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    Basketball Archive

    Based on your "Hill worship" posts below I don't know if you are really interested.
    By: Vegas Ute, Tuesday 13 December 2011

    Based on your "Hill worship" posts below I don't know if you are really interested.

    Posted By: Vegas Ute
    Date: 2011-12-13 23:50:08

    Seems to me that you don't want your vision of Hill and his role in Utah's athletic history challenged.

    So rather than give you statements of my opinions, why not some questions and see if they don't give you some idea why others don't join you in your hero-worship.

    1) Not including Coaching Contracts (Utah is paying 3 right now) name the last monetary investment in Basketball Utah has made under Hill?

    2) As recent as 2 years ago Utah Basketball was #43 among the 330-some D-I Basketball programs in revenue... However Utah spent less than 1/2 of that revenue on Basketball. Now at a certain level that is understandable, Football and Basketball have to pay for all the other sports (at Utah Gymnastics pays its own way), but when the program is declining (and no one can say the decline just started 2 years ago) can you justify taking over a half of Basketball revenue? Note: refer to question #1 and think about what happens to companies that don't reinvest in their products.

    3) If you have (as Utah did in the late nineties) ranked, 23+ game winning teams playing to 14,000+ fans, but your student section attendance is dwindling do you:
    -- A ) Forget about it, because of student fees you get the same money if there is a student in the seat or not.
    -- B ) Make lemonade out of lemons and sell the unused student seats to general public. Fees and the face value of the ticket, a double bonus.
    -- C ) Market to students, fight like hell to make that connection because no students in 1999 means no fans period in 2009.

    4) If you are sick and tired of dealing with a "Diva Coach" do you put restrictions on succeeding Coaches booster contacts? Do you limit (besides NCAA rules) their ability to recruit at AAU events? How about putting public comment restrictions into their contract?

    5) How about Marketing, do you believe that Sports Marketing doesn't work? Do you wonder why no Professional team and very few major College programs seem to believe the same thing? Do you laugh at all those fools out there wasting their money on Marketing?

    6) Do you force an incoming Coach to keep all the previous assistants? Delaying him from really building his own staff?

    7) Do you believe in the LA Clippers theory of Management (or maybe it IS a Marketing strategy)? Tell you fans that you suck because the Coach sucks, but we just fired the bum so come back and see our new beginning... Then repeat that line every 3-4 years. Note: For bonus points how well did that strategy work for Utah Football in the 1970's and 1980's?

    8) Do you think pimping your daughter out to pay for your son's Harvard education makes you a good father?

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