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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    New spreadsheet entry

    by High Uintas
    2016-05-05 08:15:03

    I searched and searched BamaCoug's spreadsheets for the entries on:

    * Number of female students disciplined after reporting sexual assault.

    * Number of professors denied tenure or forced out due to teaching non approved topics.

    * Number of gay students forced into conversion therapy.

    * Number of students expelled after shift in religious affiliation.

    Couldn't find any of those I suppose because that stuff doesn't matter to university presidents and the boards they answer to.

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    Several other items that must be calculated in any decision include : academic freedom, title 9 issues, LGTB exclusion, religious freedom, and many other student rights.

    by snake
    2016-05-04 23:04:20

    Like it or not, these are real issues. While the rest of the worlds public universities allow full acces to LGTB, scientific research into evolution theories and allow religious freedom to students who choose to change religions or quit a religion, BYU has zero tolerance for a handful of simple human rights issues. BYU is a private school. They can have rules publicly funded schools can't have. BYU is different. They choose to be different. It is these differences that may exclude BYU from participating in a P5 conference.

    Before any person says P5 conferences are bigoted towards BYU, ask any student or faculty member who was kicked out of BYU how they felt for being dismissed and not being able to participate. BYU believes their standards trump all. Due to their belief system, BYU excludes many people from attending BYU. Due to the belief system of the rest of the world, BYU may be excluded from participating in a P5 conference. If a conference decides to expand, they must ask 1 question. Do they really want to share their revenue and promote a University that has a different set of human rights policies?

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    ESPN recently did something about "What could have been," a look at promising athletes who never lived up to expectations after college.

    by 77ute
    2016-05-05 12:05:30

    They also talked about great athletes who maybe could have been even greater had they not retired early, gotten hurt, etc. (Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Magic Johnson). Perhaps you've all seen this.

    Well, I thought I do a Utes version one. Here's what I've come up with, separated into football and basketball, with "Potential unfulfilled" and "Great but could've been greater." Here goes:

    Football, Unfulfilled expectations:

    1- Tommy Grady. The guy was a four- or five-star QB out of college and signed with Oklahoma. NFL size, cannon arm, all the potential you'd want from a QB. When he transferred to Utah, Whit said he could throw the ball from goal line to goal line (I honestly remembering him saying this). Problem was, he had little between the ears. Grady sat behind BJ most of his career, and when he did get a chance, he flamed out, which the exception of a great showing in the 44-6 shellacking of UCLA in 2007.
    2- Martel Black. We're going a little ways back here to 1987. If you don't remember or know of Black, think Jamal Anderson but faster. Think Mike Anderson but bigger. Black arrived on the scene as a JC transfer and stepped into the lineup in relief of the injured Eddie Johnson. He showed flashes of greatness but also had a little cocaine problem. He lasted one season at Utah and went to prison, I believe.
    3- Marquis Wilson. Before Urban Meyer left Utah, he gushed about a committed local WR. Of course, Urban couldn't name the player, but it was Marquis Wilson, a four-star prospect from Juan Diego. Wilson played a little bit in '05 after Urban left and filled a key role in 2006. He indeed showed signs of being a go-to receiver. However, he was subsequently kicked off the team. No idea what ever happened to him.

    Basketball, Unfulfilled expectations:

    1- Chris Burgess. Don't get me wrong, Burgess had some great moments at Utah, but this was a kid in 1995 whom some "experts" rated higher than any high school player other than Kevin Garnett. After riding the pine at Duke, Burgess played two injury-plagued seasons at Utah, never realizing his potential.
    2- Deon Mims. In 1992, Rick Majerus signed this Midwestern big man who figured to bolster Utah's front court. Big and mobile, Mims could block shots and finish. Unfortunately, Mims never played a minute at Utah, as injuries derailed the one year he was here.
    3- Silas Mills. About a year after Mims was on campus, Rick Majerus brought in a Chicago high school phenom whom he dubbed the "Best player he ever recruited." Unfortunately, Mills was kicked off the team, starred at SLCC and tried to come back to the U. He was ruled ineligible by the NCAA and ended up playing two decent seasons at USU.

    Football, great but could have been greater:

    1- Eddie Johnson. The school's all-time leading rusher is the only Ute in history to have back-to-back 200-yard rushing games—and he did it as a freshman. EJ had two 1,000-yard seasons. But I have always wondered how much more we could've done had he not missed a chunk of his sophomore season in '85 and, to a much greater degree, suffered a ACL tear in '87. He redshirted in '87 and wasn't the same as a senior in '88.
    2- Chris Fuamata Ma'afala. The hulking 276-pound running back was nearly impossible to bring down. He had good speed to go with his incredible power. At times, he was unstoppable. Fu had three 800-plus-yard rushing seasons and left school after his junior year. Problem was, he was injury prone. He missed parts of all three of his seasons with nagging injuries and never seemed to be at full strength for more than a few games. Had he been healthy, I think he would own every Ute rushing record.
    3- Brian Johnson. Not the most physically gifted Ute QB, but he engineered either the best or second-best season in program history. He willed his team to win in '08 against OSU and TCU. A knee injury at the end of '06 and his shoulder injury in '07, however, limited his throwing and running ability to the point where I think he could've been a borderline All-American in '08.

    Basketball, great but could have been greater:

    1- Britton Johnsen. Maybe it's just me, but I thought Britton's game was hampered not only by a few nagging injuries here and there but by Majerus' refusal to give him free reign. Britton had the quickness and agility of a 6-5 player in the body of a 6-10 man. He had a good Utah career, but I thought he was under-utilized.
    2- Phil Dixon. Ute fans in the early '90s remember him as a smooth-shooting small forward. But Phil had tons of athletic ability. One of the best pure outside shooters ever to play at Utah, Phil suffered a horrible leg injury when he fell through a window as a freshman in 1990. The accident severed some nerves, and he never had the same explosion or leaping ability. Then, his senior year was cut short due to another injury. Phil had a solid Ute career that could have been much better without the unfortunate injuries.
    3- Josh Grant. Josh was a very good player who often gets overlooked among the all-time Ute greats. He is among the statistical leaders in total points and rebounders in program history. His numbers would be even higher had a knee injury in '91-'92 forced him to redshirt. He returned in '92-'93 as a senior and put together another nice season, but he was a little slower and less productive than he was prior to the injury.

    Who are some others?

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    Saddest: Gaius Vaenuku

    by Hayes6
    2016-05-05 13:55:28

    He would have been a senior this year.

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    A lot of truth to both images

    by The Thrill
    2016-05-05 11:04:06

    As for the first image. I know in other cities where even if you're not a BYU fan if they came to town the Bishop would "encourage" everybody to go out and support the University, especially the missionaries.

    My friend went on a mission to Alabama in 1998, granted he's a BYU fan, but they told every missionary that they must attend and spread the word at the game. They "encouraged" every missionary to support the BYU sports team even if they weren't fans.

    Then came the local, sometimes further, stakes. Typically the stake President encourages every "good Mormon" to go to the road BYU games. I have an Uncle who lives in Oklahoma who is active LDS and was a bishop at the time. He's a diehard Utah fan, graduated from the U, watches the U on TV. When BYU played Houston a couple of years ago he was "encouraged" to take anybody interested in his ward, at least 30 people. He was given free tickets and free BYU clothing to go, hats/t-shirts. He swallowed his Utah pride and went to support the church.

    National following? Hardly.

    Follow the money.

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    A picture speaks a thousand Excel cells...

    by Maji Man
    2016-05-05 09:31:16

    BYU national fanbase:

    BYU sportsmanship:

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    Britton Johnsen went on a Mission

    by Basketball Junkie
    2016-05-05 12:27:56

    That is what really hampered his development and his game.

    >> Comment...


    Reason #2 is the huge deuce the president of byu took all over the notion of gender equality when they applied to be exempted from portions of Title IX related to career counseling:

    by Puget Ute
    2016-05-05 10:27:50

    "BYU claims exemption from this regulation to the extent it may inhibit its teachers or counselors from discussing and advising students concerning the ways in which marriage may be compared to career coices or with respect to other questions arising concerning the planning by students of the educational or career plans. The sponsoring church teaches that marriage and childbearing are significant religious obligations and that mothers naturally have greater involvement, especially in the rearing of younger children. These teachings indicate the need to allow room for some differences between counseling for men and counseling for women."

    Jeffrey R. Holland, President of byu-P

    In other words they reserved the right to ignore Title IX requirements to give equal career advice to male and female students, and instead push female students to go into 'mom careers' (teaching/nursing/etc) and discourage them from pursuing 'manly careers' (professional careers, doctor/lawyer/accountant/engineer/etc) to the male students.

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    His data is garbage, ignores BYU weaknesses, cherry picks positive data and makes incorrect extrapolations.

    by tarheelio
    2016-05-05 09:39:37

    Zoobs eat it up because he is saying what you want to hear.

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    U said Trump

    by Basketball Junkie
    2016-05-05 06:49:48

    >> Comment...


    What if Marshall Henderson had his $#!+ together?

    by Green Storm Ute
    2016-05-05 12:54:19

    No drugs or coaching issues. He could have been a really good player and made it to the NBA.

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    Marty Johnson - The combination of blowing out his knee and off the field issues kept him from being an all-time great.

    by UteThunder
    2016-05-05 12:33:06

    Unfulfilled Expectations: Omar Bacon - IIRC he was slated to take over the starting role after Ma'afala and the coaches couldn't wait to get him on the field. Then Mike Anderson arrived and Bacon was relegated to a backup before ever getting his chance to be the man.


    You could argue that Marty Johnson's knee injury was the catalyst for Utah Football's rise over the last 15 years. If he doesn't blow out his knee in game 2 against Indiana, Utah probably goes on to win 8 games or so and Mcbride doesn't get fired - Urban never comes to Utah - Utah doesn't go to the Fiesta Bowl - Whittingham probably takes the BYU job(assuming Mcbride hangs on for 3 more seasons) - Utah doesn't go to the Sugar Bowl - Utah maybe doesn't get invited to the Pac-12.

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