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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    #5 Utah vs. #23 Cal


    Saturday, October 10 @ 8:00 p.m. MT
    TV: ESPN
    Radio: ESPN 700

    Predict the score, win a prize!!!

    Epic Sports Trips to USC -- Please support this site.


    by Truman Angell
    2015-10-09 08:10:56

    I really should be working but all I have is Utes on my mind--making these is more fun.

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    One sign down, one to go

    by joefan
    2015-10-09 09:10:53

    Camping gear packed up, just need to get through 2 classes and then I get to go on a tour of the GameDay set and then set up camp!

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    I'm hoping Sark gets a lifetime contract with USC.

    by KCMOUte
    2015-10-08 22:12:49

    He's the best thing going for the rest of the Pac12 South. Fight On.

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    someone called in to local radio with another good one very similar ...

    by sweetgrass
    2015-10-09 09:14:09

    "Boobie has my other sign over there ->"

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    RE: Kessler took a sack on third down.

    by Kula Shaker
    2015-10-09 08:23:54

    Seemed like an obvious 4 down situation. As well as they were running the ball and as crappy as the pass game was, I would have run on 3rd. Worst case is that you have a 4th and manageable.


    We see this happen all the time. Teams find themselves in a clear four-down situation but they're so desperate to avoid fourth down that they throw on third--thus leaving themselves in an obvious and predictable throwing situation on fourth if they don't convert.

    I say if you're in a four-down situation, treat third down like it's second down. Don't be afraid to run to set up a manageable fourth down.

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    Watching ESPN and seeing promos for #23 Cal at #5 Utah. Number Five. How cool is that?

    by daedalus
    2015-10-08 20:33:30

    I've said it the last 4.5 years: win or lose, I've never had so much fun watching Utah football. Even the undefeated seasons didn't really scratch the itch to play and beat quality opponents.

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    WOW! The PAC is WIDE OPEN!

    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2015-10-08 22:09:11


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    For all the worriers out there, let me tell you why Utah is going to beat Cal and it won't be close.

    by afro14
    2015-10-09 09:13:37

    1. Cal hasn't faced a rushing attack like ours all year, and they haven't been good against the run so far. We'll run for close to 300 against them.

    2. Cal's pass defense is ranked in the 90s nationally, and have played mostly teams with freshman or not very good QBs. Hell, they made the Texas QB look like a Heisman candidate, and he's terrible. The one thing they do well is capitalize on mistakes, and Wilson doesn't make many mistakes.

    3. Goff hasn't faced a front 7 like ours all year. WSU's front 7 is not very good and they still got 3 sacks. I expect us to get 5+ against them.

    4. Our starting DBs are great at pressing and haven't gotten truly beaten deep since Michigan. Sure, USU had two long completions, but the DB was all over the WR both times and the receiver somehow made an incredible catch. We keep Cal's receivers jammed up for 2-3 seconds and that pocket collapses.

    5. Utah is a better team than Cal, and we have a disciplined coach (unlike USC) who will keep his players from buying into the hype. Utah will be tested, but I see them winning this one by 17 or more. I'll go Utes 41 Bears 24.

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    RE: REALLY REALLY quick as our O-line will be standing on the sideline when then Cal offense is on the field.

    by bopahull
    2015-10-08 21:28:50

    Boy is my face red. I just washed my hands and can't do a thing with them. Damn keyboard, always makes mistakes like that.(That's about all the excuses I can think up for now).

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    Do we give a Rat's Ass......

    by Z-Ute
    2015-10-08 21:56:47

    if the O-line can get him?

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    Dear social secretary...

    by Maji Man
    2015-10-09 04:16:25

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    Sorry, but here are a couple more. The last one had me in tears (but follow instructions below)

    by TheRealU
    2015-10-08 16:21:46

    10 seconds of weird Bronco

    Kelvin York v Mike Hague

    This last one has me cracked up - let it play for 10-15 seconds, and then skip forward to the 2:30 mark.

    Bronco celebration

    Okay, I think I am done for the day.

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