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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    RE: This UVU team plays a decent game Solid fundamentals unselfish

    by ronniemac
    2016-12-06 19:41:17

    Our defense sucks. We can't stop dribble drives or rebound. Long season ahead

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    We need to figure out how to defend the pick and roll. Zamora was money at the foul line at the end of the game. That will come in handy later. UVU is a good team. Pope has done a nice job.

    by Newbomb Turk
    2016-12-06 20:49:27

    I did not know that Chris Burgess was on the UVU staff.

    Really anxious to see Collette and Barefield in the line-up.

    Anybody know where Coleman and Seeley are? Didn't see them at all, even in street clothes.

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    Utes survive vs UVU: The view from the cheap seats.

    by Ute_In_Texas
    2016-12-06 20:45:27

    Utes survived. Had a few chances to put UVU away in the middle of the 2nd half, but failed. So UVU hung in and made things interesting. Utes trailed by 3 with 2 minutes to go, but closed with a 12-3 run. PVD hit a huge 3 to restore order.

    Utes played some very ugly defense. It's clear they were committed to running the UVU shooters off the 3pt line (mission accomplished) but that enabled a lot of dribble penetration. Utes defensive rotations were slow, so the UVU big (Neilson) got way too many layups. That defense has to improve. UVU won points in the paint 46-34. That's shocking. Neilson's a decent player, but the Utes made him look like an all-american.

    UVU doubled Kuzma, trying to force turnovers. They had a bit of success, but not enough to justify making the strategy permanent.

    Coach experimented with lineups. Tried Daniels at SG and had him post up the smaller UVU guards a few times. For a time he had Kuz at C, Bonam at PG, with Daniels, Bealer and Van Dyke at the other 3 spots. He's still trying to find combinations that work, a maneuver players into situations where their skills might work better.

    Daniels finally hit a 3, which encouraged him to shoot another one. Yikes! The broadcasters pointed out that his shot has an unusual spin and heads to the rim spinning like a top. I've seen that shot before: by Gerald Govan of the old Utah Stars. He was an awful shooter. We called it the Govan Roto-Rooter.

    Poor Ogbe. He had to be really excited about this game. But he picked up a couple of quick fouls, fought foul trouble all game, and was never a factor.

    Bealer played some meaningful minutes. Jayce played a team low 12 minutes. No sign of Jokl.

    Zamora has established himself as the 3rd guard. Larry chose him to ice the game with free throws and he was money, shooting 100%.

    My 2 cents.

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    This UVU team plays a decent game Solid fundamentals unselfish

    by FlyfishingUte
    2016-12-06 18:54:29

    We seemed to sleep walk through that first eight minutes or so
    Utes appear much more athletic though.
    Jayce Johnson has done a couple of nice things tonight Bonham has been solid. Kuzma appeared to have waited until 15 min in to show up

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    Never coached, but also gifted with not-extremely-above-average height. In church ball, we shut out our opponents at the half, and Coach told us to ease up. I, at a good 18" advantage, allowed my opponent to hit a jumper.

    by daedalus
    2016-12-07 00:27:12

    Their happiness at breaking the scoreless streak outweighed my selfish desire to crush my opponents. Coach's expression of compassion was a learning moment for me. Kids need to be kids.

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    Utes survive the Wolverine attack 87-80.

    by Maji Man
    2016-12-06 20:02:13

    Yikes, they had a lead there with just a couple minUtes remaining. Good poise by the Utes to get some clutch shots and clutch stops there at the end.

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    In my opinion, that sounds like he is seriously considering demoting/replacing A-Rod and Harding.

    by UteThunder
    2016-12-06 18:08:49

    If he wasn't considering making changes, he would have said something more like "I feel good about the coaches we have, but we always do a year end evaluation to see where we can improve."

    I believe the "evaluation process," as Kyle put it, is more about 'who can we get?' rather than 'who should we keep?'

    A-Rod and Harding should definitely be keeping their options open right now.

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    Reading up on UVU it's a list of local and DivI transfers

    by The Thrill
    2016-12-06 17:00:33

    Isaac Neilson - Played Freshman year for BYU
    Conner Toolson - Played for SLCC, son of Andy Toolson. Teammate of LP3
    Kenneth Ogbe - Former Ute
    Brandon Randolph - Former Xavier player

    No wonder they're 5-2 with a win over BYU. Utah is much deeper and hopefully them beating BYU already will get the Utes attention.

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    We call it lightening, and there is a variation, if you dare to try it called "bump".

    by MinnesotaUte
    2016-12-06 14:30:09

    Basically it is lightening, but you can knock the other persons ball away with your won ball on purpose. That can get ugly, so use it sparingly.

    For older kids, I love the 5 on 5 on 5, but only if you have a full court.

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    What you say about Giac would make him a terrible coach at any level.

    by we4utes
    2016-12-07 06:58:52

    I've never known a good coach that was a terrible leader, just saying.

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