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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    I hope Mike has "chosen" to not be gay...

    by hickboy
    2015-03-30 13:34:13

    Or at least does not live in Indiana. I'd hate for the institution to claim that they view being gay as against their religion and thus are allowed to deny Mike his well-deserved freedom...

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    Duke is very easy to root against, despite having a respectable coach.

    by BestimusMucho
    2015-03-30 11:30:51

    Coach K looks like a coach I should hate, but he generally never says anything very inflammatory. Sure, he looks like a rat and he coaches for one of the most privileged teams in America, but he seems all right. In fact, he is generally respectful and acts with class. Not sure I would feel this way if I was a UNC fan, but my limited observations seem to indicate this. Sean Miller is the same way here in the Pac12. He looks like a coach I should hate, but when I listen to him, he is usually saying the right things and is appropriately complimentary.

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    8 Minute mark Duke's Coach K talks about the rebuilding job at Utah credits K2 and Hill.

    by Junior Ute
    2015-03-30 11:06:16

    http://www.goduke.com/mediaPortal/player. dbml?&db_oem_id=4200&id=3862196


    Q. You kind of got into what I was going to ask you about. One of the things he talked about when y'all were speaking on the show, you had kind of told him when you were starting at Duke it is not what it is now. What did you tell him and what do you see as kind of comparisons there?

    COACH KRZYZEWSKI: I think he took -- well, he took over a program where it had to be rebuilt but has had great tradition. Utah over the years, come on, it's one of the top 15, probably winningest programs in the history of college basketball, you know. Great, great tradition there. But I think the similarity was that we had great ADs and Utah has a great AD and has had one for a long time and that he was going to get support and commitment and Larry said that. So they were a team and as a result, they're benefiting greatly from it and I like that. I admire that teamwork and that's not alive and well as much in college sports as it is today -- as it was a long time ago.

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    by UTAuley
    2015-03-30 11:01:37

    Busted out my new (fishing rod). Set it up for (fishing) so of course the fish were (in the water somehwere). Got out my (other fishing rod) which is my favorite for fishing and was able to land four decent to respectable (local trout) in four hours of (fishing). (Also caught a bunch of garbage that shouldn't have been there).

    Other than that good day (capitalized the "S" so, not quite sure what he did with) an (kind of water rat), a couple of (larger water rats with sharp teeth and a fatter tail) and a (bird of some kind).

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    Nice write up on Ute Chase Hansen.

    by UtesMuss1
    2015-03-30 10:50:05

    http://www.sltrib.com/sports/2342693-155/ utah-football-chase-hansen-back-in

    Utah football: Chase Hansen back in the spotlight after being anonymous in Australia

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    Delon Wright, 2nd team All American...

    by MeSoVanHorny
    2015-03-30 13:55:48

    Somebody help me understand. D'Angelo Russell from Ohio State beat out Delon for 1st team AA. I didn't see him play a lot, but what I saw was good. I don't think he had the same kind of overall year Delon had. Regardless, congratulations Delon and thanks. I'm so glad you became a Ute.

    http://www.sltrib.com/sports/2347488-155/ utah-basketball-delon-wright-earns-ap

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    The truth shall set him free....

    by Flyer
    2015-03-30 11:48:45

    In Ireland there is a mental institution that every year picks two of it’s most reformed patients and questions them. If they get the questions right they are free to leave.

    This year the two lucky patients were Patty and Mike. They were called down to the office and left there by the orderly. They were told to wait as the doctor got their files. The doctor came out and motioned for Patty to come in for her questioning. When Patty came into the office she was instructed to sit in the seat across from the doctor.

    “Patty, you know the tradition of this institution so I imagine you know why you are here. You will be asked two questions, and if you get them right, you will be free to go. Do you understand all that you have been told?” said the doctor with a rather sly grin. Patty nodded, and the doctor began to question her.

    The first question was this. “Patty, if I was to poke out one of your eyes, what would happen?” “I would be half blind of course,” Patty answered without much thought. “What would happen if I poked out the other eye?” “I would be completely blind,” said Patty knowing that she had just gotten her freedom. The doctor then sent her outside while he drew up the paperwork and accessed Mike’s files.

    When Patty got into the waiting room however, she told Mike what the questions would be and what the correct answers were. The doctor calls in Mike and he followed the same procedure that he had with Patty.

    “Mike, the first question is what would happen if I cut off your ear?” “I would be blind in one eye,” he said remembering what he had been told. This received a perplexed look from the doctor but he just simply asks the other question so that he could figure out what the man was thinking.

    “Mike, what would happen if I cut off your other ear?” “I would be completely blind,” he answered with a smile as if he knew he had passed.

    But then the doctor asked him what his reasoning was, and he said flatly, “Me hat would fall down over me eyes.”

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    I found video...

    by Crafty Ute
    2015-03-30 18:07:48

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    by OldAsDirtUte
    2015-03-30 16:32:42

    otherwise; or else:
    implies: 'not the same'.

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    RE: It will be a Duke/ashley judd title game..

    by SubstiUTE
    2015-03-30 12:09:33

    Just like the NCAA and CBS wanted

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