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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Expansion is not the answer.

    by High Uintas
    2016-07-28 06:57:54

    The PAC-12's "problem" is not that it has failed to expand. The problem is that there aren't as many (measured by percentage) college football fans in the PAC's footprint compared to other conferences. Expanding into lesser markets would only make matters worse. The PAC needs to convert fans to its product.

    Also, the PAC-12 Network hasn't failed. How can you call something that Jon Wilner puts an $800 million value on a failure? Just because the league chose to keep ownership rather than sell half of it for a revenue stream doesn't make it a failure. Yes, the conference didn't see that distribution companies would play hardball with the PTN but you have to understand the reason. They don't like helping a competitor as the PAC has the flexibility to go directly to the cord cutters.

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    USC is definitely "winnable" because

    by ocgreg
    2016-07-28 09:45:02

    We are breaking in a new (J.V) coaching staff. (Thanks, Pat you stupid Irish mother-#%~#!@). Breaking in a new Q.B. and our D-Line gives up more ground than the French army.

    OTOH, you're still Utah and you have not much of an offense, so I don't know.

    Not sure why none of you are concerned with the quality of your "band".


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    I am excited about the Ute lacrosse news that has been happening.

    by Xanthis
    2016-07-28 10:06:27

    It seems like Utah is making a push to become a D-1 member for lacrosse with this hiring.

    http://www.utahlacrossenews.com/2016/07/o ne-one-coach-brian-holman/

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    Good news: College Football Playoff Semifinals Will Be On Saturdays And Holidays

    by Ute in DC
    2016-07-28 11:16:45


    IRVING, Texas – Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the College Football Playoff (CFP), today announced a shift in scheduling to the semifinal games in years 5, 6, 11 and 12 of the rotation.

    With this adjustment, all semifinals games will be played on Saturdays or holidays.

    “We had healthy discussions with a lot of people who love college football and we concluded that making these changes would be the right thing to do for our fans.” said Hancock.

    “We tried to do something special with New Year’s Eve, even when it fell on a weekday. But after studying this to see if it worked, we think we can do better. These adjustments will allow more people to experience the games they enjoy so much. For these four years, our previous call is reversed.”

    Hancock pointed out that the semifinals do remain on one weekday New Year’s Eve—Friday, December 31, 2021—which will be the federally observed New Year’s holiday.
    Click on the link above to see the dates. It looks like having the semifinals on New Years Eve (when that NYE is a weekday) won't happen again.

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    ESPN posted a list of all football programs and their prestige level....seven years ago.

    by mokus
    2016-07-28 14:09:49

    ESPN Prestige Rankings: Nos. 1-119

    They came up with their own rating system, points and all, and started counting from 1936 forward. My friend posted this link as if it were new news. One of his friends made some smack talk comment and I ate it up. I did the research, made this long ass post here, then realized this data is on its way to being a decade old.

    So, since I can't just let things go, I decided to cherry pick some stats anyway and see where the U comes out. It actually wasn't very difficult to tell a different story.

    At least we aren't Vanderbilt? SEC, SEC, SEC!!!

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    This is what I think Larry should be working very hard to make happen. The PAC and B1G need to become more closely aligned.

    by FountainofUte
    2016-07-28 09:48:04

    They need to work together to pull Texas, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame into their collective fold. I don't think the conferences should combine, but work in lock step, strategizing, scheduling, and acting in unison.

    I can see the PAC and B1G approaching Texas and Notre Dame collectively and showing them what they could offer coast to coast. UT to the PAC and ND to the B1G. OU and the Huskers (and KU) to the PAC and the two conferences make a sweet offer to North Carolina and one other to join the B1G (like Virginia, VT, or Duke).

    All of this gets the PAC farther east and helps the B1G get the crown jewel they've been after for decades (ND) and gets them into the Mid-Atlantic market.

    Think of how much of the map the two conferences would cover. Basically everywhere BUT SEC country - which neither conference will ever get into anyway. But they might as well own everything else.

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    I just went through the schedule and made some predictions

    by afro14
    2016-07-28 09:23:03

    I kept coming up with 10-2... I originally thought 9-3, but I just don't see them losing more than one of USC, UW, and Oregon at home. UCLA on the road is probably a loss, and my gut says USC will be, too, but Oregon and UW are definitely beatable at home. Honestly, USC is a completely winnable game, too.

    What is this strange optimism that has possessed me?

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    RE: I want to agree with you. Let's further the conversation. At what point does the PAC-12 network become a failure?

    by Big Kahuna
    2016-07-28 08:24:04

    So a panic sale? Apologies but that will only end up as a big mistake. Not sure what you do for a living but in finance and investments panic sales are bad.

    The network has to be viewed as a long term owner. We have huge equity potential. No you cannot spend that but the SEC and the B1 G already have spent their money.

    The PAC location makes things tough. Our games start at 10 pm et. I could see an alignment with the B1G at some point. The rest of the conferences are academic backwaters by comparison. We would likely trade equity with the B1G. PAC history with the B1G supports this

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    I'm feeling very #DNCinPHL about this upcoming season, and less #RNCinCLE

    by applesanchez
    2016-07-28 14:13:37

    Things are looking up. There's positive momentum. We've been destroying our rivals for years now. I'm just... I'm just ready to watch some football.

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    Softball anyone?

    by Wildcat
    2016-07-28 08:19:38

    Looking for teams to fill some tournament slots. Get your friends and family together and come on out for a great time while helping out a great cause!

    Not sure if the image is going to work so here are the details:

    $300 entry fee
    5 game guarantee
    August 13th at Lakeside Park in Orem
    Home run derby
    100% of all proceeds will be donated to the Utah-Southern Idaho Chapter of the Multipole Sclerosis Society!

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    Did you see Forrest Gump?

    by ocgreg
    2016-07-28 11:06:21

    The USC band was cast and played the part of the Alabama band in the movie, so they must not be that good.


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    What the crap am I suppose to do on New Year's Eve now?

    by BestimusMucho
    2016-07-28 12:50:25

    Such a worthless holiday, but I liked that there was at least a game to watch. I seem to be one of the only ones that was fine with that.

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    I break up the politics to bring you Stranger Things.

    by ironman1315
    2016-07-28 14:44:08

    Holy $#!+ is this show good.

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    Pac-12 expansion begins and ends with Texas and Oklahoma. If at least one of those two isn't involved, then the Pac-12 isn't expanding.

    by UteThunder
    2016-07-27 23:29:06

    All of the G5 teams in the west are either in redundant markets, i.e. USU, BYU, SJSU, CSU, etc.

    Or they're in small markets, i.e. Wyoming, Nevada, Hawaii, etc.

    Or they don't deliver their market, i.e. Houston, SMU, Rice, etc.

    The only three G5s that would be worth considering are UNLV, New Mexico, and Boise State. These three are in new, decent sized markets and they deliver their market. The problem is, none of those three are very close to being a P5 University.

    The Pac-12 will remain at 12 schools until the day comes that Texas and/or Oklahoma come calling.

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