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Note that that only addresses "regular-season league games." All of those teams lost non-conference games except for 2013 Oklahoma, and 2013 Oklahoma only won its bowl game by 3.

by scratch
2016-05-03 11:12:03

I'm pretty sure 2004 Utah is one of only 2 teams ever (along with 1995 Nebraska) to win every game by at least 14 points.

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RE: How do you predict games?

by Riot West
2016-05-03 12:26:16

If Utah's playing, I predict they win.
If a team I don't like is playing, I predict they lose.
If two teams I don't like are playing each other, I predict who wins based on best outcome for Utah.

It's that simple.

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Utah has such a great schedule.

by Ute2004
2016-05-03 02:17:15

Utah lucked out big time this fall schedule wise.

When you compare Utah's games leading up to an opponent vs their opponent's game leading up to Utah, only Washington has it easier before and after their game vs Utah.

I feel bad for USC. Much like Cal last year, USC's schedule is BRUTAL. They will lose more than expected due to schedule. That schedule is rough. Same with Oregon.

If Stanford can survive early, they will cruise late. Just looking at schedules, it wouldn't shock me if WSU or Washington wins the North.

Utah vs WSU for the PAC-12 title? Maybe.

PAC-12 will probably get left out of the playoffs again.

Utah has 2-3 losses. Stanford probably has a couple. I'd put WSU and Wash in the 2-3 range. USC and Oregon probably have 3-4 losses. Maybe more.

The team with the best shot to make the playoffs schedule wise is probably UCLA. Or Utah. But I'm not sure Utah's offense will be good enough. We lose a lot in Booker and it would take TWilliams having a top 3 year in passing for Utah to only lose 1 game.

UCLA has Rosen, but they don't have any receivers. And they lost so much. Had all their early entries come back, UCLA would be the runaway favorite to win the PAC-12.

Utah's season boils down to 3 games...ok, 4.

And sadly, Arizona.

If we win 3, we win the south.
2 gets us to 10 wins.
1 gets us to 9 wins.

Some late night thoughts.

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How do you predict games? Here's my sloppy method:

by Ute2004
2016-05-03 11:08:59

#1 - OL and DL. This is the most important predictor in my book. It's why I picked Stanford to lose 4 games two years ago. That year they had a young OL and a thin DL. They bounced back last year, but a young/thin line spells trouble.

For example, USC's DL is thin this year. Shockingly thin. And their schedule...which leads to #2:

#2 - schedule. The week in, week out is real. Schedule is a TON of your success. Back to USC. Their first four weeks they play Alabama, Stanford and Utah, three teams that should be around 10 wins. That's brutal. They could start 1-3. Then look how they finish: Oregon, Washington, UCLA, ND. Again, 2-2 would be a good finish. Their schedule is crazy. Same for Oregon. They play Virginia and Nebraska OOC. That's not brutal, but it's tough. Then they finish with ASU, USC, Stanford, Utah, OSU. That's a rough stretch to end the season. 3-2 would be a good finish. And look at Stanford: Kansas St, USC, UCLA, Washington, WSU, ND. ROUGH.

#3- coach. What has their leader shown.

#4 - QB. A great QB is wanted. A consistent QB is good. For example, Hogan and Wilson were consistent. In Wilson's case, you knew he wasn't great, but you knew he wouldn't turn the ball over. With Utah's defense and special teams and Booker, as long as Wilson didn't lose the game for you (like the USC game), you have a shot to win. In the same vein, Goff was the #1 pick but only won 7 games. QB is so over-rated. While important, it's not as important as the lines are.

#5 - other players/returning starters. Does the QB and lines have playmakers around them? Are they experienced enough to not throw an INt late in the game? Will they wrap the ball up and get tackled instead of going for an extra yard and fumbling? If the lines aren't good, it doesn't matter who the talent around the lines are, they will struggle to be successful. CB's can only cover for so long. RB's can't gain yards if the OL doesn't block. QB's can't throw if they don't have time.

That's why I'm so high on Utah. Their lines are incredible. Utah may have the best OL and DL in the PAC-12. Their schedule is easy compared to the top teams in the PAC-12. Utah may have the best coach in the PAC-12. Utah should win at least 8 games. The key to Utah's season is....TURNOVERS.

Can JWilliams not fumble? Can TWilliams not throw costly INT's? If our offense can hang onto the ball, we should be at 9+ wins. If TWilliams goes all Wilson vs USC on us, then we could lose some games we could/should win.

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Life is getting better

by FlyfishingUte
2016-05-03 15:53:27

Saw my neurosurgeon today, he lifted some of the no bending lifting twisting restrictions! I am cleared to ride my Harley! I shouldn't be benching 400 lbs any time soon but what he told me was listen to my body while I am doing something and don't push it beyond what feels good.

I go see the infectious disease doc on Thursday. Don't expect any changes or bad news there.

Finally get to return to all the things I love doing!!

Go Utes!!

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You know he's the Donald Trump in the campaign to be the next Utah AD.

by Green Storm Ute
2016-05-03 18:01:35

Will spew $#!+ out of his mouth but won't back it up.

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Only six teams in the last 20 years have won every game in a season by double digits. Guess who's among the six?

by Red Don
2016-05-03 11:02:01

That's right, our offensively challenged Utes; Urban's 2004 gang.

From USA Today re: SDSU Aztecs

"Last year’s team became just the sixth in the past 20 years to win each of its regular-season league games by a double-digit margin, joining Miami (Fla.) in 2000, Boise State in 2002, Oklahoma in 2003, Utah in 2004 and Florida State in 2013.

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Good to hear about Maxs

by Fly Fisherman
2016-05-03 16:46:58

I too was wondering about his ACT score - if he would qualify.

Ironically, given Utah's recent D-Line success, and the way USC's is shaping up, one could say his speed and size is Utah PAC 12 type.

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The guy who just left would come back and be AD. He's option 1, 2, and 3. He's been groomed for awhile now.

by Ute2004
2016-05-03 17:45:48

Kyle Brennan is his name. Montana's new AD. He will be our next AD.

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I don't think I could eat one now but back in the day - no problem.

by RedDog
2016-05-03 15:34:08

I remember once I thought I'd joke around and ordered the fruit plate. The waitress just looked at me and said "how do you want your eggs"?

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by Hayes6
2016-05-03 15:23:38

Nick's was something special.

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That overtime game was killer. Go watch the TD pass in OT by Arizona. Before the snap, their QB lines up about 3 yards deeper. I told my wife that Arizona was going for the win and we needed to drop our coverage.

by Ute2004
2016-05-03 10:49:58

The QB setting up deeper gave him time to toss it into the endzone for the win.

Any yahoo could see that coming. It's too bad we didn't call a timeout or drop out of our play into a prevent defense.

If we win that game, we win the south. That Arizona game was killer.

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