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    I'm just some old guy who never played past HS, never coached FB at any level.

    by bopahull
    2014-10-01 14:10:40

    In short I have no real credentials. My sole qualification is that I've been a UTE fan since the late 50's. I've been there for the UTEs through thick and thin and there was a hell of a lot of thin.

    I know KW isn't perfect, in my opinion like many others he should have gone for it on 4th down. I bet he will continue to make a mistake now and then, don't we all?

    I have seen TW pull games and come very close to pulling games out against very tough competition. This year he hasn't thrown an interception which is an improvement. I think the pile driver he took against Michigan affected the way he ran against WSU. He was tentative maybe even scared. Hopefuly he gets over that. He had a bad day throwing, that happens sometimes,if he continues to have problems running and passing a change might be in order.

    What disturbed me more was the poor O line play, and how many balls hit receivers in the hands and were dropped. I can't remember when we had more dropped passes in a game.
    I for one think it would be a major mistake, even a potential team killer to replace TW at this time, I think the only chance we have of making it to a bowl is with our current QB. That means our Oline must put it together and TW needs to get back to running fearlesly.

    I think we need to stick with KW at least through next season and KEEPING the OC is paramount, we can't afford another change of offenses.

    End of rant. GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The consensus in my living room was that it was a chicken$#!+ move.

    by wannabeaute
    2014-10-01 15:42:58

    In the interest of full disclosure I watched the game by myself.

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    John Wolfman White

    by prodigy
    2014-10-01 16:59:20

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    Do you really want to make that comparison?

    by ocgreg
    2014-10-01 07:31:42

    Because our next conference game following WSU was a 62-41 loss to the Scum Devils, and our coach was left in an airport parking lot with a pink slip and bus fare.

    Fight On!

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    USC lost at home to Wazzu early in the season too...

    by pappyman
    2014-10-01 02:29:10

    And they also went 10-4 last year and won the Las Vegas Bowl over Fresno when they were actually a decent team. And they also fired their head coach. If they can turn it around after one bad performance, so can we.

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    by applesanchez
    2014-10-01 11:20:14

    So now we're starting to hear people call for the QB that couldn't win the job through fall camp, has a lower completion percentage, more interceptions, less yards per attempt, averages slightly (very slight) more yards per rush, and holds on to the ball way too long.

    That's the guy that is going to stop this meltdown of epic proportions?

    Edit: and by "this meltdown," I mean the meltdown this board has been suffering through for the pas 96 hours.

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    Whit admitted it was a close call at the coaches' show last night.

    by Hayes6
    2014-10-01 16:14:58

    He defended the decision by saying:

    1. We were on our own 44.
    2. We just had been stuffed on third and one.
    3. We have the best punter in the country, who could (and did) pin them down inside their own 10.
    4. There was still lots of time in the game. As it turned out, we got two more chances to take the lead after they scored and we failed.

    I can see why he made that decision. Even if you disagree, you would have to admit that it was a close call.

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    RE: Coaching mistakes? We catch a ball, make a fg, dont slip and fall, we win.

    by bigmanUTE
    2014-10-01 08:43:52

    anytime you blow a 21 point lead at home to a team thats 1-3 and put up 6 offensive points I'm going to point to coaching. don't give me this "ohhhh man if only we had made one more play!!"

    this game should not have even come down to just one more play as you state.

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    The guy was at least willing to talk sports...

    by Converted Coug
    2014-10-01 12:05:15

    we should give the guy a break..

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    He made the right call. He didnt go all that conservative, in fact one could argue he could have gone more conservative.

    by snowbirdute
    2014-10-01 12:59:10

    Leachs offenses are built to have high risk high reward. How the hell his qb was still able to throw a decent ball in those conditions is beyond me. Whats done is done. Mark my words, if we lose Coach Whit we are looking a 10-20 year decline straight in the face. We need this team to make critical plays. Pardon the pun, but WE NEED THIS MARRIAGE TO WORK.

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    It might just be that we have terrible quarterbacks....

    by BaldHatu
    2014-10-01 11:06:43

    Coaches play their best option. Kendal could not start at OU... Could not start here. There is a reason.

    The favorite player on ANY team is the backup quarterback.

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    If Dres just catches the DAMN ball for the touchdown...

    by Utah Hick
    2014-10-01 12:33:49

    ...then I don't have to read all the bull$#!+ about a coaching search, Whit's secret John Birch Society membership, and charting every QB activity in practices, scrimmages, and games comparing the two.

    The memories of Jon Hays and Tommy Grady are raised like plague-infested rats, warning us of the imminent danger if we dare repeat history.

    One drop...and all imperfections of our players, coaches, and their pasts are brought to light. Then the imperfections morph into permanent flaws in character or talent that can never be changed or corrected.

    "Even if we had won, it doesn't dismiss the FACT that we blew a 21-point lead, that we are defining insanity because we refuse to change, that blah blah blah."

    Losing by one point and all is lost. Unless Dres catches the DAMN ball.

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    If we finish under .500 for a third straight year this marriage is over.

    by TheJuggernaut
    2014-10-01 14:20:01

    10-20 year decline? Give me a break, we heard the same things when Mac was on his way out. Who will come here? We'll never do better than Mac blah blah blah.

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    I disagree. The coaches put together a winning plan. They put the team in a position to win, and the team did not execute.

    by sancho
    2014-10-01 08:59:59

    I do think an adjustment needed to be made on the 3 man rush, and I do think you go for it on that 4th down. But really, this loss is on the offense's execution.

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    Seeing a long drive where the offense moves the ball on multiple plays gives me more confidence in them than a one play 80 yard run.

    by Virginia Ute
    2014-10-01 10:42:18

    I obviously like the TD better, but I judged the strength of our offense more on how well they can put together a sustained drive.

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