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Scott Mitchell would be a really dumb hire for Utah. If anybody wants to give him his first ever college coaching job, it should be a desperate FCS program.

by TheBaron
2017-01-17 13:41:07

Frankly, it's embarrassingly provincial that so many Utes on twitter, message boards, etc. keep suggesting we hire Mitchell for QB coach at a PAC-12 program just because he played here decades ago. He would easily be the single least qualified QB coach in the conference, among many other issues.

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Three Oregon players hospitalized after new strength and conditioning coach makes them do push-ups for an hour.

by Sandy Ute
2017-01-16 23:24:45

http://deadspin.com/report-three-oregon-d ucks-players-hospitalized-after-g-17912708 09

Muscles leaking fluid into blood, blood in urine, damaged kidneys. Real piece of crap program they have up there. One of players hospitalized is Sam Poutasi, I believe he had an offer from the U and is Jeremiah Poutasi's younger brother. This isn't just a quick hospitalization due to heat exhaustion, the players have been hospitalized for days and could suffer permanent damage to kidneys.

Oregon is horrible at football right now, and we lost to these idiots.

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Looks like Troy Taylor is bringing along the RB coach from EWU

by TheRealU
2017-01-17 12:41:16

Kiel Mcdonald (pronounced Kyle) is expected to be announced as the new RB coach, per twitter.

Don't know much about him other than that he played under Dennis Erickson at Idaho in 2006 and worked on his staff at ASU as a grad assistant.

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Yes! If he's this loose of a cannon on message boards can you even imagine the problems he cause's in his family life. Religious or not lets all pray that it it doesn't affect his family members.

by JumpmasterUte
2017-01-16 21:55:55

That being said. I doubt there's a female out there that could deal with his insecurities and live in his mom's basement at the same time.

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Why would you do that? It's just as much fun to play with as AAU.

by Ute_fan_forever
2017-01-17 02:04:47

You could give AAU a roommate in your head.

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I strongly recommend "Is There Anybody Out There?" for any Floyd fans.

by utefansince79
2017-01-17 09:48:18

A live recording of one of The Wall concerts. The group (despite that they really weren't getting along and stayed in separate trailers) put on amazing shows on the tour. Already a lot of bootlegs out there but this one was of course done professionally.

Richard Wright in particular is phenomenal on that recording.

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I agree, it was a bit embarrassing watching half the crowd jump up and cheer, not realizing a two point shot did nothing for us.

by TheJuggernaut
2017-01-16 21:41:11

Equally as embarrassing was Kuzma not understanding that he needed to pass the ball to someone outside the three point line.

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Is there anyone worse in the NBA at the end of games than Gordon Hayward?? He just lost another Jazz game.

by Sandy Ute
2017-01-16 21:09:33

Until Joe Johnson bailed the Jazz out with a 3. Hayward with critical turnover to let Suns gain 2 point lead with less than minute to go.

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RE: Congrats to "two utes". I wish he would post more though.

by sweetgrass
2017-01-17 13:14:03

UW has 4 players in the top 50
Stanford - 2
UCLA - 1
Cal - 1
USC - 1

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