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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    #25 Utah vs. Colorado


    Saturday, November 28 @ 12:30 pm
    TV: Pac-12 Networks
    Radio: ESPN 700

    Predict the score, win a prize!!!

    I could be wrong, but it looks like Tom Hackett will be the Ray Guy award winner again this year

    by Utehawk15
    2015-11-29 11:11:39

    I was just looking at the stats between him and that other two finalists & I can't see any argument that would state they are better. The award also has precedent of awarding to the same player in consecutive years unlike many major college football awards.

    I for one am going to miss Hackett next year. He may be one of my all-time favorite Utes. (never thought I'd say that about a punter)

    Thank you Tom Hackett I'm proud to call you a Ute & I hope you have a long career in the NFL

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    Here's the problem with your argument.

    by UtahUte72
    2015-11-29 09:18:41

    We bring in mostly 3 star talent on both sides of the ball. Defensive players seem to improve dramatically while they are here and so a lot of those end up getting drafted and finding spots on NFL rosters.

    Offensive players fail to progress in a similar manner and few end up getting drafted.

    To me this is the most glaring issue with this staff.

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    Comments like this suggest some of you would rather have a high scoring offense than win.

    by Ute in DC
    2015-11-29 13:12:54

    You sound almost jealous of Cal, as though you'd rather be 7-5, just as long as you get to watch offensive fireworks.

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    It's hilarious that the phrase 'co-champ' chaps the other co-champ's fans so much

    by pangloss
    2015-11-29 16:55:16

    Pac-12 Football Championship Game tiebreaker explanation


    Two-team ties If two teams are tied for a division championship, head-to-head results between those two teams are used as a tiebreaker to decide who participates in the Football Championship Game.

    "..two teams are tied for a division championship..." -- that's the definition of 'co-champion', right? Not that it matters much. SC has the tie breaker. They're playing next weekend and Utah is not.

    If it helps recruiting and bugs SC fans, I hope Coach Whit & the assistants have it printed on everything & splashed all over the web site.

    Oregon fans are taking pleasure in the fact that they beat both the North & South division teams playing for the championship. Whoopie.

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    Not at all.

    by Ute in DC
    2015-11-29 14:27:56

    Kyle Whittingham and Utah have had a better record than Sonny Dykes and Cal every single year. So when you or Red Don post about how "changes need to be made" and are jealous of Cal's offense, their system, and their coaching staff, the obvious lesson is you care more about offense than wins.

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    Our QB threw for 108 yds. yesterday.

    by Red Don
    2015-11-29 13:44:53

    We have had 10 years of a mediocre passing game and have a former WR pretending to be a QB coach. I think we can, and should, do better.

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    RE: Chaos this weekend too

    by pappyman
    2015-11-29 04:10:28

    They drop us for losses without actually considering just how difficult it is to win in the Pac-12. This is a conference that produced TEN BOWL-ELIGIBLE TEAMS. It is by FAR the deepest conference in the country and it's not even close. Yes, the SEC also has ten bowl eligible teams, but the Pac-12 did it with TWO LESS MEMBERS IN THE LEAGUE. Also, the Pac-12 did it with every team playing 9 conference games, which guarantees the league more losses in conference for the league's members. The SEC only plays EIGHT games, which makes it far easier for their league to get more bowl-eligible teams and for their league's top teams to avoid additional damning losses. Really, to keep a team like Stanford out of the playoffs in lieu of the champions of the SEC, ACC, Big 12, OR Big Ten is just a travesty. It's no wonder as to why Utah is so injury-riddled this year. It's because of the grind of playing a Pac-12 schedule.

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    Looking forward to see how you plan to steal away recruits from USC et al we. Expect your first recruiting class to be nothing but four and five star kids

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-11-29 08:42:03

    You know you are really some kind of sh!t all stupid if you think our coaching staff doesn't try and recruit top level talent

    Do you really serious believe they aren't offering these kids ? If your Dalton Schultz and you have offers from Utah and Stanford which do you take?

    KW does try to bring top level talent here.

    Your recruiting argument is worn out and intellectually bankrupt Find something else to whine about

    You keep bringing this up and TheBaron and others repeatedly demonstrate to you why SLC is more difficult to recruit kids to come to and yet your only answer is a coaching change. You act as IF that is the only reason kids don't come here

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    I don't think it's not allowed, but not optimal.

    by UtahUte72
    2015-11-29 14:26:43

    Teams can refuse to go back to the same bowl, but the bowls are not precluded from choosing them. We could veto a second trip to the Veg.

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    If we had just a little bit better offense we'd be playing Stanford next Saturday, that's what I care about.

    by TheJuggernaut
    2015-11-29 14:44:23

    I care about winning the PAC and going to the playoffs or Rose Bowl. I'm fairly convinced that will never happen until changes are made in the way Kyle handles the offense.

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    The game against UCLA should have been one of the largest crowds ever, but it was barely a sellout at 46,230. This was for the south championship and the crowd was very pedestrian.

    by 89ute
    2015-11-29 10:42:59

    We're not there yet and personally I like the upgrades that are taking place. Bathrooms, water fountains and a huge ass TV next year are way cool!

    I have no interest in seeing the stadium expanded in the near future and think it's a gigantic waste of money.

    It's not hard to get into a game if you're not a season ticket holder.

    It might be hard to get into one or two, but if you really want to be there, you can be there.

    Pleanty of room at the inn.

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