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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Utah vs. Idaho State

    Thursday, August 28 @ 5:30 PM MDT
    TV: Pac-12 Networks
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    It makes a lot more sense if you are delusional enough to believe that BYU is an academic powerhouse nipping at Stanford's heels like zoobs believe.

    by TheBaron
    2014-08-26 18:29:48

    Of course, if LDS church subsidies were reduced to the point where BYU was forced to raise their tuition to even half as much as Stanford costs and if BYU lost its status as the fastest route for LDS youth to get laid, their application numbers would tank aggressively and BYU's admissions standards would drop to a level commensurate with the education being offered - mediocre.

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    and the worst offender is now head coach of your favorite NFL team.

    by ocgreg
    2014-08-26 16:59:48


    Fight On!

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    I unfriend you.

    by ocgreg
    2014-08-26 18:05:00

    Fight On!

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    Stream test and info :)

    by Cochoz
    2014-08-27 09:08:17

    Official Stream Link: http://www.hitbox.tv/UUtes

    Sample Video: http://www.hitbox.tv/video/236567 - Let me know how it looks. My apologies for the quality, I don't have a HD box.

    Open Chat-room: http://www.hitbox.tv/embedchat/uutes <--- this is the chatroom used on the stream but without any video.

    See ya all tomorrow at 5pm MT!

    Go Utes!

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    If Bronco would just be honest about why he wants to play Utah, it would sound like this...

    by Samak
    2014-08-27 09:05:04

    "Even though it would mean losing to Utah for a fifth time in a row, our schedule is so pathetic we still badly want to play the game."

    "This independence thing isn't going anything like we thought. In fact it sucks. We can't hardly get any P5 teams on the schedule and almost none will come to Provo. We're stuck playing Savannah State on senior night in November and it's embarrassing. Utah's the only game that ever sells out in Provo and we're desperate for the rivalry to continue."

    "We've begged the Big 12 to let us in and that's not working. So we have to do anything to get Utah back on the schedule even if it means calling them chickens."

    Poor pathetic BYU.

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    Remember for tomorrow!

    by Flyer
    2014-08-27 09:08:19

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    If Oregon loses it's LDS pipeline all is lost...and there is

    by annarborute
    2014-08-26 17:58:00

    nothing Phil Knight's money can do about it. It's priority "1" to keep the sleeping tiger which is bYu out of the PAC12 at all costs

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    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2014-08-27 04:56:32

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    Send Cochoz a boardmail!

    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2014-08-27 06:19:18

    <Keep it secret, keep it safe!>

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    I have been in the MUSS for the past 5 years.

    by utahute16
    2014-08-26 18:48:41

    Now that I am done with school it is time to move on. I'll be getting random tickets where I can this year and hopefully can get season tickets next year. My brother and I found tickets in N21 for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to having a new perspective. It'll be nice to be able to sit for most of the game. Anyone going to be near there? I'll be in the red.

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    What Josh Shaw was really doing...

    by IrieUte
    2014-08-26 21:24:09


    Yay I finally made a gif...as if anyone cares

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    The top current thread over on CB is priceless: "The real reason BYU was passed over by the PAC" ...

    by San Diego Ute Fan
    2014-08-26 17:47:57

    A friend of mine said that there were two reason for this... he worked at a certain pac 12 school before they added the last two schools. He said it was common knowledge that the reason his school would vote no was that they believed that "IF BYU was in they could never recruit against them ever successfully... and they would lose the chance to influence those athletes away from the cult." This came from a non-LDS source... your thoughts???

    Is there no end to the hilarity over there?

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    A quick story to help the time slide by.

    by Flyer
    2014-08-27 08:00:01

    A news reporter goes to see a Jewish man who has been going to the western wall in Israel to pray once a day for 70 years, the reporter goes up to him and says, “hello I’m a reporter for the BBC and we know you’re quite famous around this wall so we were wondering if we could ask you a few questions.”

    The man agrees and she asks, “so we were wondering; what have you actually been praying for all of these years?”

    The man replies, “I have been praying for peace between the Jews and Arabs and for all world hatred and terrorism to stop, and for my children and grandchildren to grown up in a peaceful world.”

    The news reporter says, “Wow that’s truly beautiful, how do you feel after doing this for 70 years?”

    The man replies, “I feel like I’ve been talking to a brick wall.”

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