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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Utah vs. Southern Utah

    Thursday, September 1 @ 18:00 pm MT
    TV: Pac-12 networks
    Radio: ESPN 700

    Well, it is game week....

    by RowdyReptile
    2016-08-30 18:14:43

    ...and I thought I might drop by and check on my favorite Pac -12 team.

    Always nice to talk to a team that can actually beat Michigan, as my team apparently can't.

    So what do you think about this year?

    Down South it is all about the Vols and Tide, and Florida might as well not show up for the game in Knoxville, as we are going to lose, and lose huge.

    Florida goes 8-4 if we are lucky. We have no QB, a horrible OL, only one WR, and no RBs worth a darn. The defense lost too much to the draft and will be average at best.

    These are the things I keep hearing anyway.

    So what can I expect from the Utes this time around?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Paul Kruger to Saints

    by CrimsonUteBC
    2016-08-31 08:08:24

    Don't know if this has been posted yet, but looks like Kruger will sign with the Saints.
    I'm sorry to see him leave the Browns, because I live in Ohio and would have loved to see him work with Orchard on the opposite side of him, but it sounds like the Saints will be a better fit for him.


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    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2016-08-31 00:00:41

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    Because Thursday & Friday night games suck.

    by ocgreg
    2016-08-30 16:01:22

    I don't know anyone going. I do want to go to a game in Utah as it's the only PAC venue I've not been to.

    And when I do, I want to snuggy next to UtahUteGuy.


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    Calling us godless heathens is redundant.

    by Newbomb Turk
    2016-08-31 07:40:54

    I looked up redundant in the dictionary and it said "see redundant".

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    But the state demands the Utes to play IT'S religious school

    by annarborute
    2016-08-30 19:30:36

    I'm sure it's what the audit strongly "recommended" they play.

    Chris Hill has one of the toughest jobs in college athletics...

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    So what are you are saying?

    by Basketball Junkie
    2016-08-31 07:01:29

    Black jerseys matter?

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    RE: Zamora should be beaten,

    by Larry B
    2016-08-30 18:00:00

    It's videos like this that just make you want to hug your dog. That's exactly what I did. I can't imagine how someone can do something like that.

    Makes me sick.

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    Thanks. That guy should be beaten and thrown in jail.

    by Newbomb Turk
    2016-08-30 17:39:42

    I was afraid that the OP was talking about Jojo Zamora on the basketball team. I'm glad it wasn't him, but it sucks that anybody does this.

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    One Day More

    by Gusquatch
    2016-08-31 08:44:09

    One Day More

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    The cast is amazing! Cleavon Little was a Tony award-winning Broadway actor, Gene Wilder was great,Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn, Dom DeLuise, Slim Pickens, Dick Butkus, John Hillerman, etc.

    by Puget Ute
    2016-08-31 08:21:57

    And it had one of the greatest comedy writing teams ever assembled: Mel Brooks, Richard Pryor, Andrew Bergman, Norman Steinberg, Al Uger. All of them are legends.

    Your brother has spent too much time in Ogden. It warped his sense of humor.

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    We have to replace some key pieces, but return a lot of talent.

    by UteThunder
    2016-08-30 18:44:27

    D-Line returns nearly everyone and should be good, as always.

    LBs are all new.

    Almost all DBs return, and will be really good.

    Nations best Punter two years straight is gone, but we have an adequate replacement according to reports.

    O-Line returns nearly everyone, plus add in the number 1 JC OL recruit at LT.

    Booker is gone at RB, but Joe Williams looked good in his absence last year.

    QB and WR are the big question marks. Wilson is gone, as are our two leading receivers from last year, Covey and Scott. All reports out of camp seem to be that Troy Williams has more skill and more leadership ability than Wilson had. WRs will be relatively inexperienced, but they have a new position coach who will hopefully improve what seemed to be a lazy and undisciplined group of route runners under the old coach.

    I'm predicting 11-1.

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    I haven't watched the video and I won't.

    by MTM
    2016-08-30 18:02:11

    I'd be like that crazy astronaut lady who wore diapers from Texas to Florida so she wouldn't have to stop on her way to kill her boyfriend's wife.
    How far is it from Salt Lake City to Waco anyway?

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