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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Utah vs. Fresno State

    Saturday, September 6 @ 1:00 PM MDT
    TV: Pac-12 Networks

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    I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!

    by njute
    2014-08-30 08:25:03

    I've reached the breaking point. It took a long time, it didn't happen overnight, but I've finally been pushed over the edge. Political correctness has gone too far.

    I'm sick of people whining that the Utah fight song needed to be changed to be more inclusive. Really? Are people going to be fulfilled by inserting the word "fan" instead of "man"? What a colossal waste of time and effort.

    I'm sick of people feigning insult because of a drum and feather logo on a helmet. The only people who should care is the Ute Nation...and they should only care about how much cash they can charge the university for using their name.

    I'm sick of people moaning about a tag line saying "serving the LDS community for over 50 years". That's asinine. Go find another credit union to use that doesn't offend your sensibilities. There is one in nearly every tacky strip center in Salt Lake City.

    I'm sick of Zoobs claiming they are being discriminated against because they are a religious institution. Earth to Mars...you are discriminated against because you are arrogant douchebags.

    I'm sick of non-LDS turning over every rock to claim persecution at the hands of the LDS church and it's adherents. I really feel bad you can't buy a mixed drink at 10:30 am in SLC. There are bigger problems in the world.

    I'm sick of LDS members claiming they hold the moral high ground. Get over yourselves, we are just like everyone else just struggling to make it through the day.

    I'm sick of people looking at everything through the lens of racism. "No Cabrea, we had to let you go because you have not showed up for work for the past two weeks." Cabrea: "you are a racist"

    I could go on and on. Thank you for allowing me this rant on your fine forum. It has been cathartic.

    Now get off my lawn!

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    Because on this board, Utah automatically sucks and everyone else is awesome.

    by Ute2004
    2014-08-30 15:52:06

    And if even insinuate that Utah may be average, you are a zoob. Lol.

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    I guess I will be the one to break the news....

    by midnightversion
    2014-08-30 17:54:20

    We are going to kill Fresno St.

    >> Comment...


    My problem with that is....

    by midnightversion
    2014-08-30 19:21:39

    I want every SEC team kicked in the balls every week. So that's where I'm coming from.

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    Our fan base is full of reverse zoobs.

    by midnightversion
    2014-08-30 18:20:19

    The 80's had the opposite effect on us that it did on BYU fans.

    After handily beating UCONN, they are primed to go undefeated and Hill is a Heisman front-runner. They're already preparing their arguments for why they should be in the playoff.

    After owning ISU, we realize that our defense is the worst in the history of the program and that our offense has problems, we just haven't been able to see them yet. We are finding reasons why we will not win another game.

    Both are irksome, but I prefer the latter. I just wish that we wouldn't be such fatalists all the time. We have a good head coach and we are going to finally see the PAC-12 talent and depth come to fruition.

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    Please someone explain how Michigan looked "pretty good" but Utah looked bad?

    by Utehawk15
    2014-08-30 15:41:07

    The two games were almost identical to each other. Two P5 programs playing two really bad FCS programs. The stats were even pretty similar.

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    Navy may have the coolest helmets I've ever seen..

    by newmanscott22
    2014-08-30 10:32:52

    That helmet and jersey combo is very sharp

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    Is our defensive scheme right for the PAC?

    by jrj84105
    2014-08-30 13:46:19

    In the MWC our DB's generally had a talent advantage over opposing receivers, but in the PAC that generally won't be the case. Does waiting for our DB's to be good enough to run step in step with PAC receivers before they learn to look for the ball mean our DBs will mostly never be in position for interceptiopns. Our offense has shifted to a mobile QB centric spread which helps less talented offenses complete against more talented defenses. Is our defense due for the same type of philosophical/schematic change?

    Advantages of Zone Defenses:

    Defends the field.
    Makes the ball the issue.
    Offers better run support than man coverages.
    Gives all the defenders a better view of the ball and allows them to break when the ball is thrown.
    May give up completions, but not deep completions. It's hard to blow the top off the coverage.
    Makes the offense go the long way and forces the offense to execute.
    Produces more interceptions than man coverage does because all defenders see and rally to the ball.
    Provides better gang-tackling than man.
    Requires less talented players.
    Handles crossing routes, picks, and rub-offs better than man coverage. Receivers can be punished on short crossing routes.

    Disadvantages of Zone Defense:

    Defense must get pressure with a base rush.
    Quarterback has time to throw and can get into rhythm.
    Allows a high completion rate.
    Pass-protection schemes allow help to be given to weak blockers.

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    Fresno St. ad just surpassed Utah's old ad as the worst

    by Dbythebay
    2014-08-30 19:37:15

    That selfie on the horses was terrible. Not sure if I would rather have that or a fake science lab with different colors of water boiling in beakers.

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    Good news

    by maverick83617
    2014-08-30 14:33:56

    The Jets bloggers all had Trevor Reilly getting cut today, but he made the 53-man roster for now.

    Unfortunately, Caleb Schlauderaff was cut.

    Baron listed more cuts awhile ago, I won't list anyone else here.

    >> Comment...


    IMO should they, no. Will they, no.

    by maverick83617
    2014-08-30 14:20:34

    1. Do what you do best and do it well. KW has been doing his D forever, his expertise versus trying something new is not like the O, where he's not as involved. I don't see him making that change.

    2. You recruit for positions knowing what they need to do. A zone corner is a different type of player than a man corner in many cases, so you have to consider if you are losing some of your depth you've been trying to build (perhaps unsuccessfully though).

    3. You can still mix in zone now. We do it a lot in the red zone. We do it more against inaccurate passers.

    4. Pick your poison. To play more zone you might get better run support at the edges if you're playing a cover 2. But in that case you're losing your safety in the box, and so your LBs have to be good. Are the LB's our strength? Would you rather have your weak spot at the edge, or up the gut? If you're playing a C3, your CBs can be run off pretty easy still.

    5. If the QB's are good, and the WR's are good, option routes and soft seams are just as easy to beat as gaining separation in man.

    6. Back to the LB's, do our LB's have the talent and speed in space to play zone? If you go nickel/dime more, to keep your LB's out of coverage, you're back to #4 where you're now weak up the middle.

    >> Comment...


    The only meaningful defeat of an SEC them by a PAC team in the last 15 years is Utah over Bama. The PAC beats the tar out of the bottom SEC teams, but gets their butts spanked by the top SEC teams every time.

    by Puget Ute
    2014-08-30 13:57:40

    Oregon losing a close one to LSU for the championship is an 'almost', but 'almost' only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Until a PAC team can beat a top SEC them on the field and not $#!+ the bed like they usually do, then the SEC is still the tops.

    And the teams run a number of different offenses and defenses. How are ATM, Bama, LSU, South Carolina, or Georgia not considered to be a PAC-style 'explosive' offense in your estimation?

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