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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    We are being dictated to by the cronies of a mid-major private university. If people think that university holds so much power because of its academic prowess, they probably need help tying their shoes in the morning.

    by TheBaron
    2016-05-27 10:07:46

    There is one reason and one reason only that the #1 university in a state - the flagship public university - is being directly and aggressively undermined by the state legislature with no checks and balances. The political system in this state is rigged to support the interests of one group and one group only, and that group happens to own a madrassa masquerading as a sorry excuse for an institution of higher learning. The Zoo is the Mormon Liberty University or Bob Jones, but with almost complete and total political power through gerrymandering.

    For LDS Utes, this is chickens coming home to roost. Most of the legislature's bull$#!+ doesn't effect you because you share the same core belief system as the #@%holes in charge. For the rest of us, our asses don't even get sore anymore. We just bend over on cue and try to enjoy another day living in zion as the unclean.

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    Have you never met a Mormon? They sleep fine.

    by TheBaron
    2016-05-27 04:29:51

    To any Ute fan Mormon thinking "wait... this is a BYU thing; not a Mormon thing.", you are wrong. The political cluster#%!@ in Utah is absolutely a Mormon thing. If that bothers you, wake the #%!@ up and get your house in order. Your peers have been on a multi-decade bull$#!+ streak while you've been compartmentalizing their bull$#!+.

    Edit: SD Ute can't stop compartmentalizing. "It's not an institution level cultural problem; no, no no. It's just a couple of bad apples."

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    This is the Story!

    by So Utah Ute
    2016-05-27 15:05:00

    Speaker Hughes and a couple of House members were very upset over the decision to not play the basketball game in 2016. He requested that the audit be considered. The audit committee consists of Speaker Hughes, President Niederhauser (President of the senate), Senator Gene Davis (Senate Minority Leader) and Rep. Brian King (House Minority Leader). A couple of house members made some noise about cutting funding to the U but you need to realize that those funding decisions are made by the whole Higher Education Appropriations Committee and the Executive Appropriations Committee which consists primarily of majority and minority leadership from both the house and senate, and then ultimately by both bodies of the legislature. I can tell you that no members of the senate really engaged in this process to request the audit. It was driven by a few house members.

    I am told that the audit should be completed by September. The audit findings will be very interesting to me since very little state money goes to athletics at the U. Having lived through a number of state legislative audits, I would expect the auditors to attempt to find issues of concern. If there are any and they are valid then the legislature will work with the university to correct them. It needs to be clarified that this is a legislative audit and not an audit coming out the the State Auditor's office. They are two different kinds of audits done by different staffs.

    I personally do not think the audit was warranted and yes it was the result of a couple of members of the house getting worked up over it. I will tell you that since the audit was ordered there has been good discussions between the leadership in the legislature and U officials that will help greatly when the audit findings are released.

    My advice to everyone on UteFans is to take a deep breath and let it play out. All the conspiracy theories and Zoob theories are unfounded. There is no sense in getting worked up at this point, making accusations and calling people names. There will be plenty to talk about in September when the audit findings are released.

    Now to site my "inside source". I am a member of the Higher Ed Appropriations Committee, I am a graduate of the U and a loyal Ute. I also am one of those awful LDS legislators that some of you seem to want to paint as arrogant, evil and a few other expletives. Rest assured myself and other legislators that feel as I do will work diligently to make sure that the U is well funded and has the resources to continue to be one of the finest institutions in America.

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    I mean the problem is cultural; it's systemic. Vote every single one of these pricks out of office and a new crop of all LDS pricks will take their place and keep running the state as a theocracy.

    by TheBaron
    2016-05-27 09:55:55

    Vote the new crop of pricks out and the third wave will also be all LDS and run the state like a theocracy. Vote the third set out of office and the fourth will also be all LDS and run the state like a theocracy.

    You can't have the state ran by damn near all LDS legislature with gerrymandered seats that ensure their reelection short of arrest and then act surprised when they support the church school above and before they support the state's flagship university. Don't ask the #%!@ing pope to support Berkeley before Notre Dame; it ain't gonna happen.

    The problem in this state is cultural and systemic. A 40% active LDS electorate is being "represented" by a 90% active LDS legislature that places their religion before "man's laws" and the constitution and caters to one specific building downtown before they even consider the people they are supposed to be representing. Well, the old white men in that building downtown own BYU and the interests of BYU are a much higher priority than the interests of some liberal public university with a mostly non-LDS student body and faculty.

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    Just when I was angriest at BYU and their fans

    by maximumkungfu
    2016-05-27 15:50:40

    Was riding my bike about 10 miles from home and got a sudden flat. I'm a fool and don't have my repair kit and so I start walking hoping the wife gets my message and can come get me. I see a truck and stick my thumb out and guy pulls over. Huge Y sticker in the rear window. Nice guy we make small talk. Doesn't give me $#!+ when he finds out I'm a U alum and drives me to my house. Struck me as a genuinely kind and decent guy. He may or may not be common or representative of the fan base, but he was great and calmed my anger a bit over the current situation.
    Just thought I'd share.

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    No, the Pac 12 invited the best school in the West, who wasn't already in the Pac.

    by DownhereUte
    2016-05-27 08:24:32

    This $#!+ with byu has nothing to do with the Pac 12.

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    Even though I despise all religions, I live in Utah

    by UTEDUDE
    2016-05-27 06:59:35

    and Mormons totally control the entire state, so it is Mormons I hate most of all. Not the church, it's pius members who use their powers to get what each individually or collectively wants. Collectively there are a great many in power who hate through jealousy, the University of Utah. They will do whatever their powers allow to hurt us if they can and "They Can". separately they use their power to feather their own nest.

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    There's a good chance that you're blowing this way out of proportion.

    by iamthepreacher
    2016-05-27 08:24:33

    More than likely nothing material will come from the audit.
    More than likely Larry Scott spends little to no time thinking about the fact that we're going through an audit, that we do or don't play BYU-P, that there are weirdos in our state legislature, etc.

    When you're the commissioner of the PAC-12, you've got bigger fish to fry. Frankly, these are local "issues" that are well beneath Larry.

    Take a deep breath.

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    RE: Just when I was angriest at BYU and their fans

    by Uman
    2016-05-27 15:58:30

    Yes, their not all pricks like the fanatical zoobs on the Internet. Some are actually decent people.

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    Does someone have any proof the legislature actually threatened to cut funds? Couldn't it actually just be that Hill and Pershing just wanted a one year break from the series, and decided to reschedule?

    by Mineral Ute
    2016-05-27 10:12:25

    Although I wouldn't put it past some legislators to make passing comments about cutting funding, I highly doubt they would follow through.

    Yes, the legislature in Utah is full of douche bags (could be the same for any state). And yes, the religious preference of many of the legislators influences them to make a lot of lame decisions.

    Although I would rather not play them (because I can't stand them and I like to see them up in arms over the cancellation), it does make sense to play in state games (revenue, travel savings, media coverage and hype).

    Maybe it turns out that some legislators really did threaten - but until then some need to put the pitchforks away.

    It seems some just can't accept that fact that the U may simply want to play this game.

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    Folks, divorce is tough. It takes careful planning, and more tact than an ambassador. The other party may not want to break up, and will want to hurt you. To get away from them we have to move slow. If they ever get their $#!+ together they'll forget

    by Duhwayne
    2016-05-27 04:59:31

    Then it's ninja mind tricks and they'll think they dumped us. Who cares what they think about why. It's naive to think that narcissists like that are going to cower in shame. The only thing that matters is that they're irrelevant to us.

    I think the real lesson here is don't get attached to the wrong person. It takes years to unwind that $#!+.

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    I don't have any issues on my computer, but the redirects on my phone are insane.

    by 480ute
    2016-05-27 10:46:22

    Never had the problem until I switched to an iPhone. Somebody needs to go ahead and create a clone site to Utefans, but updated to 2016. As much as we all bitch about the format it's part of what keeps us here. Well, that along with the community. Monkey has been MIA for years now, and at some point this site will become completely archaic and unusable. I would love to do it, but I don't have the skill set to make it happen. If anybody steps to the plate I will gladly donate to the cause.

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    We are intelligent beings, religious nut jobs, not so much.

    by UTEDUDE
    2016-05-27 07:04:28

    The religious nut job mormons will still be the majority in most small towns across the state. They will elect a mormon to represent them.

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    Fandom doesn't dictate what kind of person someone is

    by CFislife
    2016-05-27 16:24:13

    just who you root for in sporting contests. This guy is probably your average Y fan. I'd hate to think the fools on the internet of either fanbase represents the whole. If that were the case I wouldn't associate with either lol. But people are just people.

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    I hope the directive to Utah coaches is clear.

    by UtahUte72
    2016-05-27 09:16:34

    "NO Quarter"

    If you can run up the score do it. I think Whitt's been a little timid at doing this since the BYU led backlash after the Wyoming game. We need to fire him up to treat every BYU game like that one and we need to curb stomp these idiots every time we play them. Same with Basketball.

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