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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Hey Utes!

    by LoboMan
    2014-11-24 09:22:50

    Wanna Trade?

    14 wins since the 2008.

    Zero Bowls
    Zero Winning Seasons
    Zero Sellouts

    You Utes:

    2008: Most epic season ever.
    Move to the PAC and become BCS, er, gang of 5 member.

    Multiple victories over Michigan.

    You trade visits from us for visits from The Delta Baker Club in Tucson. Although I'm sure those of you that traveled all the time miss the trips to Laramie and our fair city.

    You haven't had a healthy QB since BJ. That is 6 years.

    You were in the national conversation for the FCS Final Four for part of the year. (BTW, in Provo, they are still trying to piece together a scenario where they get in. It involves multiple mid air collisions combined with ELE asteroid strikes. Hey, it could happen!)

    You are probably 2-4 players away from winning your league and playing in something that resembles a legitimate NC.

    Your program will NEVER have to worry about $$$, ever, unless some QVC crazed administrator gets ahold of the Ute Plutonium AMEX card.

    If anyone wants to go to our season ender here against Wyoming, let me know. There will be plenty of seats.

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    Successful Year... No other way to say it

    by BaldHatu
    2014-11-24 09:24:07

    I suspect this team will win 8 games, possibly 9 with the bowl game. It would have been a crazy thought to start the year.

    The offense has clearly hurt Utah a few times this year. The offense hurt Utah is almost EVERY game last year - just in a different manner with turnovers.

    Utah played to their strengths this year and that is the sign of good coaching.

    The fact is they DO NOT have the horses this year on the offense with one notable exception. Utah's receivers are marginal at best. Utah's quarterback play is abysmal.

    I believe that next year Utah will be looking to better their record. Don't be surprised if Travis Wilson has played his second to last game for the Utes as I suspect the Wyoming transfer, Isom and Cox will be in the mix.

    Onward and upward. Time for a contract extension for Whitt.

    The only thing I DO NOT look forward too is the Reddit polls this week. I suspect we fall like VT.

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    "Real Fans" of the Utes.

    by Crimsonute
    2014-11-23 23:49:01

    I don't tailgait. I go to the game, and I leave. I usually stay until the clock hits 0:00. I pay a good portion of one week's wages to buy season tickets in the NEZ. Have done for 10 years in a row, and 14 years overall. Seen a lot of ups and downs.

    I talked to a guy a few weeks ago. Mentioned the rain during the Wazzu game. He said he didn't go. He said he never goes when it rains. He mentioned his tickets were on the 40 yard line. He talked about his $3000 donation (or something like that) he has to pay to the Crimson Club each year. I asked if people leave early in his section. He said, We come late, and leave early every game.

    So who's the "Real Fan"? Some might compare the NEZ to the Widow and her mite. The NEZ stands when they are supposed to. Make noise and are quiet as the game dictates. Shouts obscenities and criticism as they feel. It means more, because they may spend more of a percentage of what they have.

    The Crimson Club member pays the type of money that runs a program. I sat in the VIP section once. The 2006 UNLV game. My wife and I sat at a table during the pregame meal, where people talked about how they decided not to go to Spain on vacation, and were going to go somewhere different that year. Jake Garn was sitting in the same section. Their money means a lot to Utah Football.

    So I think we're all "Real Fans". Some remember an empty Rice Stadium. Some go all the way back to 2008. They can sit in the the rain, or cheer from home. Some ache as they climb the stairs after a loss. Some could care less. We all have the same common goal. We all would like to see the team succeed. We share the Bro Hugs after a game winner like Wilson to Clay vs USC. We shake hands and "See ya next year" after a loss in the rain. Some fist pump in front of their TV when the Utes win, and throw down their remote when they lose.

    GO UTES!

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    I go to games because I like to watch Utah football.

    by UtahUte72
    2014-11-24 09:59:16

    I could care less how much others spend or even if they come to a game, and I've never understood people making judgements about others fandom. You have the ability to chose what you do, if watching Utah football isn't your thing, fine. You don't need to tell me about it.

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    That was a terrible and humiliating loss and I'm still upset about how pathetic the team looked.

    by DownhereUte
    2014-11-24 09:21:27

    But in perspective, the team is 7-4 and has made big improvements this year.

    Last year, the only peg we had to hang our hat on was a win over Stanford and a bunch of close loses. People were happy about close loses. This year they beat Ucla on the road, SC at home, Stanford and OSU.

    With the Arizona game, I am extremely dissatisfied. With the season so far, I am satisfied.

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    What constitutes a Great fan?

    by snake
    2014-11-24 09:53:14

    I will not be donating $1,000,000 to the scholarship fund, and for some of you, that makes me a horrible fan!
    I have been to over 200 Utah games in my lifetime. I purchase 3-4 Ute shirts or jackets each year for myself and at least 1 for my children. I support the concessions and buy a program at EVERY game. I have never given 10 cents to the crimson club! For some of you, I would be considered a horrible fan!
    Because I rarely tailgate, because I missed home games in 1974, 1987, 1991, and 1997, and 2010, I am less of a fan than many of you because my priorities were out of whack.
    If I chose to not renew my season tickets and drop Ute football from my budget because my wife wanted to go to a Sandals resort Each May and November, many of you would throw stones at me and consider me less of a fan. With tickets, travel costs, pre game meals, concessions, post game meals, swag, and other expenses, Sandals would be about the same cost.
    Go ahead and bag on fans and make fun of their "commitment level"! The only difference between a one game ticket NEZ fan and a member of the Bourgeoisie in the scholarship box is they park in different parking lots! A Ute fan is a Ute fan whether they attend or not!
    If Utah football consumes every breath you take each day, I am happy for you, if it makes you happy. It's not ok to tell me or anyone else I am less of a fan because I'm not doing the same.
    PS I will attend any bowl except El Paso! I went last time and the sun bowl experience just plain sucks. The town, the activities, the travel, there are way better things out there. Horrible fan? Reaction!

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    RE: New Commit: Marcel Brown, RB out of CA.

    by WV_Ute
    2014-11-24 13:40:53

    You gotta love this kid for the non-football stuff.

    A recent convert to the LDS church and took at visit to the bubble and saw a game there in September, he still chooses to come and join us.

    Those poor blue boobs couldn't recruit in a sacrament meeting.

    Welcome, Marcel. You will be glad you made this choice.

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    If you think they underachieved then maybe you overestimated the talent level

    by Amped4U
    2014-11-24 11:00:34

    I haven't seen any surprises so far. Travis is Travis. He still can't read a defense and he's late on all of his throws.

    That being said, without Gionni Paul this team doesn't have 7 wins. He's that important to the defense.

    We talented players who are young and given time it will get better.

    Bottom line is talent = wins.

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    I used to have two W10 R30 seats ... then I got divorced. I miss those seats, and going to the games, but I couldn't afford/justify paying for them as a single father. Just b/c we have different priorities doesn't diminish our fan-hood. I'm ...

    by 96GradAlum
    2014-11-24 10:08:08

    still a graduate of the U and I still have a long lineage of family members who attended.

    so that's a long-winded way of saying ... I agree with you my Ute brother!

    GO UTES!!! ... now and always!

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