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RE: Here's a dumb question.

Posted By: DanielLaRussoUte
Date: Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 12:57 pm

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UtahUte72 icon NEW: Here's a dumb question.
UtahUte72 - Top 25 Poster -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 12:41 pm [ID# 1188838] [reply]
PandaUte icon NEW: May have something to do with marathon participants not wanting to walk 26 miles back to their cars.
PandaUte - -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 12:49 pm [ID# 1188839] [reply]
Section10Row51Ute icon NEW: Marathons are pretty big producers of revenue, especially in large cities. Running through the middle of cities and by landmarks enhances the appeal of the marathon. (nm)
Section10Row51Ute - -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 12:54 pm [ID# 1188841] [reply]
Red Five Standing By icon NEW: Dozens of local companies made thousands of dollars yesterday. Marathons generate jobs in the communities they run through. (nm)
Red Five Standing By - -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 01:45 pm [ID# 1188857] [reply]
o NEW: RE: Here's a dumb question.
DanielLaRussoUte - -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 12:57 pm [ID# 1188844] [reply]
o NEW: Most cities hold their marathons on a Sunday just for that reason. I'm told people are busy on Sunday in Salt Lake City (nm)
Jeff Ute - -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 01:06 pm [ID# 1188847] [reply]
Redbird icon NEW: Because it's safer than running on the freeway. (nm)
Redbird - -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 01:08 pm [ID# 1188849] [reply]
UtahUte72 icon NEW: We have plenty of farmland they can use. (nm)
UtahUte72 - Top 25 Poster -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 01:43 pm [ID# 1188855] [reply]
Newbomb Turk icon NEW: To make old codgers cranky. (nm)
Newbomb Turk - Top 25 Poster -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 01:13 pm [ID# 1188851] [reply]
docUte icon NEW: It is an event and we need events to build community
docUte - Top 25 Poster -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 01:47 pm [ID# 1188858] [reply]
mk86god icon NEW: I would rather have ran down Parley's... And yes, we are trying to show off, all sweaty and breathing heavy (nm)
mk86god - -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 01:58 pm [ID# 1188860] [reply]
UtahUte72 icon NEW: I think they should have set the route through the avenues and around the city creek canyon loop. (nm)
UtahUte72 - Top 25 Poster -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 05:49 pm [ID# 1188905] [reply]
GUBA icon NEW: I am not sure why Salt Lake does it the way they do with shutting down roads completely since many cities just shut down one or 2 lanes for runners to race on. (nm)
GUBA - -- Sunday 17 April 2011, at 04:31 pm [ID# 1188887] [reply]
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