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    Dick Harmon asks Donald Trump about Big 12 expansion

    By: wannabeaute, Thursday 24 March 2016

    Dick Harmon asks Donald Trump about Big 12 expansion

    Posted By: wannabeaute
    Date: 2016-03-24 16:11:28

    Dick Harmon: Will the Big 12 expand and take in BYU anytime in the future?

    Trump: Well what they have now is a disaster Dick. I can tell you that. It's a disaster. And the people running it are idiots. They're idiots Dick. Idiots. And it's just a disaster. And people ask me all the time. I get calls. Lots and lots of calls. I have so many friends in the Big 12. And they call. So many calls. But it's just a disaster. They made such a bad deal going independent. They don't know how to make deals. It was a terrible, terrible deal. And a disaster. Because they're idiots Dick. What a disaster.

    Dick Harmon: I'm not sure I heard you say whether the Big 12 would take them?

    Trump: Well look Dick. They're in a terrible situation right now. Just terrible. They can't schedule--they can't get anybody in there in October and November. It's a disaster. And they made a terrible deal with Notre Dame. What was it? Three or four for one? Nobody there knows how to make deal. And then Notre Dame gets out of the deal? I tell ya what...believe me, nobody knows more about the Big 12 expansion than me. I own the best building in Kansas City. Did you know that? Does everybody know that? And I have friends there. And they call, they are always calling and I tell you-believe me-that BYU has a terrible deal. It's just a disaster. They played Wagner at home. Unbelievable. I built a park across the street from Wagner. A beautiful park.

    What about playing basketball in the WCC?

    What were they thinking? A bunch of catholic schools? And I love the catholics. I have so many friends. Catholic friends. I'm up in all the polls with the catholics. Way up. All the polls. And a lot of the catholics are hispanics. Did you know that? Who here knows that? Yeah, catholics. And I'm way, way up with all of them. But do I think BYU should be playing them? I'll tell ya. They--I'm gonna build a wall. And Mexico is gonna pay for it. A lot of Mexicans are catholics, and they've got the little wafer, and I have the wine and they will, they'll pay for it. And it's gonna have a beautiful gate. I'll make such a trade deal with them. Because they're killing us. Just killing us with the trade. What a terrible deal we have. They get billions from us on trade. It's just a disaster. But I shake a lot of hands, and people tell me I have beautiful hands. Normal, regular sized hands. And people say..look at my hands Dick. Beautiful, terrific hands I have. I tell ya.

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