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    Utah @ Michigan

    Saturday, September 20 @ 3:30 p.m. EDT (1:30 p.m. MDT)
    TV: ABC Regional or ESPN2
    Radio: ESPN700 AM and Sirius/XM

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    The night the Big House was our house

    by Nittany Ute
    2014-09-21 08:48:13

    Totally worth waiting out the rain delay for the chance to make the end of the game feel like a home game for our guys. My brother took this picture as the game resumed. I have to hand it to the few Michigan fans that stuck around. I probably wouldn't have if the situation were reversed.

    Michigan fans were very gracious hosts. We had a great experience there and I hope that we return the favor when they visit next year.

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    michigan player perspective

    by Hammer
    2014-09-20 22:29:08

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    No Subject

    by UteStuckInSeattle
    2014-09-20 21:40:59

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    When the Boogie man goes to Sleep at night he checks under his bed for Travis Wilson!

    by BadBadUte
    2014-09-21 09:05:57

    Death once had a Near-Travis Wilson experience.

    There is no theory of evolution, just the Creatures Travis Wilson has permitted to live!

    Travis Wilson can kill two stones with one bird!

    Travis Wilson ordered a Big mac at burger King, he got one!

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    Most loving.

    by jamarcus22
    2014-09-20 21:33:28

    "Whoever steps in front of me, I love you as a man, but I feel sorry for you."

    - Gionni Paul

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    Love that headline in my morning Seattle Times.

    by EUte
    2014-09-21 11:24:01


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    Just got back from the game. Awesome time! Here are my thoughts:

    by Virginia Ute
    2014-09-20 22:17:34

    1. I'm happy by what I saw on the field. Offense made me nervous at first, but they clicked and put some good drives together. Thank goodness we still had Wilson after that neck snapping. I was shocked when he walked back on the field in the 3rd Q. Michigan fans around me were pissed off at Wilson for taking such a risk like that. It was an interesting reaction to the injury by them.

    2. Michigan fans were great hosts. We were treated well before and after the game. Only run-ins with douche bags were on frat row walking to the stadium. Got told to eff off and some other guy had some Brigham Young comments, but that all was to be expected in that neighborhood. I've been to a few tOSU games, and U of M fans were much more classy.

    3. The Big House was impressive. Not very loud today, but an impressive spectacle. As bad as Michigan in this year, you still get the feeling that their games are a production on a whole other level. Only disappointing thing about the atmosphere there was the poor turnout from the student section. Lotta empty seats up there.

    4. Thanks to annarborute for all the recs. Found some good tailgating to hit up, and also utilized that parking on 7th and Pauline that worked without a problem.

    5. Here's a pic of the team and Ute section from my seats. Wish I had more interesting pics to post.

    Here's to hoping we don't melt down now that we are entering into P12 play. GO UTES!

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    Travis Wilson once heard that nothing can kill him, so he tracked down nothing and killed it.

    by BadBadUte
    2014-09-21 09:57:35

    I cannot believe he not only still played but came back and DOMINTAED!!

    When Travis Wilson goes to the gym Travis Wilson does not get tired the the weights and equipment get tired.

    Travis Wilson was once on Wheel of Fortune and was the first to spin. The next 29 minutes of the show consisted of everyone standing around awkwardly, waiting for the wheel to stop.

    Travis Wilson once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.

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    Week 4's Animated Gifs

    by uteinlogan
    2014-09-21 10:27:50

    Disproving the pre-season haters and media honks

    Watching Travis jump and suffer a head injury

    The feeling of Utah dominating at Michigan Stadium

    The Wolverines' feelings of leaving during the rain delay

    Michigan fans who wanted the game called to "no contest"

    Utah's defense every game this year

    BJ and Dan Mullen's Mississippi State surprising LSU in Baton Rouge

    Watching Clemson painfully giving away the game to the Seminoles

    Oregon collapsing in Pullman to pull out a win

    Matt Wells taking over a rising Utah State program

    How fun it is to watch college football every week

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    This win didn't have the same feel that the one in 2008 had.

    by midnightversion
    2014-09-21 09:18:17

    I was not shocked. I was not overjoyed. I was not stunned. I really expected us to go in there and win, and we did.

    This team looks like a PAC-12 team -- finally -- from top to bottom. Times have changed. I expect to beat P5 teams on the road when they're down, like Michigan is.

    THIS is what it feels like to have a PAC-12 team.

    I was one of the six that picked Utah in a blowout. It wasn't quite a blowout, but I really felt that we were head and shoulders above them.

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    The slide

    by Hammer
    2014-09-20 22:25:35

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