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    #19 Utah vs. #20 USC

    Saturday, October 25
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    Not that it's news, but Derik Stevenson is the definition of a zoob in every way. Derick honestly lives in a completely different reality than the rest of us.

    by TheBaron
    2014-10-24 14:39:16

    A reality where the world waits with baited breath for BYU to fart and then declares the aroma "big time". A reality where BYU is a national powerhouse that happens to be down a little bit at the moment, but otherwise would receive an invite from every major conference in the country - if only the university presidents weren't all a bunch of dirty anti-Mormons. Why is the world full of so many anti-Mormons hell bent on holding back BYU from it's rightful place next to, but slightly above Alabama?! Utah got invited to the PAC-12 over BYU? ANTI-MORMONS EVERYWHERE! UGGHHHHH!

    In Derik's reality, BYU beat an "average Texas team" and Utah beat "the worst Michigan team in decades", when both teams are currently sitting on a 3-4 record. Why does Derik call one 3-4 team "average" and the other "the worst in decades"? Oh yeah - BYU beat one of them while evil incarnate, Utah, beat the other. A good little zoobie makes sure to always spin and lie his ass off to cast God's one true university™ in the most flattering light possible, even if that means tearing down BYU's superiors in order to give the illusion of parity.

    Like most zoobs, he calls every quality team Utah beats "overrated" or "terrible" and every mediocre to awful team that BYU beats "underrated" or a couple of bounces away from being ranked. I've seen a different zoob claim that BYU's squeaker at home against a mediocre Virginia team is the best win of any team in the state this season; no joke. He claimed that OSU is "terrible" and UCLA is "bad" and "criminally overrated". Yet when BYU was 4-0 after barely sneaking by bad teams and beating down a 3-4 Texas team that played BYU without 11 of their starters, zoobs argued that BYU should have been top 10 and was a strong candidate for the playoffs.

    Derik calls out Bronco for his "arrogance", but then Derik takes personal credit for BYU's so-called "tradition", speaks as if glory and greatness are BYU's birthrights, and repeatedly calls Utah State a "glorified high school". Of course, he does these things while failing to see even a shred of irony. He doesn't see his own arrogance because he genuinely believes that BYU is a tradition rich power program being embarrassed by Bronco's failure to match BYU's prior glory.

    That is Derik's - and most zoobs - biggest problem. They honestly think BYU used to be big time. In truth, BYU was 2007 Hawaii, and, like Hawaii, they only did it ONE YEAR EVER. Unlike Hawaii, it happened 30 years ago. 30 years! Other than that, BYU's glory years weren't much different from what BYU is right now - a decent mid-major program that almost never played against teams with a pulse, usually lost - often in a blow out - whenever they did play a quality opponent, and spent most of the time racking up wins against terrible teams.

    The reason they went 19-2 against Utah during a 21 year stretch wasn't because BYU was a powerhouse; it was because Utah was at its all-time nadir and the Utes had a hard time beating even the aforementioned terrible teams that BYU was beating up on, let alone beating the pride of the WAC. Speaking of which...

    When your claim to fame is being the best team in the WAC for a couple of decades, after the two best teams in the WAC bolted for greener pastures, you don't have a claim to fame. You are nothing. In reality, BYU isn't at a low point right now - they are near their historical apex. Right now is about as good as BYU has ever been. In 1984, BYU didn't play a single team as good as 2014 USU or Nevada.

    The "greatness" of BYU under LaVell was about exploiting a novel and exotic offensive scheme to beat up on inferior competition and then crow about how they would totally beat the best of the best, if only they got a shot at them. BYU is college football's Uncle Rico. They are the original Boise State - beat up on terrible teams in the WAC after the WAC's best teams left for greener pastures. Both programs even got lucky on a couple of special QB recruits. The similarities are uncanny, except for Boise comes out looking about 100 times more impressive. If you compare their best wins and their overall records, BYU comes out looking like Boise-lite rather than vice versa.

    Zoobs think BYU is big time. The ignorant watching from afar think they are a has-been. The educated know that they are a never-was. Derik is a zoob, and hubris like his could complete BYU's regression to the mean, returning them to what they always were without LaVell or Bronco - a regional punching bag.

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    I'm on my way to the Home of the Utes!!!

    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2014-10-24 12:20:40

    About to board a plane to good ol' SACK LAKE CITY!!!

    I can't wait to get loud with all my fellow crazy Ute fans!


    GO UTES!!!!

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    Roscoe has said a lot of stupid things, but that might have been the most asinine thing he has ever said.

    by UteFanatic
    2014-10-24 11:29:46

    To call out a team as being scared that has beaten you 4 years in row, including a 54-10 beatdown on your own turf, is absolutely laughable.

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    RE: Who's Derik Stevenson?

    by codeRed
    2014-10-24 12:36:57

    >> Comment...


    A win against the worst Michigan teams in decades...

    by Converted Coug
    2014-10-24 09:05:34

    got BYU a national championship. So I guess we're even on that almost.

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    BYU athletic programs should go the way of Ricks College athletic programs. Then Bronco will have completed his quest for irrelevance.

    by Mevsauce
    2014-10-24 16:11:44

    You know you have run out of positive ambassadorship when Max Hall has a drug arrest, alumni are writing articles about how bad your program is (and cussing out people who disagree with them on Twitter), you've got a losing record in the MWC, and you trot out Jim McMahon as a paragon of BYU's virtues. All that in one season. The same season that started with this:

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    They're heeeeeere.....

    by TribUTE
    2014-10-24 09:33:41

    Just saw the USC truck not far from campus...check out the message. Man I want to send these guys home losers!

    >> Comment...


    RE: Agree. IMO, that "aw shucks" demeanor was just a facade.

    by Big Kahuna
    2014-10-24 08:46:08

    Perhaps because I competed against TDS in my 4 years at the U it galvanized my view. I had friends on the football teams. Edwards was a poor sport, period end of question.

    In recent times I look at Weddle in a bowl game taking a knee on a game ending PIC that likely would have gone for 6. Edwards would have told the kid to run it in as time expired, no doubt in my mind. That is the difference between Utah and TDS. Our kids are taught sportsmanship for the most part, TDS is devoid of that type of ethics and that comes from coaching

    I am a hater. Now I love McBride for all the same reasons. Wayne Howard is still a hero for calling Edwards and his crew of a hole coaching staff out for all of their bad acts. Urban had no problems putting his boot on their necks and I think part of that was he knew the history.

    Time cures all, I guess I need a lot more time regarding Edwards. Frankly I doubt my view changes. Thank you Urban and Kyle for righting the ship and for the PAC for recognizing us and destroying any TDS hopes of larger glory going forward.

    I will thank Edwards for his BS championship as that alone got Utah to where we are. Twisted yes but I am smiling as I write this.

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    I'm thankful that more often than not when we hear about our former players it's either seeing them on tv on Sundays or hearing about donations they make to the university instead of hearing them bicker and argue over unmet expectations.

    by jamarcus22
    2014-10-24 12:46:28

    A few recent events excepted, but seriously though, I feel like loyalty to the program is a huge selling point for the U. Our former athletes are always coming back and contributing. Our climb in the Pac-12 is continually assisted by their support. I love it.

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    Yes, here he is. All class.

    by scratch
    2014-10-24 13:40:59

    >> Comment...


    All of this TDSFAN banter the day before we play a PAC 12 game that is going to define us on the national landscape????

    by Greginslc
    2014-10-24 16:10:57

    Ok, every game we will play for the rest of this season will define this season. Beating the University of Spoiled Children is a step we need to make happen if we want to get back in the discussion of winning the PAC 12 South, the PAC 12 Championship, or the NCG Playoffs. If we can win out we can get there; but it all starts tomorrow with the Trojan Enz.

    This other school you speak of who is in full meltdown is getting ready to lose to the Tater Zoobs on the Smurf Turf. To discuss them is to give them relevance. They are not relevant and never will be relevant again. Yes, it is a fiery pile of $#!+ on our doorstep, we just don't need to step in it on our way to more important matters.

    GO UTES!!!!


    >> Comment...


    BYU defense parody

    by Hammer
    2014-10-24 20:14:19

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