)
BadBadUte - -- Monday 13 February 2012, at 03:21 pm [ID# 1325748] [reply]
WebMonkey icon NEW: You are most welcome, grasshoppa (nm)
WebMonkey - Top 25 Poster -- Monday 13 February 2012, at 03:26 pm [ID# 1325752] [reply]
o NEW: Larry Scott the deliverer!!!!
EducatedUfan - -- Monday 13 February 2012, at 03:24 pm [ID# 1325750] [reply]
Puget Ute icon NEW: He delivered us from 'Deliverance'! (nm)
Puget Ute - -- Monday 13 February 2012, at 04:52 pm [ID# 1325793] [reply]
o NEW: This also means after next season we can remove the zoob category permanently!! (nm)
EducatedUfan - -- Monday 13 February 2012, at 03:36 pm [ID# 1325761] [reply]
Virginia Ute icon NEW: Booo. I choose not to believe this news. (nm)
Virginia Ute - -- Monday 13 February 2012, at 03:41 pm [ID# 1325763] [reply]
o NEW: I still need to shake your hand sometime this year. (short)
EducatedUfan - -- Monday 13 February 2012, at 03:50 pm [ID# 1325774] [reply]
Puget Ute icon NEW: I see Utah State on our schedule for the next 3 years, so does 'a while' = 3 years? That is a good start! No more cougars until 2017. I have to admit it has been fun to pummel them for most of the last decade. (nm)
Puget Ute - -- Monday 13 February 2012, at 05:12 pm [ID# 1325796] [reply]
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