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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Basketball: #13 Runnin' Utes at Wazzu

    Thursday, March 5 @ 9:00PM MST

    Radio: ESPN700 AM

    Basketball: #13 Runnin' Utes at Washington

    Saturday, March 7 @ 2:30PM MST

    TV: PAC-12 Networks
    Radio: ESPN700 AM

    Suitable Discipline for TDS melee participants

    by njute
    2015-03-05 08:21:47

    I'm certain that without any conference oversight, Bronco will step up to the plate and do the right thing. In light of 2015 front-loaded strength of schedule, I'm sure the punishments will be swift and harsh. After all, according to Brad Rock, it was only a minor incident because the fight did not lead to mass casualties.

    Some of the punishments that will be meted out include the following:

    --Two week ban on visiting the creamery.

    --Must appear in multiple lip-synching videos

    --No slip 'n slide use in July

    --No popcorn when movie night replaces practice

    --Safe house must be vacated before 8 am

    --Forced to watch Jimmers entire NBA career on a continuous loop. The loop is only 18 minutes.

    --Worst offending players must take down chairs and tables from the court prior to the WCC tournament and then set them back up for Relief Society enrichment night.

    --Participate in firesides. If prisoners are weeping uncontrollably, only one is required. If prisoners aren't brought to tears, three firesides are required.

    --Clean up trash in the stadium that gets showered on game officials.

    --Players involved can only wear " Tradition" jerseys, "Spirit" and "Honor" are reserved for non-combatants.

    Bronco will absolutely do the right thing, like I mentioned earlier, discipline will be swift and harsh. I'm sure within the next 8-9 months some of these disciplinary actions will be announced and the participants will have 18-24 months to comply with his punishments.

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    LOL...them's the days

    by SeaTacUte
    2015-03-04 21:16:08

    Doing a little channel surfing and stopped in on ROOT TV's broadcast of the Mountain West Conference thriller between Boise State at San Jose State. Take away the cheerleaders, the bands, the coaching/support staff and I'll bet there aren't 30 people in that building. And those in attendance are probably the parents of the players.

    Complain all you want about PAC-12 recruiting, schedules, refereeing, whatever. We should thank our lucky stars EACH AND EVERY DAMN DAY that we're not in that pathetic conference any longer.

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    twice divorced. The first one thought I should give up bourbon and join a certain belief system. I couldn't do that

    by FlyfishingUte
    2015-03-04 22:58:05

    The second one was terrific. We had discussed children and decided (at least that was my understanding) that we weren't going to have children Once her sister started having children that changed. I couldn't see myself being a father at age 45 and raising kids until I was 65-70.

    So now I have money for the "important things" like Harley's, a boat, a full rack of fly rods, a mostly full gun cabinet etc

    The downside is, IF I grow old there won't be anyone around to care for me. On the plus side Hemingway and Hunter S Thompson had the right idea

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    I wish I had known years ago that my kids would be a bigger financial burden when they were out of the house than when they lived at home.

    by JumpmasterUte
    2015-03-04 22:26:22

    I'm 51 years old and I'm setup to retire this summer. If my kids keep it up I won't be retiring until I'm in my 90's.

    End of rant.

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    Several players will have to sit out the Wagner game...

    by Maji Man
    2015-03-05 08:59:54

    missing an opportunity to run up their stats in front of hundreds of fans.

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    You're missing out, they're fun to watch.

    by The Thrill
    2015-03-04 19:51:52

    You know it's just a fun game right?

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    Scouting Wazzu

    by Ute_In_Texas
    2015-03-05 11:15:10

    Like Utah, they play 10 guys. They have 10 who play more than 10 minutes per game. 8 of them play 15+ minutes per game. They have no size coming off the bench.

    Their star and leader is 6"4" Sr G Devonte Lacy. 17 ppg, but he's a volume shooter. Not terribly efficient.

    They have a really good PF in 6'10" soph Josh Hawkinson. 15 ppg and 11 rpg, shooting nealy 50%. He can also block shots. He leads the league in rebounding.

    Their post is 7'0" Sr Jordan Railey. He's not a scorer (7 ppg, 4 rpg). He seems foul prone. and turns the ball over too much. Can block shots.

    Another starter is 6'2" PG Ike Iroegbu (8 ppg). Asst/TO ratio only 1.5.

    They shoot 3's OK, but nothing special. They only seem to have one real shooter - 6'7" Sr. Aussie G Dexter Kernich-Drew.

    They get out rebounded regularly. Shoot FT's at 70%.

    Unless Lacy goes off, the Utes should handle Wazzu easily. Use big depth to pound the ball inside and get their bigs in foul trouble. Dominate the boards. Press a bit and expose their ballhandling issues. IIRC, the Utes looked much quicker than Wazzu in the game in SLC.

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    by Tacoma Ute
    2015-03-04 20:07:31

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    ...to add to their excuse checklist

    by Maji Man
    2015-03-05 09:28:20

    1) Anti-Mormon referees
    2) Injuries
    3) Tried to win by 9 not 2
    4) Opponents are thugs
    5) Up late signing autographs for millions of fans after fireside

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    RE: I wish I had known years ago that my kids would be a bigger financial burden when they were out of the house than when they lived at home.

    by SubstiUTE
    2015-03-05 09:40:44

    My oldest moved out in May 2013 at age 19 despite our warnings of real life and cost. He had it all figured out and great roommates. Nope

    One year later in May 2014 he was back home and apologizing for not believing us on what would happen and in November of 2014 finished paying us off the 1500.00 we had "loaned" him to bridge his rough months of flaky roommates, "unexpected" costs like heat and food etc.

    He's back in school and doing great, lesson learned. I feel I got off easy but you have to let them learn the hard way most times.

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    Are you married? If so it can be just as bad.

    by JumpmasterUte
    2015-03-04 22:44:04

    I probably could have retired 5 years ago but my wife has an obsession with Hobby lobby, Victoria's secret, antique stores and having a membership to 3 different Gyms at the same time. But she thinks she's frugal.

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