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Runnin' Utes Host Thanksgiving Tournament

Utah vs. Texas-Pan American - 6 p.m.
North Dakota vs. Alabama State - 8:30 p.m.

Texas-Pan American vs. Alabama State - 5 p.m.
Utah vs. North Dakota - 8 p.m.

North Dakota vs. Texas-Pan American - 4 p.m.
Utah vs. Alabama State - 7 p.m.

Jon M. Huntsman Center, Salt Lake City, UT

TV: Pac-12 Networks
Radio: ESPN700 AM

Utah @ Colorado

Saturday, Nov. 29
11:00 a.m. MST
TV: Pac-12 Networks
Radio: ESPN700 AM

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Well the test for "Light the U" at my house was a success tonight.

by Greginslc
2014-11-26 21:29:38

We got the new multicolor, multifunction, programmable LED light up on the house today.

They are doing a red cascading effect for the win.

With all the stuff these do, I may never have to take them down.


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I prefer these...

by UteStuckInSeattle
2014-11-26 18:36:47

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From the obvious dept.- Gordon Monson is a full-blown prostate-pinching nose-hair brushing $#!+head.

by Homer_Crimson
2014-11-26 23:23:47

I'm guessing Whitt would love to cave his face in and I'd pay to hold GM down for him.

I was waiting for a friend they had the trib's sports page on the counter. I haven't read an actual paper in months. Gordo had this bitchy piece about the team screwing Travis up and over. I actually agreed with some of it, but instead of just doing analysis about how to improve TW's game, Monson adopted that pissant condescending tone and called out the U coaches for being pansies and was full of plays they should be running to help Travis win. Doesn't that dick know that only we get to call out the coaches?!

GM sounded kind of like us, but waaaay douchier and presumptious. I think he's plagiarizing from some of the posters here. What an #@%hole.

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RE: Nope. Reyes is the better player and the better option at the 4. He's got the size to compete and he's also got a deft scoring and shooting touch. I do like the spark of Kuzma coming off the bench though.

by Big Kahuna
2014-11-27 07:33:20

Agree. That said Kuzma and Champman are the real a deal We picked up a ton of talent and that now equates to depth. D Wright and Loveridge will not be gassed at the end of conference. I really like how the team is shaping up. Will be interested to see how we do versus Wichita, Kansas, the Zoobs and UNLV.

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Speculation for profit!

by Homer_Crimson
2014-11-26 17:43:19

All the talk of DC "leaving" gave me an idea. It would be pretty cool if instead of polls, we could actually have a market place where different Utes, rumors, plays, etc. could be "traded" with ticker symbols and all that other SE stuff.

Once a topic hit a certain threshold, it could "open" and begin being traded on the market. So if you felt like the rumors about DC leaving were legit, you would buy X amount of "DC is gone next year" (DC86)

A typical market report after the AZ game might look like this:

Ute Defense- $76.02 -.32

Ute Offense- $13.26 -6.79

KW- $63.27 -4.54

Sitake- $87.36 -3.76

UTEs- $352.67 -24.63

AZ- $232.23 +43.26

refs- $2.32 -3.36 (sell!)

TW- $26.23 -3.74

CLAY- $32.13 +1.24

DC86- $5.13 +2.75

ETC. you get it- we'd all be tripping over each other shorting teams the Utes played, but some savvy investors (or realists/pessimists) could short the Utes and clean up after a loss. You could short certain trolls (volume of stars either way would lead to certain posters becoming tradable) or try to corner the Loyter collective . The PAC, ADs, players, cheer squads, anything could show up. Weekly winners could win fabulous prizes or bragging rights. Oh well, it's probably a good thing I don't know how to code.

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Swiney shoots from the hip and is often wrong on recruits.

by annarborute
2014-11-26 17:07:25

I'm not yet "on board" with the DC is gone rumor...but where there's smoke there's fire....

Somethings up.

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Before you go around calling me names, perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension.

by jts_ute
2014-11-26 20:49:53

Regarding the doofus that said BSwinney commented that DC wants out!

My post:
BSwinney on Ute Sports Report said Dave Christensen will probably not be back next year.

He was asked about the rumors (that we've all seen on this board) of DC "wanting out".

Not sure if he was speaking from a position of insider knowledge or just conjecturing so take it for what its worth.

I broke out the sentences to make it easier for you.

First I said that Swinney didn't think DC would be back next year. This is confirmed by the recording.

Then I said that HE was BEING ASKED about the RUMOR that WE HAVE ALL SEEN ON THIS BOARD.

No where did I say that Swinney started the rumor, repeated, confirmed it or gave credence to it. I only said that he doesn't think DC will be back. I added the context of the rumor because that was the context in which he was answering the question of DC possibly not coaching here next year and because that exact topic was discussed on this board after the AZ game. You can listen to the clip yourself in context and choose to hear what you want. It seemed to me listening live that he was careful NOT to confirm the rumor, but also careful not to DENY it flatly. I found this answer in context of the rumor interesting which is why I chose to share it. A decision I presently regret.

That is all.

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I'm hoping we skin the Buffs Saturday.

by JumpmasterUte
2014-11-26 17:45:14

I need a new seat cover for my Harley.

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RE: Loiter also likes the low spark of high-heeled boys.

by Big Kahuna
2014-11-27 07:34:46

Red one for Traffic reference

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So do you like this stuff?

by Newbomb Turk
2014-11-27 07:44:09

>> Comment...


Heck No...

by Vegas Ute
2014-11-27 09:04:19

Reyes is doing things Kuzma can't (or doesn't), Reyes is playing Power Forward and Kyle is playing Small Forward and those are two different positions.

It is like the Football in the old days of the I-formation... Some coach in the stands would always say something like "Our back-up Tailback is pretty darn good and our Fullback never runs the ball much. Let's replace the Fullback with the back-up Tailback then we will really run the ball well."

Missing the fact that Tailbacks and Fullbacks are picked for different duties... To put it another way, sometimes you want piano players, sometimes you want a piano mover. Kyle is a piano player, Reyes is a piano mover...

That is not a knock of Kyle at all, but for now why screw with a formula that seems to be working. The player in front of Kyle is Loveridge, not Reyes.

Besides, don't you like the idea of having instant offense off the bench.

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Well he talked about Dave's ego taking a hit going from a Head Coach to an assistant.

by UtahUte72
2014-11-26 17:08:57

So it sounds like its a matter of DC not being happy with his role.

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Imagine what Kuzma will be like when he is the star, go-to guy.

by 'ZonaUTE
2014-11-27 09:31:57

Hope we continue to give him some free rein.

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That was Texas Pan American's first loss of the season.

by pappyman
2014-11-26 20:58:36

Not that they are great or something.

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Anybody else think the refs would like to see Az beat SDSU?

by pangloss
2014-11-26 21:24:06

Sean Miller is a dick.

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