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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Utah vs. Southern Utah

    Thursday, September 1 @ 18:00 pm MT
    TV: Pac-12 networks
    Radio: ESPN 700

    time to dust this baby off

    by sweetgrass
    2016-08-23 11:46:22

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    An Olive Branch

    by rcb
    2016-08-23 15:40:05

    I just heard Coach Whittingham on the Colin Cowherd show. I really like him (the Coach). He is a good ambassador for your program, for the Church and as an example of a BYU product. I sent him a congratulatory message a few years ago after the Sugar Bowl win and he was classy enough to respond and express appreciation. I hope that Colin is right and that you guys win the Pac (although I'll be cheering against you on September 10). That is all.

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    I'm happy to read the reports on CBB, because...throwgame.

    by wannabeaute
    2016-08-23 12:23:23

    I'm happy the coaching staff didn't have to posture for fans of another team. I'm happy they didn't feel the need to show the world how morally superior we as a program are. I'm glad the courts accepted a reasonable plea in this case.

    He'll be a hell of a lot better off on this team than than he would be off this team.

    I'll never understand the prevailing culture's need for punishment before redemption.

    And if fans or pundits from other programs feel the need to pass judgement on Utah's handling of this situation, it won't bother me a farthing. We have games to win and this kid is important to us. We are in a very competitive league and I don't give a single #%!@ what anybody else thinks about the way Utah handles it's team discipline. Rather, I am pleased with how this appears to be working out.

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    by UtahFanSir
    2016-08-23 10:31:03

    I read the Jon Wilner article the other day. We all noted it, I suspect, but the line that stood out to me is where he said at QB the Utes were still stuck in the Mountain West. But he did give the Utes their due, all other positions were Pac-12 ready. The conference is very good, capable of beating each other each week. A tough conference to sweep. So his view is reasonable, even if we disagree on who the Utes beat or lose to.

    It is not hard to see and hear the "I'll believe it when I see it" comments from sports writers and fans alike. That is on the newly found religion called offense by air. We have all acknowledged that the team reflects the coach(es) and the head coach is a defense-wins-games kinda guy. Utah is not known for its prowess on offense, notwithstanding its revolving door of terrific backs.

    To be sure, Travis Wilson, TW #1, was a team guy who would do anything for the Utes. I'm thinking the head-landing Michigan game somersault. I loved him for that. And we had four years of his work for the Utes, the most consistent for some time, even if teams sorted him out by game 5, neutralizing his strengths or should I say the offense's limited dimensional strengths.

    Then we fans engaged in endless internecine arguments over the last two, three years about the issues with the offense and with throwing the football in particular. Was it #1's throwing motion, field vision, impatience in the pocket, telegraphing, or was it also receivers, or schemes and routes, or line protection, or coaches. Even the most ardent #1 supporters could see the lack of progress and the fact that there was no coach who played QB in #1's camp.

    Troy Williams is a highly touted dual-threat HS recruit who did not fit in at Washington under Chris Petersen. We know the pedigree; he was awesome at Santa Monica JC, transferred to Utah amid other serviceable options (including a freshman), and blew it up in the Spring and Fall camps. The outspoken, intense and hard-working TW #2 rose to become a team captain, much to the surprise of a few.

    It is this #2 upon whose shoulders the Utes' season rests this year. The line on both sides of the ball looks fine, if not magnificent, while marginally depleted by a transfer to USC–now a starter there–and a season-ending injury. The secondary looks great, while the line backers are filling huge holes they appear to be confidant about. Special teams is solid, yet somewhat unknown. The receivers, including TEs for good measure, supported by a terrific new receivers coach, are down at least two great players, including Cory BB (for now). One is gone for the season.

    Without question, the Utes have as good a shot as anyone in the Conference of Champions to be in the Rose Bowl. I like where they sit this year; drafting the perennials. 8-5-5-9-10. The first 3 or 4 games this fall will be revealing; I expect good things if the team lives up to their own hype. The next set of three games will show how the Utes will adjust to scouting and if the hubris can be backed up. Expect some player losses, wish it were not so, particularly God forbid any injury to the QB. But that happens to the best of teams too.


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    RE: I think this is the year I get over the hate.

    by Big Kahuna
    2016-08-23 17:38:31

    You youngins did not experience the TDS Edwards years. RUTS, poor sportsmanship (which continues, late hits, dirty play, etc.) all of which unfortunately made me a hater.

    I know some decent enough TDS grads in So Cal, but on average, most are Zoobs that just cannot behave otherwise.

    I doubt I will ever get soft on TDS.

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    Most of the folks here on the day the news was initially announced said it was a stupid move, but supported the coaches in whatever decision they make regarding his return to the team.

    by 480ute
    2016-08-23 12:57:56

    You are the only one I recall going to an extreme in saying it was harmless kid's stuff. CBB #%!@ed up, and did something that wasn't harmless and could have ended far worse. Now, the courts have had their say, and the coaches get theirs. As long as he follows through on his end I don't think any Utah fan has any issues with him playing and I don't remember any fans saying any different. However, acting like he did nothing of consequence is slightly zoobish.

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    I heard he left Utah because he wanted to be told to keep his hair short.

    by DownhereUte
    2016-08-23 11:25:10

    Apparently the free barber shop in the Utah football complex wasn't as good as the commandment from the honor code office and wherever they get their hair cut.

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    Cory Butler-Byrd rejoins team according to Liz Abel in the SID office.

    by ex'dute
    2016-08-23 11:22:30

    He is still suspended "indefinitely" from games, but my guess is that suspension will end after the SUU game.

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    Did you ever see him run the football? Ray Charles had better field vision than that kid.

    by rbentz
    2016-08-23 11:20:01

    I can't believe they have him playing DE. He wouldn't get a whiff of playing time had he stayed on at Utah.

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    Who is TDS starting? Who cares? Doesn't matter.

    by mokus
    2016-08-23 12:27:17

                            C/ATT	YDS	AVG	TD	INT	QBR
    2015 Tanner Mangum 25/56 315 5.6 2 3 20.5
    2013 Taysom Hill 18/48 260 5.4 0 1 38.7
    2012 Riley Nelson 17/35 206 5.9 2 1 -
    2011 Jake Heaps 27/50 305 6.1 1 1 29.3

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    I think this is the year I get over the hate.

    by H-man
    2016-08-23 15:59:59

    Bronco leaving and Kalani being hired has had a calming effect on me.

    I think I've read more practice reports about byu this year than I had in the previous 10 years combined. I'm not invested in their success at all, but I think I'm more inclined to follow their team this year with Sitake driving.

    Something about Bronco always pissed me off.

    I still can't bring myself to actively root for byu, not sure that'll ever happen, that I think stems from the fans, who I have yet to have a genuinely positive in-person experience with.

    I will say that the large part of you on r/CFB are great people and are sort of the anti-cougarboard.

    So I guess I'm saying that I'm glad the toxicity and animosity between the coaches has halted.

    Anyway, Go Utes

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    I forgot about this return.

    by kazute
    2016-08-23 13:03:41

    >> Comment...


    Not suprisingly, Taysom Hill named BYU starter

    by SigEp Ute
    2016-08-23 12:03:35

    Also that dude turns Twenty F%&king Six today.

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    Langi wanted to be the only member at BYU that actually beat their rival

    by sweetgrass
    2016-08-23 11:29:35

    he did that as a Utah Freshman

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    Wouldn't you say Domo has been an astounding success? That he has shown how valuable a school like Utah is to these kids? Why we would we turn our back on them?

    by Ute2004
    2016-08-23 12:48:38

    Because some zoob is afraid of the angry, mentally impaired black man?

    I think some fans reactions to Domo and BB have been downright embarrassing.

    I'm glad our coaching staff is much more mature than some of our fans. I'm proud of my school that gives kids like Domo and BB a chance to learn and grow and become contributors to society.

    The fact that kids like Booker can come here and get their degree is fantastic. I love that Cox and Tui'kolovatu were able to graduate early. Utah is doing things right.

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