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RE: Edit: Something for your favorite dem

by Big Kahuna
2016-09-27 08:54:14

Heard a corollary. The Clinton's were next in line When the Iranian squad faced them they looked and then shot themselves. Just added to the Clinton body count.

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by FlyfishingUte
2016-09-26 22:08:55

Hey it's not necessary to tailgate me when I'm doing 50 in a 35
And those flashing red and blue lights on top of your car look ridiculous

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by Ute2004
2016-09-27 10:09:40

Utah: 29 catches/500 yards, 17 yards a catch, 6 TD (and Butler-Byrd missed two games)
Wash: 29/464, 16 yds/catch, 9 TD
Stan: 22/231, 10 yds/catch, 3 TD
UCLA: 23/378, 16 yds/catch, 1 TD
Colo: 39/646, 16 yds/catch, 7 TD

Again, we are right there. And, Butler-Byrd is our second leading receiver and he missed SUU and BYU.

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My takeaways:

by Ute2004
2016-09-27 10:14:05

Offensively, we are as good as any of the top teams in the conference. And, we've played maybe the toughest defensive teams so far.

Stanford may be like Utah the last two years. Really good defensively, but if McCaffery (Booker) gets hurt, they may start losing a lot of games fast.

Who the frack knows what Washington is. They have looked amazing...vs HORRIBLE teams. This Friday will be fun. Stanford is battle tested but do not look great on offense. Washington looks amazing but isn't tested at all.

Colorado...wow, you look good. But, Michigan worked you over and who knows what Oregon is.

UCLA could be for real. Or they could not. I was surprised at how bad Rosen has looked so far statistically. Same with UCLA's run game. But, they have faced the best opponent's record so far.

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I agree. BUT, our offense is right there. If you took the names off, you wouldn't be able to pick Utah out. That's fantastic. And, we've played better every week. In fact, USC was Troy's best game and USC was our best opponent. That is awesome.

by Ute2004
2016-09-27 10:17:55

And, as bad as our defense was against USC, Luafatasaga looked a lot better, so our defense might be getting better in some spots as well.

And, we only gave up 20 pts to USC's offense. That is the most talented offense we will face all year. They have talent everywhere and are so balanced. No other team will be a tough to defend as no other team is so loaded everywhere.

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RE: Those Cal Bears sure are cute at the beach...

by UTAH744
2016-09-27 10:23:01

I liked when after their swim they dove into the pic-a-nic basket. Didn't see Boo-Boo. Hey, hey, hey.

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Running Backs Time:

by Ute2004
2016-09-27 10:07:28

Utah top 3: 112 att/596 yards for a 5.3 average/carry and 5 TD's.
Wash top 3: 114/681 for a 5.9 average and 3 TD.
Stan top 3: 107/552 for a 5.1 average and 3 TD.
UCLA top 3: 101/406 for a 4.0 average and 5 TD.
Colo top 3: 120/584 for a 4.8 average and 8 TD.

Again, Utah is right there in the thick of things. Not too bad considering that Shyne and Moss didn't even really play vs SUU, Utah's weakest opponent.

Our run game is just as good as any other team's, and we've faced a tough BYU team and a tough USC team.

Whereas Washington has faced: Rutgers, Idaho, Portland State and Arizona. Wow, that is TERRIBLE. lol.

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So, I was listening to the radio and some guy from PAC-12 networks (Kennedy, I think) was talking about how the PAC-12's only hope at a playoff berth was Washington or Stanford.

by Ute2004
2016-09-27 10:03:40

So, I looked up the QB's of Utah, Stanford, UCLA, Washington and Colorado (Colorado I put both their QB's together), the top 3 RB's of each team and the top 2 WR's of each team. This is what I found:


62.5% - Troy Williams (Utah)
70.5% - Browning (Wash)
62% - Stanford
61% - Rosen (UCLA)
66% - Colorado (but Colorado is misleading. Luifau is really good. He was well over 70%. Their backup was in the 50% range)

Not too bad. Browning at Wash is by far the best, but Troy stacks up really well with the rest.


993 - TW
904 - JB
402 - Stanford
1165 - JR
1218 - Colorado

Again, TW is right there with the rest. Stanford? Wow. We think Whitt set passing back? lol.

Total TD's:

7 - TW
15 - JB
3 - Stanford
6 - JR
13 - Col

All over the place. Browning's numbers are insane. But, Troy comes in third. Not too shabby.

QB Rating:

141.8 - TW
194.9 - JB
130.5 - Stanford
132 - JR
170-ish - Colorado

Again, Troy is right there in the thick of things.

What does all this mean? Who knows, but at least at this point, our QB is right in line with the other QB's of the top teams in the PAC-12. Granted, we've faced the easiest schedule if you look at opponents record, BUT, that is misleading as well because USC has lost to Stanford, Utah and Alabama and BYU has lost to West Virginia, Utah and UCLA. No other two opponents have faced that tough of a schedule yet.

Washington has the next easiest schedule with opponets at 6-8.
Stanford: 5-5
UCLA: 9-6
Colorado: 8-6

UCLA may still be a very good team. Heck, they could win it all, as their losses are to an undefeated A&M and Stanford.

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Edit: Something for your favorite republican

by FlyfishingUte
2016-09-26 22:19:57

So Bush Cheney and Collin Powell were arrested in Iraq and convicted of war crimes. They sentenced to die by firing squad.
The Iraqis marched out Colon Powell first. They lined him up. Thinking quickly Powell yelled earthquake. The firing squad hid and Posell escaped
Next they marched out Cheney seeing Powell's success Cheney yelled Tornado! The Iraqis hid and Cheney escaped.

The Iraqis marched out Bush. Seeing the success Powell and Cheney had Bush looked at the firing squad and yelled Fire!!

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Tui speaks... as a Trojan

by OldAsDirtUte
2016-09-26 22:55:22

still has his head on straight...
(starts at 1:56)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpH8COHfE _w

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He had a good game against us. Him and porter gustin

by FlyfishingUte
2016-09-26 23:04:09

Candidly I think the U$C job would be tough. Most of those recruits/players appear to have tremendous egos. It seems it would take a Phil Jsckson type persona to manage those players and all the trappings and expectations that a company that job

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