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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    #19 Utah vs. #20 USC

    Saturday, October 25
    8:00 p.m. MT (7:00 p.m. PT)
    TV: Fox Sports 1
    Radio: ESPN700 AM | Sirius TBD | XM TBD

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    Night With the Runnin' Utes Photos Are Here

    Helmets used in practice today

    by MoneyUTE
    2014-10-23 21:40:24

    I like them a lot!

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    God I love being a P5 school in the PAC12!!!!!!!

    by thurstonw
    2014-10-23 21:48:07

    Every conference game is tough....just the way it should be.

    GO UTES!!!!!!!!

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    Fresh from Marc Lyons, KSL.com Contributor

    by Folderdog
    2014-10-23 17:24:15

    "BYU might have to outscore Boise State this week to get a win."

    Oh, how I long for the days when actual professionals were doing the "contributing."

    I think "Contributor" is a pseudonym for "moron without a job who thinks he/she is uniquely interesting and wants to see his/her name on the interweb."

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    if Manning and Rivers were to have a foot race ...

    by vUUdoo
    2014-10-23 21:17:58

    would you time it with a sundial, hourglass or just track the constellations?

    >> Comment...


    Unimportant UFN tidbit.

    by JumpmasterUte
    2014-10-23 19:40:49

    About 3 years ago The Thrill was educating me on college football players attitudes towards winning. Today While reading a post I realized that The Thrill and I both when to Olympus High School and both had Mark Lyons as a teacher.

    Yeah. I know this sounds nerdy to you but when you've been away from home for 28 years and live 2000 miles away you may think it's cool like I do.

    Unfortunately it was a hit to my midlife crisis. The Thrill was in Kindergarten when I was graduating.

    Thanks UFN!

    >> Comment...


    Why does a former player have any say in what happens in the current?

    by utebehindenemylines
    2014-10-24 08:05:46

    I could see maybe a superstar but *shudder* I used to be a BYU fan and I'd never heard of this guy until last year.

    I do love his point about Nick Howell though. How in the world do you go from being the Head Coach of one of the $#!+tiest high school football programs in the state to a defensive coordinator at a D1 school?

    1.You have not beat your biggest rival since Max Hall played. Max Hall has graduated, had a year in the NFL, went to Canada, came back to serve on your coaching staff, went back to Canada and then ended up coaching football in Arizona since you last beat the University of Utah
    I feel like he's leaving out some of the most current events on the Max Hall career progression.

    The Utes, who you have called out for being scared, aren’t scared of you. They simply don’t need you. A win against the worst Michigan team in decades does more for the guys on the hill than a win against BYU does

    Can we frame this? Maybe I can have my mother stitch this for my Christmas present.

    LaVell scheduled many, many firesides for all of the guys. In the off-season. During the season, and especially the night before the game, we always wanted to be focused on kicking someone’s ass, and not discussing the Allegory of the Olive Tree from 2nd Nephi...Just because we went to church, and did our best to live the Honor Code, it didn’t mean we wouldn’t punch you in the mouth if you disrespected our team or school. The Sons of Helaman were followers of Christ, but were violent killers when they had to be.

    But with love in your heart though, right? Nothing made me feel the spirit like being speared in the back or concussed by a cheap shot.

    "If they smite you on the cheek, kick their asses" - Jesus

    Your replacement was taught initially how to coach by the Great One, LaVell Edwards...His name is Kalani Sitake and he would reinstitute the “LaVell Way” at BYU where winning once again will be a top priority.

    I think Sitake will have better offers than BYU. It would take some serious allegiance to choose that tire fire of a job.

    >> Comment...


    Please bear with me as I try out a new ad service

    by WebMonkey
    2014-10-24 06:22:20

    I know there are a lot of banners on the message board pages. I'm working on thinning them out.

    >> Comment...


    RE: Couldn't get past two paragraphs. I'm sure it's funny, but man is it poorly written

    by Big Kahuna
    2014-10-24 07:39:52

    Harvard of the West with poor English skills, GO FIGURE?

    >> Comment...


    Football was kind of boring tonight so I'm watching "Goldfinger" instead.

    by Newbomb Turk
    2014-10-23 21:31:41

    Bond nails this hot blonde, then when he goes to the fridge to get more Dom Perignon 53, some guy named Handjob gives him a karate chop. When Bond comes to, he finds the hot blonde completely covered in gold paint. Pretty sad.

    >> Comment...


    The sun wears a filter when it looks at Devontae Booker!!

    by Maji Man
    2014-10-23 15:43:26

    So bright the sun has gotta wear shades!

    >> Comment...


    Whoa! Wait! Is he actually admitting that Utah has better coaches? And that Utah has a better program? All we have heard for years is how much better and more deserving of a P5 invite byu is.

    by Newbomb Turk
    2014-10-24 07:39:35

    P.S. You can't have Sitake. Besides, he is coaching at a nationally ranked P5 school. Why would he want to go to a dumpster fire whose season is over with their first (inevitable) loss?

    >> Comment...


    Since the Fresno State game, we've had 1 home game in the last 6 weekends.

    by utefansince79
    2014-10-23 15:37:55

    I think a lot of us have a lot of pent up emotion to let out in a couple of nights.

    >> Comment...


    RE: You’ve always said you’re not going to be LaVell Edwards. That’s one thing you have been right about

    by Big Kahuna
    2014-10-24 08:34:35

    I just don't get your view. Edwards ran up the score put people in just to break NCAA records, etc. Very poor sportsmanship in my opinion. He alone set the nasty tone for the Holy war.

    Not only do I not admire Edwards I credit him with the creation of Zoob nation and that is a bad thing

    >> Comment...


    Going to leave this here.... Pan it, star it, whatever...

    by BaldHatu
    2014-10-23 15:26:22

    There has been a number of AWESOME album releases and more to come. It is for those older folks.

    Billy Idol ~ Kings and Queens of the Underground. FANTASTIC.

    Bob Seger ~ Ride Out. Old school. Showing some age. Fantastic.

    Sixx AM ~ Modern Vintage. Motley Crue architect. His side band. Very good album.

    Neil Diamond... Yes, I get it. Good new album though. Melody Road.

    Sammy Hagar and Friends. With Neil Schon and a number of country folks. Gooood stuff.

    AND, best of all.... AC/DC coming out with new tunes in few weeks. GO ANGUS!!!!

    >> Comment...



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