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    Best part of having such a tough schedule?

    by Crimsonute
    2014-07-25 00:11:46

    Run the table, and the you're in the playoffs. No doubt about it. It's what we've all dreamed about regarding the Utes. We get to be part of it.

    GO UTES!!!

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    by lovetheutes
    2014-07-25 10:17:05

    I got my tickets to the big house today in the mail. I cant wait to walk out of the big house with a ute victory! this season will be magical!

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    Utes need to get some big wins this season and build some program credibility.

    by Big Wave
    2014-07-25 07:09:51

    The MWC move excuse has passed. The BJ hire and QB pageant are in the past. This is definitely a cross roads season for the program and coach. Still think KW is not going anywhere this season regardless of the outcome. Not overly concerned with wins-losses versus team effort, program progress, and a team that shows up for an entire game. Go Utes!

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    I learned a couple things tonight.

    by jts_ute
    2014-07-24 22:31:40

    1) CFL is very hard to watch. CFL receivers couldn't catch a cold and the 3 down rule is just not right.

    2) I am desperate for anything even resembling football.

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    After messing with the "cheap" ones from Lowes over the years...

    by jts_ute
    2014-07-24 21:53:43

    I broke down and bought a Kamado style cooker (like the Big Green Egg) and I couldn't be happier. They are a bit more expensive, but I would highly recommend spending the extra money on a good kamado. Not once have I regretted spending the extra money. My only regret is wasting time with the other ones first trying to save money.

    In addition to being great smokers, they are great for grilling in general. I don't even mess with my propane grill anymore. Nothing beats a steak seared at 700+ degrees and the taste of grilling over lump charcoal.

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    As if the 'Better Call Saul' people really needed to capture our interest..

    by EUte
    2014-07-24 23:56:53

    Now they're releasing stills and putting up billboards. Enough already! Stop torturing us and start airing the f#(%!^& series!!

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    My football tickets came in the mail yesterday. From the packaging it wouldn't appear that we're de-emphasizing the D&F.

    by HoopUte
    2014-07-25 08:50:51

    I'll keep that on my list of things to not lose sleep over for a while longer.

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    If you're looking in the <$400 range, check out the Weber Smokey Mountain series.

    by The_Target
    2014-07-25 07:34:14

    I picked up the 22.5" version for $400, but they also have 18.5" and 14.5" versions for $300 and $200 respectively.


    These smokers are used by many competition cooks, so they are certainly capable of producing excellent BBQ for the backyard smoker.

    I went with the 22.5" because I never wanted to worry about having enough room to cook brisket or whole turkey. This isn't an indictment on the smaller versions, more a personal call. I can lay 3 slabs of St. Louis spares across the top grate without issue. There are 2 shelves if you need to cook a lot.

    These are charcoal-fueled water smokers. Extremely well built with thick, coated steel. They hold temp very well, mine has no trouble staying at a steady 225 for hours. I've been very happy with the results I've pulled out of mine.

    One note, your first few cooks will see some temp swings as the smoker builds up a layer of grease on the inside. I saw some swings on my first couple of cooks, but haven't seen them since. This is a pretty common occurrence for new users of these smokers.

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    The DNews (& KSL as well) has a "business interest" in promoting BYU sports...

    by Vegas Ute
    2014-07-25 01:49:42

    I can't imagine that is every going to change...

    The fact that major media players in the SLC market literally share ownership with BYU has always been "a card" in BYU's pocket and contributes to a media scene that often seems adversarial to the UofU.

    Another part of that is BYU's right (as a private institution) to withhold information that public schools like Utah and USU have to release... The local sports media is happy (or perhaps intimidated) to treat silence as innocence.

    I have even heard SLC sports writers say off the record that "BYU sure acts like an organization with things to hide," but you will never see them say that in print.

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    Worst part is........

    by snake
    2014-07-25 10:19:38

    Utah got better and so did everyone else. Nobody outside a few nut jobs has Utah finishing better than 4th in the south. There is a better chance of going 4-8 than 7-5 or even 6-6. That's how tough this schedule is.
    There is a lot of talent in SLC this year, but there are greener pastures in the PAC 12.
    If the offense does not score 60+ points against Idaho St, prepare for the 4-8 immediately. Utah has better players at EVERY position than Pocotello. They should be able to run 10% of the playbook and score 60.
    Time will tell.

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    I lived in Montreal about 15 years ago, became an Alouettes fan, and have been following the CFL ever since...

    by EUte
    2014-07-24 23:03:33

    ...tonight was an exceptionally bad display of a passing game for both teams. But yeah, I'll admit that more than anything CFL serves as a summer pacifier until college and NFL start.

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