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RE: It sucks when anyone is laid off, but...

by SaintUte
2017-04-26 17:11:18

100 people fired and Stephen A Smith couldn't be one of them?

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My favorite:

by Newbomb Turk
2017-04-26 09:46:54

"Now my shoe's untied. This kind of $#!+ has been happening all day"

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Easy, Blake Griffin

by The Thrill
2017-04-26 09:03:10

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Don't ignore anyone. Problem solved.

by Newbomb Turk
2017-04-26 09:32:28

Just don't read their posts. The only time I ignored someone was that Bamafan guy. He would take up whole pages on this site with his imbedded videos.

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I expect to see the restraunt sign at the American Bush Company

by Milton Vanderslice
2017-04-26 10:23:36

that way I'm certain that sin is not contained within its walls.

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Well that is stupid, a premise can't be a restaurant or a bar.

by DownhereUte
2017-04-26 08:38:18

A Premises can be a restaurant or bar, but that's not what their sign states.

Definition of premise

1 a : a proposition antecedently supposed or proved as a basis of argument or inference; specifically : either of the first two propositions of a syllogism from which the conclusion is drawn
b : something assumed or taken for granted : presupposition

2 premises also premisses plural : matters previously stated; specifically : the preliminary and explanatory part of a deed or of a bill in equity

3 premises also premisses plural
[from its being identified in the premises of the deed]
a : a tract of land with the buildings thereon
b : a building or part of a building usually with its appurtenances (as grounds)

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The Restaurant ones. Only blacks and liberal deviants need mind altering substances.

by mokus
2017-04-26 09:11:23

I gagged typing that. I felt like I was working for the Nixon administration for a second.

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Every restaurant or bar in Utah will have to display one of these signs.

by UtesMuss1
2017-04-26 08:09:56

Slow clap to this special state's legislature. Sometimes your faith isn't the best way to govern, just a thought. Has anybody in the DABC have anything besides a hot chocolate or mountain dew?

http://fox13now.com/2017/04/25/every-rest aurant-or-bar-in-utah-will-have-to-displa y -one-of-these-signs/

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ESPN just laid off Ted Miller, who did an absolutely great job covering all things Pac12

by SigEpUte
2017-04-26 12:29:46

Not a great day at the mothership...

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Growing up in southern California, my parents sent me down to the Liquor Store daily.

by 480ute
2017-04-26 09:47:39

It's how we referred to convenience stores, because they all had big signs that said Liquor. My parents didn't drink, but they would send me there for other things, mostly sweets after dinner. I never even thought about the significance of the term Liquor Store until I was much older. I didn't grow up to be an alcoholic, and I never once was tempted as a child by the liquor in these stores. Likewise, I have friends who grew up in Vegas and even though there are slot machines in nearly every gas station, not one of them turned out to be a compulsive gambler. Why does this legislature insist on making Utah the laughing stock of the west (move over Arizona)?

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i was at a restaurant last week and each table had placard clearly explaining the intent to dine part of the law

by FlyfishingUte
2017-04-26 08:25:45

You and skinny are both right about keeping faith out of OUR government and us being governed by children. We can thank republican gerrymandering for some of that

Five or six more years and I can retire and move back to the United States where being an adult is not only legal but encouraged

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This is your problem. You fail to realize that it isn't legislatures doing this. It's Jesus. Once you accept that Jesus loves Utah and inspires those who run it, you will have the strength to gain power over your weak "natural" man and be willing to

by Ute2004
2017-04-26 11:07:58

submit your will to God's, as revealed through his Prophets, Apostles, and through their guidance, the Legislatures.

It's pretty simple stuff when you don't think about it.

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