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It's so big. Soooooo big.

by H-man
2016-05-25 15:17:13

And as far as I can tell, the video side is all video. Edge to edge at least, there might be some sponsorship crap on the top and bottom or maybe they'll just make them digitally. So excited for fall.

This is so sweet.

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I like Tesla, don't know if I'd call myself a fan, but I appreciate what they are doing.

by 480ute
2016-05-25 12:11:57

Just did a quick google search: Out of forty executives hired in the past year only one has left. They've had five leave this year total, but I'm not sure about the particulars, and it looks as though some have actually found their way back. The latest departure is leaving on good terms, it would seem, and even helping Tesla transition without him.

I have not invested a penny in Tesla, so I can't say I know much about their financials. The stock price is closer to the twelve month high than it is to the low, so while it's down from a month ago it doesn't seem like it has tanked. It's not shocking to me that it has fallen after the jump it got from the Model 3 unveiling.

I don't care about Tesla cars as much as I do about what they have meant to the evolution of fuel usage. They are pushing things in what I believe is a positive direction, and forcing people to reevaluate how we consume energy. At some point I see myself driving a Tesla, or another electric vehicle. My wife has a Nissan Leaf, and while it's a nice car with some cool features I can't live with the 80-90 mile per charge range myself (granted quick chargers have become more and more common). At the same time I won't purchase an $85,000 car unless it has wings and a jet engine.

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No drum and feather....

by Crafty Ute
2016-05-25 15:34:04

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They are also setting themselves up to be THE lithium battery producer in the world. When their plant goes into operation it will effectively more than double the lithium battery production of the entire world.

by Puget Ute
2016-05-25 14:36:30

They already will make the batteries for GM's vehicles, and will likely follow on with many/most other auto manufacturers.

The great thing about the lithium-based batteries is they are 100% recyclable into new batteries, and the used car batteries will be used in household power applications until they require recycling. Very cool tech.

Another very interesting thing about lithium is there is effectively ZERO lithium within the borders of the OPEC nations...

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Opening their patents serves their own self interest.

by Mullet Ute
2016-05-25 14:14:31

For the electric automobile market to grow, the technology and supporting infrastructure needs to be standardized, or no one will succeed in the the longterm. By opening their IP, they're making Tesla's technology the standard.

Sure, it enables competition, but that's the strategy. You'd rather have 30% share of a multi-billion dollar market than 90% of a multimillion dollar market. It's smart business, but hardly altruistic.

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2015 vs 2016

by The Thrill
2016-05-25 12:14:11

Essentially the Utes dropped three big guys who were bench warmers for two guards who should see significant playing time.

Poeltl > Jokl
Wright = VanDyke
Reyes = Rawson
Loveridge > Collette (for now)
Taylor > Barefield/Zamora (for now)
Tucker > Daniels (for now)
Chapman < Johnson

Bonam, Bealer, Kuzma, Ogbe(maybe) are solid.

Mawien, Eastman, Montgomery are gone.
Connor and Zamora replace those three. Connor might be at the end of the bench and fan favorite but honestly Jake would have been a solid rotation player on a 90's Utah team, great shooter...not a bad player.

2 years out
Tough to say if Jokl will be as good as Poeltl but you never know. These Utah bigs coaches (Cullen, Stephenson and Krystkowiak) have done well with bigs so far. But I doubt it.

Rawson could be Reyes 2.0 but a bit bigger. Rebounder much better scorer.

VanDyke has all the talent just like Wright. Isaiah just always seemed a step behind. Hope Parker can shake his missionary rust quickly.

Loveridge was a better shooter than Collette but David is bigger and has more threats. JL was a bit one dimensional and couldn't dribble to save his life. DC has a lot of potential and could be better overall than JL by his senior season.

Point guard is always difficult. Brandon Taylor did so many little things which is what made him so valuable and a fan favorite. Barefield and Zamora are both bigger, 4" bigger. Barefield is fantastic with the ball and a bigger guard who can use his body to get position. Zamora has college experience in JC and is a great defender. They both should at least fill the void from Taylor if not improve it.

Tucker was deadly from 3, from the corner...and that's it. Versus less talent DT did well and was able to get to the basket but he couldn't versus the Pac12. Devon Daniels is young and skinny and a Kalamazoo kid, the only good thing Boylen did was open the Detroit pipeline. He appears to be able to get to the basket and he can shoot. On the surface Daniels appears better now but the lack of experience keeps Tucker on top.

Chapman is 6'8", Johnson is probably closer to the abilities of Poeltl and probably more of a fair comparison to do Chapman to Jokl but this is my post. The reason I kept Johnson with Chapman is hopefully Jayce learned everything not to do by Brekkott and his last year with Utah. Johnson has potential to be All-Pac12, this year. Top 50 player out of high school so was Brekkott. Johnson is bigger but not as good a shooter. Hopefully he has a much better work ethic. Jayce has a lot of hype on him but all talk about him says he can handle it.

Overall Utah will be younger but deeper. If they can all connect on the court they should be pretty good. Sweet 16 are my expectations.

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RE: It's so big. Soooooo big.

by ironman1315
2016-05-25 15:39:42

That's what she said.

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RE: That doesn't shock me. There is no lower life form than a wheeling and dealing mormon. They are scum. That being said, I'd be careful if I'm Sitake and Handley.

by stone
2016-05-25 12:05:24

I mostly enjoy your posts, but your post heading is ridiculous. Tongue in cheek, I assume, but come on. How do these statements sound?

That doesn't shock me. There is no lower life form than a wheeling and dealing jew. They are scum.

That doesn't shock me. There is no lower life form than a wheeling and dealing muslim. They are scum.

That doesn't shock me. There is no lower life form than a wheeling and dealing mexican. They are scum.

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Delon Wright seeing solid minutes in the Eastern Conference finals!

by ex'dute
2016-05-25 20:44:52

Too bad it's because the Raptors are down 40.

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