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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Anyone remember Anthony Odunsi?

    by Ute_In_Texas
    2016-02-06 11:17:00

    Nice article about him in today's Houston Chronicle. He's from the Houston area and has come back home. He's a senior now, and the best player on Houston Baptist University. They lead their conference so we might see him in one of the NCAA play-in games in Dayton.

    He's had some issues, but seems to have finally matured and straightened out. His college path has been Utah to Tyler JC to Albany to HBU.

    Here's a link, but it may be behind a paywall.

    http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/arti cle/Odunsi-s-return-home-sparks-HBU-basket ball-s-6811214.php?cmpid=gsa-chron-result

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    I have three thoughts this morning. The first is Louisville basketball and no postseason play.

    by Ute2004
    2016-02-06 11:05:30

    The popular narrative right now is how the players are being unfairly punished with no postseason play for Pitino breaking the rules.

    I disagree. These players knew that Pitino was breaking the rules. They are most often the ones that allow Pitino to break the rules. They are the ones that take the improper benefits. They are the ones that return calls, texts, etc when they are not supposed to. They are the ones that eat the dinners, wear the clothes, take the handshakes.

    To put the players in the box of innocence is wrong. They knew taking those benefits could lead to them getting caught and when you get caught, your program gets sanctioned.

    When players choose to take the money (which I don't blame them), then they should take some responsibility when their school gets sanctioned for giving them the money.

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    Not to mention privatized prisons. We lock up too many of our fellow citizens.

    by Homer_Crimson
    2016-02-06 09:06:02

    We have criminalized a lot of non-violent acts and created a profit motive for locking folks up. We need to be reviewing and scrapping antiquated laws and 3 strikes/minimum mandatories. Many non-violent crimes classified as felonies need to be downgraded.

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    RE: This post makes me happy inside. Knowing the emotional scar just can't heal for them.

    by Daedalus17
    2016-02-06 15:34:30

    The whining would probably get annoying if I didn't know there was so much pain at the source.

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    Hey bcsboundcatz I have a couple of questions for you..

    by runnutz
    2016-02-06 13:43:37

    1. how do you figure BYU is "loaded"next season, I mean Collinsworth is gone isn't he, and without him you're a very average ward team although that's an insult to all defensive minded church squads.

    2. Plus, I always thought the YBU squad was "loaded" every year. At least that's what we're told by zoobs. We've also been told that BYU has been the superior team, compared to Utah, for years but that hasn't stopped Coach K from owning Rose.

    3. Finally I was raised to not say anything that I wouldn't say to a persons face, somehow I think you might struggle to call Larry K a "coward" to his face..but then again you have said and done dumber things.

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