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    Dear Stevie Tu'ikolovatu

    by Milton Vanderslice
    2016-09-24 08:52:40

    Well fought last night. I'm glad that you got the one experience that we could never offer you, losing to Utah.

    There are others who have gone before you to taste the dream. How does it feel? Does it hurt? Is it confusing? Is it everything you hoped it would be?

    Either way, thanks again for the time we spent together last night catching up.

    Milton Vanderslice

    >> Comment...


    It's easy. He was a walk-on. He had issues academically. Utah worked with him to get him and keep him eligible and graduate. Utah helped him and worked with him to help develop him into a player that has a shot at the NFL.

    by Ute2004
    2016-09-24 09:23:35

    Utah Football spent over $100,000 on helping him become a great player.

    He wasn't good enough to start anywhere he wanted to go, until USC ended up with injuries.

    How would you feel if you spent countless hours and that much money on someone and they left and went to your #1 competitor?

    You'd be pissed off.

    We need him. We needed him yesterday. We needed him vs BYU when Fitts went down. We needed him yesterday when Lotulelei went down. And where was he? Where was this "Ute Boy"?

    Oh, he bailed on everyone.

    Like John Pease said, "I don't wish him harm, I don't wish him well...I don't know him anymore."

    >> Comment...


    Hey 'ZonaUte

    by Texas_Ute_Fan
    2016-09-24 18:55:47

    I hope you enjoyed my seats and Crimson 2 parking pass for the Southern Utah game. I hope you also enjoyed the overnight delivery service for the tickets.

    I'm still waiting for my money.

    Since you won't respond to my repeated board mail messages, I can only assume you have no intention of paying me.

    You got a pretty good deal at over 1/2 off the tickets plus a parking pass.

    Fortunately, I don't need the money, but this is all about principle at this point.

    We had a contract. I offered my tickets for sale and you accepted. I delivered the tickets to you and you have failed to pay.

    That's a cheap-ass Zoob stunt Dude.

    Take a mans football tickets and parking pass and stiff him.

    Just remember, I know your name and where you live.

    Don't be surprised if you receive a visit in the near future from some highly undesirable types.

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    Post game thoughts

    by FlyfishingUte
    2016-09-24 11:27:02

    Props to USC for not quitting. The unbalanced line allowed their run game to gash us and exposed a weakness for Scalley and Co to fix.

    Apparently Wansteadt interviewed Kyle earlier and to paraphrase Kyle told him that he had been a run the ball and trust your defense style of head coach. He told Dave that he's learned he needs to go outside of his comfort zone and take some calculated risks. Ie going for it on fourth down. Being willing to throw the ball downfield etc

    It as the freshman kicker Hicken thst kicked the ball right to Jackson. Whitt said he miss hit the ball. Cr di't to Jackson for capitalizing on the opportunity

    Troy Williams. Kid can sling it. Makes great reads and great throws h didn't take any unnecessary chances last night and he didn't try to force things Very cerebral AND athletic QB. Works hard and is humble. Has definitely earned Kyle's trust.

    Our receivers are light years better than last year in terms of route running blocking and creating seperation

    The next test is to show that this passing game travels with us. I suspect that it will.

    Go Utes! Beat The Cal Bears

    >> Comment...


    Final Drive

    by Milton Vanderslice
    2016-09-24 08:38:55

    >> Comment...


    This was my favorite post of the day from them

    by Larry B
    2016-09-24 10:51:02

    "Utah is 4-0 with the best quality win being BYU

    As a BYU fan did you ever think you'd see the day that you would trump USC?"


    >> Comment...


    I just read an article in the LA Times. Here is the link if you want to read it.

    by Ute_fan_forever
    2016-09-24 11:23:46


    I was very disappointed to what I read. The better team did not win? Where have we heard that before? So, to all the above I say:

    To the LA Times I say….Scoreboard Bitch
    To the USC team I saw dancing around the field just because they were up by 10 I say…..Scoreboard Bitch
    To the USC team that I saw taunting our fans I say…..scoreboard bitch
    To the USC coaching staff I say…..scoreboard Bitch
    To the USC Athletic department I say….scoreboard Bitch
    To the USC fan base that is saying the same I say….. Scoreboard bitch
    To the entire USC University I say….Scoreboard Bitch

    >> Comment...


    Meet Dylan Hernandez. The LA Times' own Gordon Monson.

    by EUte
    2016-09-24 11:23:18

    Something about this guy just screams "douchebag".

    >> Comment...


    And here you go:

    by P-Worm
    2016-09-24 13:56:26

    >> Comment...


    More talented, likely. Better team, definitely not.

    by 480ute
    2016-09-24 10:12:25

    This guy obviously doesn't understand what a team consists of, and shouldn't be covering sports at all much less for a major paper like the LA Times. Only one team played together, kept their heads up, and took the game with pure heart and balls. That is the better team, and that was not USC.

    >> Comment...


    Torrent of the USC Game

    by utahman3431
    2016-09-24 14:54:52

    The torrent is now online, albeit only currently being seeded from my home connection. Once the seed box gets it downloaded the speed will greatly increase!
    I will make a new post when the streaming copy is available.


    Pass: utevids


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