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    My response to Monson and zoobs wanting an annual game

    by Big Kahuna
    2015-07-30 08:40:46

    We are the big dog in Utah. Status is not going to reverse, ship has sailed.

    The off season comedy has been golden. PAC just keeps on giving.

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    I'm outraged that Holmoe attempted to take away the spotlight of Utah Football on PAC-12 media day eve ...

    by sweetgrass
    2015-07-29 22:42:34

    announcing a home and home with UNLV .... sheesh

    Holmoe = attention whore.

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    Awesome old dude

    by RedDog
    2015-07-30 12:34:23

    http://deadspin.com/awesome-old-dude-andr e-miller-should-play-in-the-nba-fo-1721102 173?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitt er&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium= socialflow

    His longevity has been made all the more hilarious by his play, which has now fully evolved into the kind of uncomfortable butt-first game practiced by silver foxes in gyms and on blacktops wherever pickup ball is played.

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    Bookie brawl over Utah-Michigan

    by Duhwayne
    2015-07-29 21:25:36

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    Cheeta, cheeta, pumkin' eata!

    by Flyer
    2015-07-30 11:55:16

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    I had about 20 minutes for sports radio this morning.

    by High Uintas
    2015-07-30 10:39:10

    1280 had the gang in L.A. to cover the PAC-12 media day and they sounded like they were loving it. During a commercial I flipped to 1320 and Monty was just carrying on like it was an ordinary day.

    Whoever made this decision at 1320 has made a terrible blunder, in my opinion. They've always fought off the accusation that they were biased in their coverage and frankly it's hard to prove otherwise. But now they've done something concrete and undeniable and their bias is obvious. Any Utah fan or fan of another PAC-12 team living in the area wants coverage of media day. Skipping media day just shows that they are a one team radio station and all claims otherwise are just hot air.

    Ute fans don't let other Ute fans listen to 1320!

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    To me it would be just "meh". He's doing it against byu-p.

    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-07-29 21:15:36

    When the debate first started on here I initially was in favor of keeping the rivalry. I quickly changed my opinion after watching countless cheap shots by "the chosen". Beating them does nothing anymore.

    2011: I definitely enjoyed it but I did much more laughing than cheering, apart from when I was furious about the helmet to helmet hit and the horse collar 7 yards deep in the end zone. The national press and fans didn't even notice 54-10. It impressed no one.

    2012: It was miserable to watch because we almost gave what should have been an easy win away to an inferior opponent. The worst part was that we actually rushed the field after beating a mid-major. Three times no less. Embarrassing.

    2013: Same story. It was miserable to watch us nearly give a game away that should have been an easy win against an inferior opponent.

    We no longer gain a thing by beating them. It was fun a few years ago but it's time to move on.

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    The other guy's argument makes zero sense

    by Utehawk15
    2015-07-29 21:36:09

    Why would Michigan be easier to beat in the middle of the season? They have a new coach & new QB. They are very raw.

    I think getting them earlier is much better than allowing them to get their feet under them & get into a rhythm.

    Hell, Michigan could lose big to Utah and go on to beat MSU or OSU.

    While I don't think Utah beats Michigan 36-10, I do think Troy has a much better grasp on reality. Too many people are buying into the Harbaugh hype. Great coach, but won't turn it around in one season much less one off season.

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    Let's not let the "danger" of police work be an excuse for misconduct.

    by Vegas Ute
    2015-07-30 07:35:26

    The facts also say that the dangers of being a police offices often overrated, it is not even in the Top-ten most dangerous jobs and has actually gotten safer in recent times.

    Once again: police work is NOT getting more dangerous

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    It's hard to argue, those first 4 teams are usually pretty good,

    by DownhereUte
    2015-07-30 09:54:46

    but I think they'll be overrated this year. My poll says Utah wins the South.

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    Coaches' Poll is out. Utah is in the "others receiving votes" category.

    by Ute in DC
    2015-07-30 09:41:01

    http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/foot ball/polls/coaches-poll#sthash.Pg0ZntD8.u x fs&st_refDomain=t.co&st_refQuery=/A3vxbKw g c2

    Pac 12 teams:
    5. Oregon
    10. USC
    14. UCLA
    16. Arizona St
    21. Stanford
    22. Arizona

    Received votes:
    Utah (#30)
    Washington (#51T)

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    I think the 36-10 prediction is way out there too...

    by SeaTacUte
    2015-07-29 21:48:17

    One thing Michigan does have is a decent defense with a lot of players returning on that side of the ball. Harbaugh is also a defensive guru just like Whitt. It's easier to implement and coach a defense than firing up a new offense.

    I expect a whole lot of running, punting, and field goals in this game. Minimal passing from either team, just enough to keep the other team guessing.

    I'm thinking something along the lines of a 19-7 Utah win with Andy Phillips knocking in 4 (or more) field goals.

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