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Utah vs. Oregon State

Saturday, October 15 @ 2:00 pm MT
TV: Pac-12 networks
Radio: ESPN 700

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by Chad Sexington
2016-10-27 07:29:25

OK Buddy,

Your loyal net friends have stuck by you.

I think I speak for more than myself when I say how happy a day it is to see this revival. Now that you've done this, there are a few things that need to be done. You know what they are, we've all talked about it before, so I won't enumerate the issues here.

I know you're going through some $#!+, but maybe getting back to your UTEfans roots is the very thing you need to pick up your spirits.

C'mon Chris! Let's make UTEfans great again!

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It's Back!

by execUTEioner
2016-10-27 08:06:28

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UF.n ... I can't quit you :!

by 96GradAlum
2016-10-27 10:19:35

the people and the board format ... I ... just ... can't ... quit .... you.

UteHub and UtahBy5 just aren't the same

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by loyter
2016-10-27 11:33:22

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Great to see there are still vital signs

by daedalus
2016-10-27 12:54:09

Aside from personal webmaster issues that I feel very few posters really have any business getting into, I'm glad that there's a spark of life to this site. Nearly two decades of Ute Fan habit is hard to break (I rounded up a little bit).

The OSU helmet thing is hardly a great comeback fanfare and I hope it goes away. I hope a lot of these issues go away because, honestly, we users contributed (and yes I did as well) for some bits and bytes to be moved in a way that it looks like a maintained site. I'll happily contribute some more if there's some bit of effort like the mighty JoeHub.com... er... UteHub.com.

I'll offer again. I'll happily provide a small contribution to moderation and code updates, and believe me I'm qualified enough, if we can just put some drama behind us. It's a good site. It's (my) home (page).

TL;DR: I'm gonna leach the $#!+ out of this site until it looks like someone cares, then I'm willing to help. 'cause community.

Good luck.

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The more I think about it, the angrier I get.

by Newbomb Turk
2016-10-27 10:55:33

One of the best games we ever had was the Michigan game last year. The fans were terrific. The game was great.

Dr Hill, President Pershing - you just killed having those type of games for at least the next six years.

You want more national notoriety, you have to play the intersectional P5 teams. You now have locked us into playing in the non-conference backwater.

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Back online

by stonguse
2016-10-27 09:51:48

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RE: GREAT NEWS. BYU game extended through 2022.

by Maji Man
2016-10-27 10:07:10

Hope the U's personal injury insurance is kept up-to-date:

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RE: Great to see there are still vital signs

by daedalus
2016-10-27 12:58:57

(the one thing keeping me from jumping ship: the compact nested format of the page)

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testing 1..2..3, testing 1..2..3 ...

by sweetgrass
2016-10-27 12:08:51

I thought this Utefans web page might be a mirage, but then I noticed we play the Beavers next Friday and I knew everything was back to normal.

Well at least until another payment is due.

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Forecast for Corvallis, er uh, RES...

by Maji Man
2016-10-27 08:47:26

Looks like a good chance of showers overnight if anyone is doing overnight tailgating, camping out at the Oval (not sure how that is handled). Anyway, should be finishing before GameDay starts and clearing leaving just some high clouds by noon. Kickoff temp 68, south wind 10-15 mph.

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