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    This is how to Rock!

    by SubstiUTE
    2015-05-27 10:08:46

    (Giant annoying but pretty cool gif) Suck It!

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    Apparently America is no longer content to simply mock the world's game...now we've decided to take it down.

    by KyleWouldDoIt
    2015-05-27 08:47:49

    Seriously, this is so great. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the most corrupt organization in modern sport. Also, this is what you get when you award the World Cup to Qatar instead of the U.S.

    Plus, the pictures on TV of uniformed FBI agent hauling FIFA officials out of FIFA's hollowed-out volcano lair is probably going to do more to improve the world's opinion of the U.S. than anything Obama or Congress ever could.

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    Ted Miller calls Utah's linebackers a position of strength ...

    by sweetgrass
    2015-05-27 10:31:34

    it was only a couple of years ago that we were all wringing our hands about our LB's. This year's group, might be the best Utah's ever had.

    http://espn.go.com/blog/pac12/post/_/id/8 7061/pac-12-post-spring-position-unit-rank ings-linebackers

    Langi was wise to transfer, he would have never seen the field.

    >> Comment...


    Huge news for us fans of The Beautiful Game

    by H-man
    2015-05-27 00:21:53


    I hope this means the slavery in Qatar will soon cease.

    >> Comment...


    Um . . . they're US law charges.

    by Anywhere but BYU
    2015-05-27 09:36:52

    tough to bring international charges for violations of US law.

    >> Comment...


    He will be at worst a 2nd round draft pick at Corner. His WR days are over, unless ARod is in desperate need of WRs.

    by Puget Ute
    2015-05-27 13:46:24

    He played Lights Out last year, and will be one of our best lockdown secondary defenders this year. Look at the Defensive stats. 38 tackles, 11 pass breakups, and the game-winning Pick 6 against Copper.

    >> Comment...


    It's interesting the FBI is arresting them in Switzerland and extraditing them to the US for trial. The Hague is only 500 miles from Zurich - they've had a flashy trial or two there.

    by pangloss
    2015-05-27 08:49:57

    Maybe they figured they needed to hold the trials in the US so they could get jurors who don't care about soccer.

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    That's about as good a breakdown as I've seen. And funny how you'll only get that level of reporting from our own conference.

    by SeaTacUte
    2015-05-27 12:12:34

    As opposed to the east-coast ESPN hacks who don't have a clue as to what's really going on, not only with Utah, but the other PAC-12 schools. But they'll write plenty about it anyway, as if they know what they're talking about.

    >> Comment...


    Everyone knows our offense sucks.....

    by BaldHatu
    2015-05-27 11:35:32

    Is this the year they put it all together and challenge for the Pac-12 south? Maybe. Maybe not.

    There is plenty of returning talent but Travis Wilson has had an up-and-down career and the Utes offense in general has not been potent enough in the past. Devontae Booker might be the answer. He could just as easily not be enough.

    From the author

    >> Comment...


    I like your optimism and wish I could share it.

    by hickboy
    2015-05-27 09:38:01

    I agree, the US authorities would love to get Blatter and the men indicted today would be happy to turn on him but it is going to be difficult to get something that will stick to the head guy.

    Most likely, Blatter did not take any direct bribes. It's been said that he doesn't care about the money (easy to say when his worth is over $10 million + perks) as much as he likes the power. He has won the support of many of the voting FIFA member nations because he has given them money to "improve the game." So the head of the member nation takes the money, buys a bunch of land (from companies they own) and uses the rest of the money for "administrative fees." Blatter knows what they did is wrong but he didn't do it - he only made a charitable contribution to the country - and he doesn't take a kickback, only support in the next election cycle.

    Immoral? Absolutely. Bad for the game? Perhaps. Illegal? May be tough to prove. Hopefully the Swiss investigations will find something to trip him up.

    Edited to add: not only will it be difficult to find something that can be directly pinned to Blatter (he seems smart enough to expect some people to try to turn against him, eventually), whatever is found will have to have some jurisdictional relevance. Those indicted so far are accused by the US of using American systems (banks, computers) in commission of their crimes. Without that connection, the FBI would be powerless. I also completely expect FIFA/Blatter to point out that those indicted are all from the western hemisphere (mostly CONCACAF) and that this isn't a reflection of the organization as a whole (even though anyone who is paying attention knows that it is).

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