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    Utah vs. BYU

    Wednesday, Dec. 2 @ 8:00 pm @ Huntsman Center
    TV: Pac-12 Networks
    Radio: ESPN 700

    My only thought...

    by SubstiUTE
    2015-11-30 12:04:53

    Is how pedestrian Marcus Marriota has been this year for Tennesee. Yes he has had some great games (Travis v Oregon) but for the most part he has missed targets and not been great.

    Marriota was to me the smartest QB I have seen in the last 10 years. He was awesome at reads and checking down as well. Bottom line, Quarterbacking is hard and it takes years to be great. He will be great one day but it takes time.

    Travis is 21 years old. At 21 I could barely function. These are kids. Yes I expected more but Travis gave his all every week and I will always appreciate his contributions to the U.

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    by Mullet Ute
    2015-11-30 14:00:44

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    My mom always said,

    by High Uintas
    2015-11-30 10:25:30

    The definition of chutzpah is a child who kills their parents and then pleads for leniency because they're an orphan.

    For BYU to claim bigotry if pure chutzpah coming from one of the most bigoted and closed-minded universities in the country.

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    I want Scott Mitchell for QB Coach.

    by Chad Sexington
    2015-11-30 11:50:39

    Whomever is hired, these are the qualifications I would be seeking:

    Played the position. Should have live experience at the position, college level.
    High football IQ.
    Previous coaching experience, at minimum HS HC, college position coach, preferably QB.
    Task master, not a buddy, a leader.

    I'd like to see Mitchell get a crack at it.

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    Travis Wilson

    by 2BUte
    2015-11-30 11:55:14

    I have access to a couple of players on the football team. They both play on the offense. I asked them about the lack of production on offense and they both said pretty much the same thing. The problem is primarily Travis Wilson. There are obviously other issues in addition to Travis but he is the biggest issue. They both have tremendous respect for Travis and how much he has given to the program. They also like him as a person and think he is a great guy.

    They say that there are two issues with Travis. One is that Travis has a hard time thinking quick enough to make proper reads and to move through his progressions. The second problem is that he has problems when he gets out of his comfort zone. The portion of the playbook that Travis is comfortable with is limited. As a result, there is only a portion of the playbook that is available. When Travis gets nervous, which is pretty much most of the time during conference games, he reverts to things he is comfortable with. Once he makes a mistake the comfort zone gets even smaller. He wants to be the starter but he seems to be more comfortable coming off the bench. Perhaps he feels less pressure.

    I have a lot of respect for Travis. I think he gives his all each week. A successful quarterback takes a certain mindset. I am not saying Travis is not smart enough but it appears he has a hard time thinking fast enough in live game situations. I think these are two different things.

    He listens to the coaching he receives and he works hard to prepare but the game appears to be just too fast for him and he has a hard time dealing with unfamiliar situations. Additionally, once he makes a few mistakes he has an even harder time digging out of the whole.

    I am certainly no football expert but I thought this was an interesting perspective.

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    The problem isn't the 9-3 record, it's the way they got there.

    by loyter
    2015-11-30 14:55:28

    Two game lead in the South, top 5 ranking, driver's seat to the championship game, potential CFB playoff berth...

    The list things the Utes were able to piss away in the last few weeks is staggering. I, for one, am squarely disappointed in how the last month has turned out.

    If the Utes could manage to drive 30 yards and get a field goal against AZ, or manage to score more than 9 points against UCLA, who is not exactly a defensive juggernaut, then they'd be in Santa Clara next week.

    Great year? I'd say pretty good. It reminds me of the year (maybe 1994) when the Utes started out 10-0 and had a #8 ranking and then laid an egg against a bad New Mexico team. It had great promise, but ended up being a disappointment.

    We could literally end up in the Vegas Bowl...after having been in the playoff conversation. Anyone who is satisfied with the result of this season either just got back from Turkmenistan or is a complete Polyanna.

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    Ready for all my blue stars, but I really hate that this board is complaining about offensive production and calling out players in a 9-3 year (co-south champs, sure we lost the tiebreak, but come on!)

    by applesanchez
    2015-11-30 14:35:28

    Especially given the fact that only one of those three losses was a blowout, and it was on the road in the ****ing coliseum.

    I expect to see complaints like this in a 6-6, even 7-5 year. But they've been ranked all year and were in the playoff conversation for most of it. If you can't enjoy a year like this, what's the point?

    To quote Vonnegut, "if this isn't nice, I don't know what is."

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    I'm not sure it was a personal attack but more of an observation...........I don't mind nobodysayszoob. He isn't really rude, he's kind of entertaining

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-11-30 11:15:17

    i heard a rumor that he doesn't shed and he's funnier than annarborute so he has that going for him.

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    Travis Wilson Revisited

    by UtahFanSir
    2015-11-30 12:20:43

    Those comments are astute, in my view and they square with what we all saw on the field in most conference games. Travis literally got unwound at USC, three interceptions by the same freshman linebacker. In most ways, TW was not the same after that. He was charmed before, but suffered from confidence issues subsequently. I live in Oregon and my buddies here who watch a lot of Pac-12 football all mentioned nearly the same to me. If they can see it, its obvious. No wonder so many of us are frustrated at 9-3. That said, TW was the best option at QB, while I was disappointed not to see more of Kendall T.

    Travis got it done on Saturday, when untimely penalties literally sucked the life out of the Utes. On a series toward the end of the game, he pulled a rabbit out of the hat twice and he did it mostly by himself. First, he scrambled for a first down when it appeared to be all over. And second, he found Hadley on a broken pass play that sealed the deal.

    So while it is convenient to bag on TW, we also have to appreciate the great stuff he does.

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    Only partially fair

    by codeRed
    2015-11-30 12:39:23

    How do you not put some blame on the coaches and on the other team members?

    Here's what I saw at various times throughout the season:

    * WRs not blocking on those bubble screens
    * WRs not making sharp cuts or cutting off their route prematurely
    * WRs not running the correct route
    * Olineman standing like their feet were in mud
    * Plays being called that made no sense whatsoever (last play action vs UCLA for example)
    * WR (one in particular) worrying more about drawing a PI than catching the ball (how many times did you see Covey do that...answer - NEVER)

    Even though all of your comments have some truth in them, it is hardly a representation of what went wrong for the O this year. Did your 'friends' own up to anything they didn't do well? Of course not. If they were doing their part, where the hell were they?

    TW is the fall guy and that's really too bad. There was a whole lot of people and things that could've and should've been better about this offense. Injuries played a big part as well. Our TE's became virtually non-existent after the Oregon game.

    As posted above, everyone should also give TW kudos for winning all the games we won as well. In each win where he played he did something, ON HIS OWN, that won us those games. His zone reads this year were nothing short of great. He didn't always make the right read, but when it mattered most, he did. His timing on when to keep it seemed stellar as well.

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    The point you're making doesn't make sense

    by PDXUtefan
    2015-11-30 12:13:16

    Mariota is in his first year in the NFL, of course he looks pedestrian (he's a 22 year old playing against grown ass men), almost all true freshman would look like $#!+ if they were playing in a tough conference like the Pac-12. Mariota was no question the best QB last year, he'll get better with more experience in the NFL and the speed of that next level slows down. We aren't comparing a freshman Wilson playing in the Pac-12 to Mariota's first year in the NFL, we're talking about a senior Wilson who has four years of experience in the Pac-12 and is playing other 21 year old (or younger) kids, not NFL players. The game never slowed down for Wilson, he was never capable of reading the defense and adjusting or looking past his first option, even as a senior. A badass competitor? Sure. But not a good QB. Hopefully our next QB can actually read defenses, adjust, use the full playbook, and move through his progressions/options.

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    Coach Whit's Qualifications for the QB Coach:

    by Crafty Ute
    2015-11-30 11:57:27

    1. Loyalty
    2. Loyalty
    3. See #1 and #2.

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