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#10 Utah vs. #24 Cal


Saturday, October 10 @ 8:00 p.m. MT
Radio: ESPN 700

Predict the score, win a prize!!!

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GameDay sign ideas

by joefan
2015-10-03 23:04:52

_________________________________________ ______________________________

_________________________________________ ______________________________

_________________________________________ ______________________________

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Just a PSA on signs: Don't forget we live in Utah.

by H-man
2015-10-03 21:35:01

Last time they had a real #@%hole of a human checking every sign before they let us into the corral. Anything crude, off color or even mildly offensive didn't make it. Pretty stupid if you ask me, the guy seemed to be a zoob.

Personally I'm going with:


Wish me luck

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My 3 wishes for Game Day.

by Tacoma Ute
2015-10-03 18:58:26

No signs in any way referring to the mid major in the bubble. This has nothing to do with them.

No signs with stupid assed polygamy jokes.

A Utes victory.

Unfortunately I'm afraid it's unlikely that my first two wishes will be realized.

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It's official

by rydub
2015-10-03 18:47:17

Game day will be in SLC next Saturday!


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LOL......Hey, UF will continue to expose the SEC posers for you....

by RowdyReptile
2015-10-03 20:08:00

.....I am totally stunned by what I am watching, btw.

Rock on Utes. Just keep winning.


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by pangloss
2015-10-03 19:16:35

We're coming to your city

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I'm excited, last time Gameday was here we got boobs in the NEZ!

by The Thrill
2015-10-03 21:33:41

And the Utes lost by 40 points.
I'll just be happy with boobs this time.

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Me too!

by Tacoma Ute
2015-10-03 20:00:36

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Still life in Indiana.

by UtahUteGuy
2015-10-03 17:24:36

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BYU may be the Lord's school, but the U is the school of the prophets.

by KCMOUte
2015-10-03 16:43:09

Via Twitter:
@LDSStakeClerk: 2 Utes, 1 Aggie, 0 Cougars called to the Quorum of the 12 today. #LDSconf

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I'm sure the guys in Krakow don't really care.

by UtahUte72
2015-10-03 22:41:37

Poll voters in America might, though.

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by Tacoma Ute
2015-10-03 16:48:09


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That's cool. I've got no problem with that.

by KCMOUte
2015-10-03 17:21:46

LDS members on this site might be amused by it. Or maybe only me. Just keep scrolling.

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We're getting Hunter Dimick back next week right?

by jamarcus22
2015-10-03 20:04:04

Imagine: 3rd and long, Dimick and Mokifisi/Lotulelei in a three point stance, Fitts, Fanaika, and Pita T all standing up stemming around, Norris and Paul showing blitz, Jared Goff watching his life flash before his eyes.

Let the boys pin their ears back this week, Coach Pease.

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And you think football fans around the country know who Max is?

by Red Don
2015-10-03 22:05:32

This is Utah's Game Day. Why would you ever want to give those pricks down south any kind of recognition at all?

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