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    We are "The online voice of the Ute Fans." Students, alumni, and fans of the University of Utah athletics programs meet here to discuss football, basketball, gymnastics, and other sports.

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    Barney Miller? Hill Street Blues? The freakin' COSBY show?

    by wannabeaute
    2016-06-29 15:16:48

    People...I weep.

    Did Barney Miller have a genius dwarf who killed his father with a crossbow? As the old man sat on the $#!+ter? I think not...

    Did anybody on Cosby come walking out of a flaming inferno with dragons on their shoulders? Hardly.

    Remind me of the time on Hill Street Blues when the King of the Dead raised his arms and all the dead good guys and all the dead bad guys just got up from the ground and glared at the hero. Musta missed that one.

    There was not so much as ONE Dothraki Bloodrider in the whole damn cast of the Wire. And let's see Walter frikkin' White whip up something as bad ass as Melisandre did when she gave birth to a demon who then went straight out and offed Renly Baratheon. Blue meth? Whoopee.

    Tony Soprano would $#!+ square nickels if The Hound so much as glanced his way. Hell even the Onion Knight would make Pauly Walnuts take cover under the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Joffrey Baratheon (the first of his name) was like TEN times more evil than Uncle Junie and Tony Soprano's mother combined. And he was like, what? Fifteen?

    Frankly, I'm surprised a couple of you losers didn't make a case for Different Strokes or Full House.

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    Is Game of Thrones the greatest television show ever?

    by 480ute
    2016-06-29 09:20:22

    Up until this season I still would have ranked The Sopranos above it, but I have to move Game of Thrones to number one on my shortlist. Between the storyline, the cinematography, the characters, and the music score it is, by far, the most well produced show I've ever seen. Several single episodes rank right up there with some of the best movies I can think of off the top of my head.

    The fact that the show is even profitable is a testament to its popularity. The battle scenes, and special-effects have got to cost a boatload, not to mention the sets and wardrobe. It's truly unbelievable, and sets the bar at an unprecedented height. Showtime, Cinemax, and even Netflix have improved their lineups, but still lag way behind HBO. Some of the shows that HBO cancels are better than anything else on other networks (Life's too Short). Anyway, just watched the season finale and felt like raving a little bit. Also wondering if people feel the same or if anybody disagrees.

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    You think I'm joking? Allow me to expound...

    by Kula Shaker
    2016-06-29 16:33:22

    You see, Utah is always focused and prepared when they play BYU. It's because Utah is so full of hatred for BYU and they're able to channel all that energy into an aggressive style of play. It's what helps them create so many turnovers.

    BYU, on the other hand, always takes a much more measured approach to the game. Unfortunately for them, they prepare for Utah like it's "just another game" and fail to adequately prepare themselves for the hate-fueled onslaught that Utah brings. This inevitably results in some sloppy plays and turnovers by BYU. But by the end of the game, BYU always earns the distinction of being the better team. It's just that they hurt themselves with turnovers. This was Bronco's biggest failure as coach.

    Here are some hard statistics that prove my point:

    -Focus Index: 10
    -Preparation Quotient: 10
    -Focus Index: 4
    -Preparation Quotient: 8
    "Scoreboard" Result: Utah 35, BYU 28
    Adjusted Focus Independent Score: BYU 35, Utah 10

    -Focus Index: 10
    -Preparation Quotient: 10
    -Focus Index: 6
    -Preparation Quotient: 7
    "Scoreboard" Result: Utah 20, BYU 13
    Adjusted Focus Independent Score: BYU 27, Utah 7

    -Focus Index: 10
    -Preparation Quotient: 10
    -Focus Index: 5
    -Preparation Quotient: 6
    "Scoreboard" Result: Utah 24, BYU 21
    Adjusted Focus Independent Score: BYU 29, Utah 4

    -Focus Index: 10
    -Preparation Quotient: 10
    -Focus Index: 3
    -Preparation Quotient: 2
    "Scoreboard" Result: Utah 54, BYU 10
    Adjusted Focus Independent Score: BYU 54, Utah 10

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    lets go UofA! Winner tonight nabs the title.

    by sweetgrass
    2016-06-29 10:05:17

    I know there is some disdain for the Wildcats here because they have owned us in hoops and football over the past few years (with a few exceptions), but I have a soft spot in my heart for the University of Arizona.

    If you rank the schools in the conference based on athletic budgets and expected athletic success, I don't think you'd put the UofA in the top 1/2 of the conference and yet they continually seem to out kick their coverage.

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    IMO this is the funniest movie scene of all time

    by KyleWouldDoIt
    2016-06-29 09:52:22

    NSFW - language

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    RE: Is Game of Thrones the greatest television show ever?

    by High Uintas
    2016-06-29 10:18:22

    I'm with you. I can't think of a TV show that comes close. I know they have an enormous advantage being on HBO and having a huge budget, but the producers have taken excellent books and made the show better. What's telling is that since they passed the storyline of the books, the show has even gotten better. Episodes 9 and 10 of this season could be the most spellbinding two hours of television ever produced.

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    SIAP: 10 Unknown Players Who Will Be Household Names by March Madness

    by Vegas Ute
    2016-06-29 14:14:10

    OK I'm not vouching for the source, but Jayce Johnson makes the list.

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    Normally I don't care how other PAC teams do

    by ocgreg
    2016-06-29 10:33:36

    But since they're 0 & 38 for Rose Bowl appearances, and their fans are 100x better than the Scum Devils - throw'em a bone. Go cats!


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    I just laugh whenever I hear someone complain about traffic in the SLC area, we're damn lucky with the roads and traffic around this area.

    by PDXUtefan
    2016-06-29 16:01:10

    Every time I drive down State Street I just shake my head, pretty much every main city road in SLC has more lanes and is wider than the freeways in Portland. You could fit I-5 through Portland on one half of the I-15 stretch through SLC.

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    Shortly after the season Bill Riley interviewed Kuzma and he told Bill that Johnson and Collette gave Jakob fits in practice because they were so much more physical and both had nasty streaks in them.

    by rbentz
    2016-06-29 14:35:55

    I know for a fact that Collette plays physical and on the edge since watching him in high school. There was one game when Collette and Loveridge battled it out at Murray High and I thought those two were going to kill each other. Some of the most physical high school basketball I have ever seen.

    What kills me about the posts about the team is the fact that Bonam is never listed as the starting point guard. The dude won 2 games last year single handedly. His last play against Cal in the conference tournament was amazing.

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    It's all subjective of course, but some of my favorite comedies:

    by loyter
    2016-06-29 13:49:25

    Peep Show
    The Detectorists

    >> Comment...


    I feel like I am missing out, everyone is talking about it.

    by sweetgrass
    2016-06-29 10:14:55

    I have watched the first episode of the first season twice and lost interest. I struggle with this genre. I got bored with Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

    And after the first episode Mrs. Sweetgrass declared "this is porn" So I'd be watching alone and would have to endure her shame glances.

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    I had the exact same reaction. In fact, I watched the first episode, and opted out after seeing the supernatural stuff. Everybody kept talking about how great it is so I gave it another shot about four years later, and I'm glad I did.

    by 480ute
    2016-06-29 10:23:54

    It's funny because through the first couple of seasons there really is very little, if any, of that kind of stuff, and by the time the dragons and White Walkers start appearing it really doesn't matter. If you can power through episode one you will not be disappointed.

    I think it was my dad who finally convinced me to give it a shot, because he has absolutely no interest in hobbits or movies about medieval times or anything like that, and he raved about it. Even my wife loves it, and my wife hates everything.

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