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Went up and visited my mom at Mt Olivet yesterday on the 2 year anniversary of her passing

by FlyfishingUte
2016-07-01 00:25:40

One of the traditions I' started right after she passed was placing a dozen red and white roses on her grave for major holidays , her birthday and dates that were important to her She loved red and white roses. So do the deer at Mt Olivet They must be getting used to me. Yesterday was the closest they've gotten. About 25 feet of so.

As soon as I was back in my truck they went right over and started eating the roses

You are missed mom. Your deer look healthy so far this year.

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Gotta Be Thursday Somewhere

by Texas_Ute_Fan
2016-06-30 22:35:25

Won't appeal to everyone, but I know there are some hardcore fans here.

Empty Pages

Walking In The Wind

Dear Mr. Fantasy

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Utes lost an alum

by Big Kahuna
2016-07-01 09:12:21

Aeropspace - TRW

Small mention of the U and our engineering school. Simon Ramo "the R" of TRW

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Mr. Myagi says-

by MTM
2016-06-30 17:54:21

Whack On, Whack Off

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RE: Gotta Be Thursday Somewhere

by Big Kahuna
2016-07-01 09:35:58

Low Spark of High Heeled Boy

Cannot post Traffic without this

Medicated Goo

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The arguments around abortion have always seemed overly complicated

by CFislife
2016-06-30 23:39:23

Pro-choice and pro-life? Everyone is pro-life so I hate that spin. Everyone has choices, so I hate that too.

Pregnancy is the result of an action. Free choice exists before pregnancy is a possibility. Don't have unprotected sex with someone you aren't comfortable bringing a child into the world with.

Be safe and use good judgement and you don't have unwanted pregnancy (well 99% of the time). If you screw up, do the right thing and go through the pregnancy then give the baby up to a loving couple in adoption.

UNLESS.....you are raped, there was incest, your life as a pregnant woman is in jeopardy. Otherwise, live with your choices, accept the consequences. When the egg is fertilized the result is life.

Consequences to our actions are real. But sometime society doesn't want to accept them. They want to erase a mistake instead of being accountable.

Practice safe sex, live with it when you don't. Life isn't just about what an individual wants. When you are pregnant it's now about your life AND the future life of another.

Maybe if we did a better job of robust sex ed and teaching people that safe sex is ok, that sex can be fun and a loving expression but yes it has serious consequence, there might be less unwanted pregnancy. We need to fix the point of attack, not the inevitable result of poor choices.

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Still looking for teams!

by Wildcat
2016-07-01 08:45:44

I'm still looking for a few more teams to fill the remaining spots in my tournament! Get your team together and help us raise as much money as possible to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis!

Hope for a Cure Softball Tournament

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and you have mine. I wish I could tell you it gets easier, better whatever. all I can tell you is that for me it might hurt a little bit less

by FlyfishingUte
2016-07-01 10:12:55

my mother's marker has the drum and feather on it and a tennis racket.
And she is buried right next to former Ute QB Kenny Vierra's dad. He also has the drum and feather on his marker.

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RE: Irony: My post was first. Using your logic, it was your research in reply to me making fun of spilling the seed that you should be laughing at.

by Daedalus17
2016-07-01 08:24:56

You take too much credit. You never even made fun of me, then claim I replied to you because of something you never even did.

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My Sympathies, Dude

by WV_Ute
2016-07-01 08:14:47

23rd will be the first anniversary for my mom. Gonna have to find something Ute related for her along with the flowers. I'm sure you miss yours like I miss mine.

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Easier said than done. Realize that a majority of society giving around a 70 IQ

by The Thrill
2016-07-01 06:58:05

They don't contemplate repercussions.
They can't formulate responsibility.
They react and they don't plan.
They aren't reading your advice, they don't read at all.

You want to fix abortion rates, fix the problem I mentioned above.

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RE: Nope, Your interpretation of that passage is incorrect.

by Daedalus17
2016-06-30 20:10:58

See Deuteronomy 25:5-10 The punishment is humiliation, not death.

The difference between the punishment of death and humiliation in the two stories is spilling the seed. Or in original Hebrew, "Shachath". Shachath means ruin, corrupt, destroy, devastate and is often used in the bible as a synonym of kill.

Search for a translation of Shachath and you will not find spill.

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you're safe.

by ocgreg
2016-06-30 19:16:25


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